Albert Henry Pfingsten
By C. W. Barnum
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Albert Henry Pfingsten:  Co. C. 16 Illinois Cavalry. He was born 1840 in Germany, and died 1886 in Bonito, NM. The grave is 1.7 mi. west of Bonita Lake, then south for 500 feet to left turn, then 1000 feet east from the small building. Grave is 300 feet up the hill, hard to find. Photos by H. D. McDaniel:
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There are graves sites 2 miles below Bonito Dam. One is that of  Corpl. Henry Pfingsten, 16th Ill. Cav., Co. C. Albert Henry Pfingsten was born in 1840 in Germany, and he died in 1886 near Bonito. His wife was Fredricke Auguste Sophie BAHE who is buried in Angus Cemetery (27 July 1847-27 Jun 1913).  There are other unmarked graves. Note:
Fredricke Auguste Sophie BAHE was born 27 July 1847 in Germany. She died  27 June 1913 in Lincoln County.
(Source: C. W. Barnum, New Mexico Genealogist.)