Nogal Cemetery Burials
By Charles Barnum, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Greer
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Beckman, Joseph (80y Ohio)* August 1855; 9 July 1931~Kelly Funeral Home
Beckman, Anna D. Stanphill* Oct 1847; 31 October 1927~Kelly Funeral Home

Bevill, Earl L.

23 April 1911; 25 Feb 1993

Bevill, S. N.

1 Apr 1910; 28 May 1992 

Boggs, Robert E.

22 Sep 1927; 11 Apr 1992

Booker Edward John 5 March 1920; 02 Feb 1999

Boone, Mrs. A. E.

10 Jan 1828; 8 Mar 1898 

Boone, T. C. 

26 Apr 1864; 8 Aug 1901 

Boone, Thos.  of Bernal Canyon  9 August 1901 age 35y (Lightening / stroke)
Bragg, Ben* ca. 1852; ca. 1896 from buried headstone*

Byfield, Elizabeth

27 Nov1839; 10 Mar 1910 

Elmer F. Church  of Nogal  23 August 1890 age 11m Buried in White Oaks?

Cochran, Eliza Wilson

13 Mar 1868; 21 Feb 1915 

Cochran, Joseph T.

2 Nov 1856; 5 May 1929

Davis, Georgia A.

13 Jan 1854; 23 Jan 1937 

Davis, Oran C.

20 May 1851; 25 Dec 1928 77y  7m 29d ~KFHome

Donavan, James Mrs. of Nogal Canyon died 8 August 1898; age 68 of Dropsy

Duggar, Fulton

14 July 1912; Feb 1969

Edmiston, Ada Roberts

27 Jul 1876; 10 Oct 1958

Edmiston, Harry J.

21 Nov 1866; 4 Aug 1946 79y  8m 17d

Edmiston, Jessie J.

1883; 1966

Edmiston, Maurice O.

1897; 1948

Edmiston, Ula L. 

15 Jan 1899; Oct 1980

Emerson, Ashur father of Henry

22 Nov 1877; 9 May 1929 51y 5m 18d ~KFHome

Emerson, Henry Edward

1853 in Windsor, Morgan Co OH, died 1918

Emerson, Ollie

11 Feb 1883 Taney Co MO; Dodge City MO ca1918

Ferns, Ruth Edmiston

11 Apr 1903; 25 Dec 1955

Forman, Amanda E. Moore

9 Sep 1858; 16 Feb 1933

Gallatin, Leia Koontz

20 Jun 1857; 10 Apr 1890

Gill, W. J.

See notes below:

Graves, Hettie

17 Dec 1921; 17 Apr 1986

Graves, Jerry 

21 Apr 1915; none 1927

Haden, Pattie Byfield 

1920; 1986 see below

~death of Drexdell Haden of Ruidoso 19 Feb 1920; July 1986, same person as above?

Helms, A. J.

~; 1927

Helms, Arthur D. 

22 Sep 1910; 5 Oct 1985

Helms, Abe 

1874; 1954

Helms, Sarah E. 

1872; 1946

Henley, Allen 

6  Jul 1901; 25 Jun 1902

Henley, Allen  m. Lucy J. Thomas, VA 1809; 9 August 9 1892; 84 years; mortuary record

Henley, Fannie 

11 Aug 1843; 24 Apr 1904

Henley, Thomas Wilson death certificate

27 Oct 1841; 23 Apr 1921 son of Allen Sr.

Henley, William J. (W. J.)

2  Jan 1847; 25 June1913 son of Allen Sr.

Hockradler, Louise same as below?

28 May 1899; 38 years 9 months

Hoccradle, Mrs. Jerry of Tortolito Canyon  28 May 1898 age 39y Heart disease

Hollis, S. N.

1 Apr 1910; 28 May 1992

Kimmons, Etta Bell 31 Mar 1903; 23 Jan 1925 age 21y 10m 8d ~KFHome

Hudgens, James H.

