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924 Menaul Blvd. N.E.
Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico

This cemetery is located at Menaul Blvd. and Edith Blvd. N.E. This is a beautiful cemetery with lawns, mausoleums, and chapel. The two letter code before a military inscription generally is the STATE. Thus NM Pvt U.S. Army means New Mexico Private U.S. Army. The inscription column has mostly information out of the Non-Endowed section. The metal tags give the persons name and then the number. Sometimes a date is indicated in the numbers, but mostly they reference the persons file in the office. The first column is abbreviated form of what section in the cemetery where the person is buried. The second column is the position within the section. There are 31,198 names listed. This was a huge project taking almost four million keystrokes to record and thousands of hours to walk the cemetery to do the survey. The volunteers in alphabetical order are: ~July 2003~
Sally Goehring ~ Norma Gonzales ~ Cheryl Harris ~ Richard Harris Anne Hayward ~ Linda Hobart ~ Robin Hoffman
Betty Lamberti Herb Palm ~ Sharon Palm ~ Sharon Palm ~Karen Twohig ~ Al "Wink" Winkeljohn

Presentation is divided by first letter of surname.

A B B2 C C2 D E F
G G2 H H2 I J K L
M M2 N O P Q R S
S2 T U V W wX Y Z

Disclaimer: The data presented here is not representative of Sunset Memorial Park Inc.,
Any inquiries regarding this data should be directed to this web site (email) and not to Sunset Memorial Park, Inc. Thank  you.


History:  Chester T. French founded Sunset Memorial Park in 1929. His goal was to provide endowed-care cemetery services to Albuquerque. The very first burial area of Sunset is located at the corner of Edith Blvd and Menaul Blvd. The large stately trees that grace the grounds are result of the care they have been given in 70 years of life. In May 1988 Sunset Memorial dedicated the newest area of the cemetery with over two acres of spacious memorial lawns and views of the Sandia Mountains.
In addition, a new area for individual cremation memorialization is the "Old Town Mosaic".  It is a collage of six pictures in around the Plaza of Old Town Albuquerque. These 168 niches are made from over 10,000 pieces of Italian glass."

Sunset Memorial is directed by on site manager, Paul Layer, and a board of Directors.  There are groundskeepers on site 24 hours a day.

The individual sections, as noted on the spread sheet:
Sections 1X through 27 are simply numbered as such.
Baby A
Baby B
Baby C
ADD East and West = Chapel Addition (inside Mausoleum)
SOUTH = Chapel Outside
FC1-6 = Floral Crypts 1-6
FC PLOTS = FC Lawn area
FWC 1-4 = Freedom Way Crypts 1-4
GC 1-6 = Garden Crypts 1-6
LAWN 1-6 = Interior lawn areas 1-6
LC = Section LC
Cor A, 1-4, Main Hall  = inside the Chapel and Mausoleum
OT East and West facing = enichment wall titled Old Town
NON END = Non Endowed Pauper section
REFLECTIONS = enichment wall titled Reflections
RG WALL 1-2 = Rose Garden walls listing scattering of ashes
SUNRISE = inside the Mausoleum in a separate room called Times and Seasons

This covers all of the first column designations. The second column is indicator of 'where' in the row they exist.
It does help when people are looking for relatives to find the names are next to each other.
Cheryl Harris