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Mrs. Maria L. Patrick Phelps
Mesilla News, March 16th 1874

Mrs. Maria L. Patrick Phelps, wife of Lieut. F. E. Phelps, Post Adjutant, at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, died suddenly on Saturday evening, March 14th.
The deceased was an exemplary woman of more than ordinary brilliancy of mind: and although young in years, she possessed the matronly dignity of a matured age; possessing a charming affability of manner, she endeared herself to a large circle of friends. She was a devout Christian, and delighted in deeds of love and charity. Her many friends mourn her untimely death; but one so deeply as her heart stricken husband.
Plain as her native dignity of mind. Arise the tomb of her we have resigned; Unflawed and stainless be the marble scroll, Emblem of lovely form and candid soul, But oh! what symbol may await to tell, The kindness, wish and sense we loved so well! What sculpture show the broken ties of life, There buried with the parent, friend and wife!