13 Mar 1880; 2 Jul 1880

Hudgens, Laura 

1 Dec 1878; 5 Jun 1880

Hudson, Harold W. 

1941; 9 May 1973

Hust, Bernice

1934; 1934

Hust, George W. ~m. Martha Wade

26 December, 1836 MO; June 1905 Nogal

Hust, Melvin 

Feb 1894; May 1907

Hust, Ottis Wayne 

~; 15 Nov 1935 (NMDI = 12/01/31)

Hust, Ray 

~; 11 Mar 1909

Hust, Rebecca (Hurley)

10 Feb 1870; 25 Apr 1942 72y 2m 15d

Hust, Richmond Little

6 Dec 1872; 8 Jul 1945 73y 7m 2d

Hyde, P. J. 

7 Jan 1837; 20 Jan 1892

Luther, Miss Jewel age 19y Consumption  25 Oct 1900 Body shipped to Dallas TX.

Lukens, Paul M. 

17 Apr 1939; 15 Feb 1996

May, Albert Silas

27 May 188(7)8; 27 Dec 1965; 77y 7m

May, Alice Benola (Snell)

3 April 1892 Razon, Texas; 6 June 1981 in Nogal

May, Johnnie Miles m. Annette Mae Paul

6 May 1918 Carrizozo; 18 Jan 1993.

May, Lucinda Catherine (Costello)

13 Mar 1857; 2 Mar 1939

May, Martin 

29 Dec 1853; 15 Aug 1923

May, Miles Birdsong 

12 Mar 1856; 13 Jan 1919

May, Myrtle Irene 

1922; 1923 (NMDI = 03/27/1923)

May, Nellie daughter of Miles May

5 Mar 1893; 26 Aug 1903

May, Walter S. 

9 July 1914 Nogal, died 11 Dec 1959 Nogal

McDaniel, Carl C. 2 Oct 1910; Jan 21 1999

McDaniel, Cecil Darrell

11 Jun 1937; 9 Oct 1987

McDaniel, Georgia Anna

~; 22 Oct 1936

McDaniel, Homer Lee

12 Dec 1887; 17 Apr 1961 born AK

McDaniel, Joseph Macodee

1856; 1925 

McDaniel, Katie Samantha

24 Jun 1913; 2 Aug 1999

McDaniel, Madele Yates

9 May 1919; 27 Jul 1995

McDaniel, Mattie Arlene (Williams)

27 Jan 1893; 3 Oct 1975

McDaniel, Obie D.

14  Jan 1927; 17 Feb 1927

McEwen, Jake died 17 ? 1918 age 21, Am. Mine explosion

McEvan, Henry

Sep 1885; Apr 1933

Moore, Nathaniel (Nat)

see notes below

Sidney Moore  of Nogal; Shot 10 June 1885 age 17y  buried in White Oaks?
Caleb Moore  of Nogal  27 January 1886 buried in White Oaks?

Moore, T. J.

2 Feb1 855; 11 Jul 1920

Moore, Uceba

27 Feb 1833; 12 Dec 1903

Parker, Martha E.

8 May 1835; 9 Dec 1909

Parker, Matt E.

13 Sep 1873; 22 Mar 1891

Powell, Frederika Richardson

1909; 15 May 2000

Prewitt, Amy Frances

19 Sep 1917; 14 Mar 1920

Richardson, Philip

5  May 1900; 11 Jan 1990

Roberts, Alice Ann

2  Jun 1860; 13 Aug 1949

Roberts, Charlie C.~Hus. of Alice A.

5 Jul 1855; 16 Feb 1913

Roberts Gladys

24 Nov 1901; 20 Jul 1902

Roberts, Jessie J. son of C.C.

1883; 1966; born Dec 1882 TX ~1900 Census

Roberts, John 

1869; 1934 ~Possibly died in Chaves Co.

