Escondido Cemetery
By Felix O. Gonzales Jr.,
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Charles, I have enclosed the information that I was able to obtain from the grave markers. I would like to try the paper and chalk method next time I make it to Lincoln. Escondido Cemetery is located about 1 mile due west of George Sisneros ranch. It is half way between Hondo and Arabella, just north of Escondido Arroyo. My grandfather grew up in Blackwater and my grandmother in Escondido. Both moved to the Roswell area in 1941.
I am trying to find out where or how I could locate the cemetery records for Escondido Cemetery in Lincoln County. I am also trying to find out who controls the access to the cemetery. I am a native New Mexican. My ancestors have been from Lincoln County since about 1861, they moved from Tome and Lemitar after the Civil War. The Escondido Cemetery contains most of my deceased relatives on my grandmother's side of the family. Lincoln and Blackwater contain my grandfather's side. I know the dates of death, for several of my relatives, from the grave markers at the cemetery. I am trying to find the exact dates and parents of some of them.

Sylvester Gustamantes, my Great Great Grandfather (died October 30, 1911), is buried in Escondido Cemetery next to his wife Theresa.
Theresa Gaetana Gustamantes, my great great Grandmother (died 1938), is buried there next to Sylvester.
Romaldo Moya (died 1933), my other Great Great Grandfather, is buried there.
Reynaldo Gustamantes, my great uncle (died 1935), is buried there.
Sylvester Gustamates, my great uncle (died 1926), is buried there.
Vidal Gustamantes, my great aunt (died 1935), is buried there.
Felix Montoya, my great great great grandfather (killed by Pedro Torres on his way to Capitan), is buried next to his wife Theophilia.
Theophilia Montoya Torres, my great great great grandmother (forced to marry Pedro Torres after Felix Montoya was murdered), is buried next to Felix as she wished while dying.
Paz Moya, my great great uncle (died 1946), is buried there next to Romaldo Moya.
Maria Gustamantes, my great great aunt, is buried there.
Angelita Gustamantes, my great aunt, is buried there.
Beatrice Moya, my distant cousin (Paz Moya's granddaughter), is buried there.
Arminia Moya, my distant cousin (Paz Moya's granddaughter), is buried there.
Benjamin Moya, my distant cousin (Remaldo Moya's son), is buried there.
Benjamin Moya Jr., my distant cousin (Remaldo Moya's grandson), is buried there.
Marge ?, 1914-1996, is buried there.
One unknown name buried April 7, 1914

There were also several graves that had no markers but had a mound. Some were sunken in. Concrete was poured over at least four of the graves to protect them. If you have any other questions that I might answer please let me know. Thanks for your help, God Bless, FELIX O. GONZALES Jr., CPT, AV, Department of Defense

2005 Felix O. Gonzales Jr., 14 May 2000

2005 . Typed and Edited by C. W. Barnum