The Baca Cemetery 
Located northwest of Lincoln 
South side of Highway 380
Compiled by Jerry Hicksİ
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Baca, Frances Vigil 03/10/1892 4/5/75  
Baca, Frances 1921 2000  
Baca, Francisco     Plain rock, no dates
Baca, Israel A. 9/16/53 5/20/79 VA stone, Pfc US Army Vietnam
Baca, Jose B. 1892 1/20/78 VA stone, Pvt US Army WW I
Baca, Lucie     Plain rock, no dates, hard to read
Baca, Martin     Plain rock, no dates
Baca, Telesfora 1864 1918 Mother
Vigil, Mabel Baca 1890 1918 Mother

Baca Cemetery
Lincoln, Lincoln County
Photos by Ida Richardson Fenack

Baca Family Cemetery is Located on private property, about 2 miles northwest of the town of Lincoln on NM Highway 380. The cemetery is south of Highway 380, up the hill behind a house. It is hard to see from the road. There were several graves that were marked using rocks as headstones. However, there were no names or other markings on these rocks.