Roberts, Mrs. John~Alice Judy

11 Feb 1875; 8 Nov 1942 67y 8m27d~KFHome

Roberts, Mrs. Leman M.

26 Mar 1852; 19 Sep 1887

Shrum, Hardy Hudson

16 Mar 1895; 7 Aug 1955

Slane, Andrew B.

27 Feb 1886; age: 4y 8m 15d

Slane, William J.

2 Mar 1886; age: 7y 9m 10d

Mrs. J. E. Sligh  of Nogal  March 30 1890 Buried in White Oaks?
Mrs. Smith  of Indian Canyon,  Nogal 1 August 1899 age 72 years; Rheumatic heart

Snell, Pearl Jane (May)

27 May 1897 in Nogal, 4 September 1933 

Snell, Walter William of Nogal 3 Jun 1894; Feb 1968

Sullivan, John K.

1 Jan 1937; 25 May 1995

Ward, Bill R.

9 Sep 1923; 15 Sep 1999

Werner Rex B. 15 Oct 15 1915; 10 Aug 2000

Williams, Robert

26 Aug 1936; 22 Jul 1996

Zumwalt, A. B.

27 Jun 1924; 28 Jan 2000

unknown, general several unmarked
two soldiers who died in Ft. Stanton names unknown
Gill, W. J. ~ Billy:
From an interview with Amos Gaylord at his home in Indian Canyon (Nogal area) 17 June 1940 by Herbert L. Traylor, (deceased) ...reading in part ... We went from Tortillito to Nogal. My mother and sister went  back to Iowa. My father went to Illinois a in a few years. I prospected the Helen Rae and American Mines, Billy Gill found the American Mine in 1865. He found placer at Nogal and followed it to the American. It took two years to follow the vein. In 1886, the Indians ran him off and killed his partner in what is called, "Dead Man Canyon."  continuing ...
Nat Moore:
People started coming to Nogal in 1890. A man named Sanders Killed Nat Moore, son of Sidney Moore over a card game. Sanders was at his ranch and go into an argument with Nat Moore. Sidney shot at him five times and missed and Sanders then shot and killed Sidney. (Nat owned a saloon in Nogal with stage stop) continuing...
Tom Bragg:
Tom Bragg was a boy about six years old when I first knew him. He had a brother named Charley. Their father, Ben Bragg, was killed after he fetched Tom some clothes. Trouble started when someone near Lincoln stole some sheep and sold them to Dougherty, and Tom was herding these sheep. He had been there about six months. As nearly as I could find out, a Nogal outfit had stolen the sheep from the people at Lincoln, and had driven the sheep to Dougherty's. Just about the time the Nogal outfit sold them, the Mexicans were tracking them to the Dougherty's ranch. ... Ben Bragg was a perfect picture of Dougherty; the Mexicans took him for Dougherty and killed him, Tom's father.  Tom heard the shooting and headed up the mountain. The Mexicans shot several times at Tom as he ran, but never hit him. 
Thomas Bragg was arrested in 1900 but never charged in the disappearance of several Mexican herders who were thought to be involved. Family lore states that Thomas later killed all of the herders with a hex barreled rifle. 

