Oswald House Blown Up
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Format by C. W. Barnum May 11, 2009
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Albuquerque Journal May 2, 1903
Special to the Morning Journal
Capitan, NM., May 2. (1906) One of the most dastardly outrages in the history of Lincoln County was perpetrated here last night, when unknown criminals blew up the ranch house of Leo Oswald with dynamite. Oswald and his little son, who were in the building when the fuse was lighted, smelt the acrid odor of powder and suspected something was wrong, rushed from the house in a second before a fearful explosion took place which reduced the house to ruins.
When they got outside they caught a glimpse of some persons skulking away and Oswald fired at the retreating forms with a Winchester, the fire being returned. None of the shots took effect and the men escaped before Oswald had a chance to identify them.

Oswald immediately reported the crime to officers at Nogal, and after a little fast work the latter arrested J. J. Hicks and Robert Leslie, Jr. They will have their preliminary hearing at Nogal Saturday.

The perpetrators are supposed cattle thieves. Oswald has been the main witness against a gang of Lincoln County rustlers and has been instrumental in sending a number o them to the penitentiary. Others are out on bond awaiting a hearing and it is fully believed that the gang intended to blow Oswald to atoms. The utmost indignation has been aroused over the matter in this section.