Buffalo Soldiers of Ft. Bayard, New Mexico
By Janet Wasson
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A list of Buffalo Soldiers who served at Ft. Bayard, New Mexico. Here are the Buffalo Soldiers buried at Fort Bayard National Cemetery, Grant County. This is not a complete list.
Last name           First name          Rank      Company  Regiment            Date of Death
Alexander           James               Serg't    H        10th US Cav         Oct. 1,1906
Bailey              Charles D                     I        10th US Cav         Dec 19,1914
Baldwin             Buster B                      L        25th US Inf         February 8,1908
Ballentine          Cyrus                         D        25th US Inf         February 5,1919
Bardison            George                        D        10th US Cav         May 15,1902
Bartlett            Squire                        H        9th US Cav          Sept 27,1877
Bettis              James               Corpl     C        9th US Cav          Oct 3, 1877
Boyd                Hampton                       A        24th US Inf         June 2,1906
Boyd                Thomas W                      F        24th US Inf         March 31,1895
Boyer               George W                      D        24th US Inf         June 22,1894
Brown               Creed                         E        24th US Inf         March 20,1893
Carter              Frank                         F        25th US Inf         May 16,1913
Chase               Levi                Corpl     L        9th US Cav          May 16,1905
Clark               Cornelius           Corpl     E        9th US Cav          May 6,1907
Clay                Matthew G                     M        9th US Cav          December 19,1916
Clements            Charles F                     H        24th US Inf         July 11,1915
Cunningham          George                        H        10th US Cav         Jan 29,1905
Dawson              John W                        I        24th US Inf         Jan 19,1911
Derchild            Joseph                        C        9th US Cav          June 13, 1879
Derrick             Samuel              Serg't    C        24th US Inf         Jan 15,1892
Edwards             John                          H        24th US Inf         January 23,1902
Ellis               Robert                        E        24th US Inf         Mar 23,1893
Evans               Elijah                        F        10th US Cav         June 20,1903
Finney              Will                          M        10th US Cav         Dec. 24, 1907
Forman              And'w               Corpl     D        24th US Inf         January 7, 1893
Foster              Leon D                        A        9th US Cav          January 24, 1910
Fowler              Arthur                                 25th US Inf         Sept 14,1917
Frazier             Lewis               Serg't    D        10th US Cav         May 3,1914
Frisby              J T                           G        24th US Inf         Mar 12,1906
Gant                John                          H        24th US Inf         May 9,1904
Gaskins             William E                     D        9th US Cav          Jul 12,1906
Grant               George                        L        10th US Cav         Feb 27,1901
Gray                Gilbert                       Cas Det  9th US Cav          Feb 28,1909
Gray                Robert              Corpl     Band     25th US Inf         July 6,1905
Green               George                        H        25th US Inf         Nov 18,1902
Hampton             George W                      Band     25th US Inf         Mar 6,1903
Harrison            Julius                        H        24th US Inf         June 23,1891
Hawkins             William H                     L        24th US Inf         May 18,1905
Henry               Oscar D                       L        24th US Inf         May 4,1901
Hood                John                Serg't    E        9th US Cav          Feb 14,1907
Huddleston          William                       Band     24th US Inf         Nov 10,1901
Johnson             E                             C        9th US Cav          Dec 25,1878
Johnson             John                          L        9th US Cav          Sept 30,1879
Johnson             Thomas                        D        24th US Inf         Apr 4,1911
Jones               Edmund                        E        25th US Inf         Apr 1,1905
Jones               William                       F        25th US Inf         Nov 27,1898
Kelley              Joseph Jr                     K        24th US Inf         Apr 14,1902
Lankford            Henry                         E        25th US Inf         Oct 20,1904
Lawrence            James O                       E        24th US Inf         Aug 24,1892
Leonard             Thomas                        F        24th US Inf         Apr 15,1893
Long                Gideon                        L        10th US Cav         Sept 15,1901
Mack                William                       L        24th US Inf         Nov 5,1901
Martin              John                          G        9th US Cav          Apr 17,1907
Marts               Harry                         F        10th US Cav         Nov 9,1914
Mason               Charles                       F        25th US Inf         June 10,1912
Mason               Henry                         A        24th US Inf         Sept 29,1905
Mathigley           Henry               Serg't    C        9th US Cav          June 13,1879
McCalley            Wiley                         D        25th US Inf         Nov 23,1902
Miles               James                         F        25th US Inf         Nov 17,1896
Miller              Sylvester                     I        25th US Inf         Sept 7,1900
Moore               Arthur L                      M        10th US Cav         May 9,1907
Nicherson           Floyd                         F        25th US Inf         Mar 9,1899
Norris              Jefferson                     M        24th US Inf         June 18,1909
Raines              Henry R                       Cas Det  10th US Cav         July 17,1908
Reed                Charles             Serg't    L        24th US Inf         Nov 29,1915
Reed                Charles                       D        24th US Inf         Jan 22,1903
Rhodes              Roy                           Band     24th US Inf         June 4,1904
Robinson            James                         Cas Det  9th US Cav          Jan 30,1909
Robinson            Soloman             Corpl     F        9th US Cav          Aug 11,1880
Ross                Leon                          B        9th US Cav          Mar 1,1907
Ross                William H                     H        10th US Cav         Feb 2,1914
Russel              Solomon                       B        25th US Inf         Apr 11,1901
Schwab              Charles             Chf Mus            24th US Inf         Apr 7,1893
Shaw                Perry                         D        10th US Cav         Nov 21,1891
Smith               G W                 Lieut              9th US Cav          Aug 19,1881
Swan                Edward                        C        9th US Cav          Apr 4,1901
Taylor              John                          A        25th US Inf         June 21,1867
Thompson            Robert                        A        24th US Inf         Nov 4,1906
Underwood           Clifford                      I        24th US Inf         Mar 17,1913
Underwood           Elisha M                      B        24th US Inf         Mar 27.1913
Vanleer             Percy L                       E        24th US Inf         Mar 12,1915
Washington          Ernest                        A        10th US Cav         not found
Washington          John                          G        25th US Inf         Aug 22,1903
Westley             L                             Cas Det  10th US Cav         Feb 8,1908
White               Isaac               Serg't    F        25th US Inf         Nov 21,1909
Williams            Jonas               Trumpter  E        9th US Cav          Aug 15,1903
Woodward            Major                         L        9th US Cav          Aug 13,1879
Worrell             William             Saddler   F        9th US Cav          Jan 4,1903
Wright              James               Serg't    M        9th US Cav          Dec 12,1900
Wright              Thomas                        B        9th US Cav          Feb 8,1906