Ayers Family Plot
aka Jake Springs Cemetery
Jake Spring, Lincoln County, New Mexico
Compiled by C. W. Barnum October 18, 2006
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The Ayers Family Plot is about one mile north of Jake Springs and just north of Jakes Hill. It's south of Carrizozo on the west edge of Polly Flats. It is referred to as "Cornett" on some maps. The plot was set aside by Carl Ayers on the Ayers Ranch about 1900. Carl died and was burial on top of the highest hill near Jake Spring. His family was to be buried there too, but the ranch was purchased by the Cornett family. Years later it became the Hemphill Ranch. One story states there are two graves on that hill. No evidence exists that two graves are on the property.

Jake Springs was an important RR water stop until about 1950. Around 1900, it was a stage coach stop. It has been called simply "Jakes".

I wish to thank my good friend Eddy Bob Hemphill for guiding our expedition. Access is restricted and a four wheel drive is mandatory.
Do not attempt to walk to this location.

The grave of Carl Ayers  The inscription reads:

Carl Ayers    March 19, 1895  -  August 14, 1916
A Loved One from us has gone
A voice we love is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.

Unmarked Grave reportedly is the grave of Minnie L. Waldon. See below.

Jakes Hill as seen from Ayer's plot.
Possible additional
grave under mesquite bush in foreground on large pile of dirt.
My friend
Eddy Bob Hemphill standing near Ayers' grave.
A herd of
antelope in the distance as see from Jakes.

Family Group Sheet for William Jefferson Ayers  WIFE: Minnie L. Waldon
by Virginia (Ginny) Lee Ayers Spann 

~~~Family Group Sheet~~~
Husband's name: William Jefferson Ayers
Birth date and place: December 28, 1868 Honey Grove, Fannin, TX
Death date and place: December 18, 1944 Lincoln County, NM
Marriage date and Place: November 24, 1889 St. Francis County, AR
His Father's name was: Thomas Jefferson Ayers
His Mother's name was: Lucy Ann Bennett

Wife's name: Minnie L. Waldon
1. Minnie Gertrude Ayers b. 1891 AR
2. Hartley Ayers b. 1894 AR
3. Carl Ayers b. 1895 AR d. 1916 NM
4. Anna Lee Ayers b. 8-18-1898 AR d. 5-13-1989 - Santa Cruz, CA
      Marriage date and Place: NM to Jack Adams

Jack A. Adams & Anna Lee "Annie" Ayers Adams had one known son, Jack Adams buried next to his father at Evergreen Cemetery in 1935.

Carrizozo Outlook stating that Carl Ayers died on the 18 August 1916. It states the following:
Carl Ayers, a young man of twenty-one years, died at his home in Jake Spring, on Monday from complication of diseases. The young man had been a sufferer for a long time, having been sick about two years. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ayers, are well known in the community, as Mr. Ayers has for some time been section foreman for Southwestern (RR) at that point. The funeral was held Monday evening and interment made at Jake Springs Cemetery."

William Jefferson Ayers owned a small ranch in Lincoln County. He was buried at Carrizozo Cemetery. See this page.