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Mrs. Jesusita Slocum
The Mesilla News, July 22, 1876

Mrs. Jesusita Slocum wife of John D. Slocum died in Mesilla 11 o'clock a.m. Tuesday Aug. 28th 1876 of acute Peritonitis. She was 32 years 11 months old, and was born about 60 miles from Chihuahua, Mexico. She had been in poor health for the past six years, and particularly for the past two weeks and was taken to her bed Sunday, and Tuesday morning while perfectly conscious said she only had a few hours to live which proved correct. She was attended by Dr. Oliver. She was an affectionate wife, and kind mother, and leaves a husband, two children, father, mother and other relations and many friends to mourn her loss.

The Mesilla News
July 22, 1876
The San Juan mines were still closed with snow on the 3d, and forty-five or fifty men were waiting at Tierra Amarilla for the snow to melt so that they could get through. Suppose that the San Juan has rich mines richer than those of the Mimbres and Burro, they cannot be as valuable, because they cannot be worked over four or five months in the year, while those of Southern New Mexico are never closed. Provisions and labor must be much cheaper in Grant County than at San Juan, because it is accessible, at all times by good roads and near the most productive valley and lands in New Mexico, and the mines are surrounded by the best of pasture lands. The Del Norte route to the San Juan will not be open till July, and closed in October.
The Las Vegas Gazette quotes a portion of our article on the removal of the Cachise Indians to the Alamosa reserve, and then harps on the word it through half a column of ungrammatical nonsense; if the Gazette man understood the rudiments of the English language he would be better qualified to make comments.
The New Mexican learns that several prominent democrats of Albuquerque are working in favor of the State Government movement. So it would seem that the question is likely to be on of personal preference, and not political.
The Las Vegas Gazette wants a boy to work in that office, "one who understands the English language preferred." We should think so, that office is very much in need of somebody who understands the English language.