Note: Henry Edward Emerson son of Asher Emerson and Sarah Jane Kennison was born 1853 in Windsor twp, Morgan CO Ohio and died 1918 Nogal married to Margaret May daughter of David May and Almira (Al Mary) May. 
Note: Ollie Emerson, son of Henry Edward Emerson, born 11 Feb 1883 Taney Co Missouri; died after 1918 in Dodge City, Kansas.
Note: Asher Emerson 22 Nov 1877 in Taney Co MO died 9 May 1929 Carrizozo, NM married to Eva Beagle. 
Note: William J. Henley born 2 Jan 1842 in MO, and died 25 Jun 1913. Married to Fannie Frances. 
Note: Richmond L. "Little" Hust born 6 Dec 1872 Cedar Valley, MO died 30 June 1945 at home.
Note: George Washington Hust born 1829 (father of Richmond). He was married to Almartha Wade. He may have came by wagon train with the other families when they came here from MO in 1884 traveling with his son. 
Note: Lucinda Catherine May maiden name Costello. Born March 13, 1857 in Springfield, MO died 2 Mar 1839. Married to Miles Birdsong May. 
Note: Walter S. May born July 09, 1914 Nogal, died 11 Dec 1959 in Nogal. Married to Anna Lee Green and was the son of Albert Silas May and Alice Benola Snell. 
Note: William Walter Snell born June 03, 1894 Reafan, Falls Co, Texas, died Feb 1868 Nogal. Married to Pearl Jane May.
Note: Pearl Jane Snell maiden name May. Daughter of Miles Birdsong May and Lucinda Catherine Costello. She was born 27 May 1897 in Nogal and died September 04, 1933 Nogal.

*Ben Bragg's headstone was discovered buried in blown sand and dirt in Nogal Cemetery on the first row to the left entering the cemetery.  A few years after uncovering that marker of soapstone, the stone face had weathered away. It is important to coat the face of any stone once it has been uncovered from the ground or rapid weathering will occur. Photograph the stone, make a rubbing if necessary, clean it with a soft brush, and paint it with a clear plastic coating. 
*Anna D. Stanphill married Benjamin Bragg in Hill County Texas. Ben was murdered, and she married Joseph Beckman in Nogal, New Mexico. Both Anna and Joseph died (on different dates) on the San Andres Ranch (currently the White Sands Missile range) in Otero County and were each transported to Carrizozo in a pickup truck. Kelly Funeral Homes records list both of these deaths. 
The above information was provided to the author of the book titled, Gravesite Directory of Cemeteries in Lincoln County. It was not included in the book. This internet presentation provides additional records. 
No more burials should take place in this small cemetery. Reliable sources have reported older graves were disturbed when new burials occur because the cemetery is full. Many graves are unmarked and hidden by blown-in dirt.
*Obituary of Joseph B. BECKAM; Friday 17 July 1931, Carrizozo New Mexico
Joe Beckman, who had lived in this country since 1880, chiefly in the Bonito region died Thursday of last week and was buried the following day in Nogal Cemetery. T. E. Kelly, local mortician, had charge of the funeral and Pastor Jordon conducted the ceremonies.
The deceased was one of the pioneers of the county and settled at and took part in the building of old Bonito City, which in now wholly obliterated and is only a memory. A quiet, reserved man, never seeking notoriety, yet possessed many interesting facts concerning the early settlement of Lincoln County, Mr. Beckman lived his long life in an unassuming manner. A faithful, lovable citizen was lost to the country when Joe Beckman crossed the divide. Peace to his ashes. Submitted without corrections by C. W. Barnum.
*Obituary of Mrs. Joe BECKMAN Friday 4 November 1927, Lincoln County News Carrizozo
Mrs. Joe Beckman aged 82 years, died last Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Greer in the San Andres. She had been in bad health for several years, and that combined with advanced years brought to a close an eventful life. Mrs. Beckman came to Lincoln County 49 years ago with her husband, Benj Bragg and had lived in Nogal and Bonito sections of this county since coming here.
A few years after the death of her first husband she was married to Joe Beckman, who survives her. Five children also survive: Tom, Charles, and William Bragg; Texana Oswald, Arizona, and Mrs. Rufus Brown, Hurley, New Mexico.
The body was taken to Nogal Thursday for burial and there interred Monday. Rev John H. Skinner conducted the funeral service. It was the same minister officiating at her funeral service who had performed the marriage ceremony that made her Mrs. Beckman 30 years ago. Many old friends who had known this estimable woman gathered at the grave side and genuine sympathy was tendered the aged husband at the grave and the bereaved children. Submitted without corrections by C. W. Barnum.

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