Herculano Chavez
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My grandfather, Herculano Chavez was born in El Manzano, New Mexico, Valencia County in 1860.  He was taken by the Indians when he was about 9 years old but managed to escape. His mother married a Hidalgo and had 3 other children by him. His mother's name was Mde. De Jesus and her other children were called Felicito, Catalina, and Fred they lived in Upper Las Vegas, New Mexico, San Miguel County in 1870. Herculano's Married 3 times, from his first wife he had 3 children: Manual, Mela or Manuela, and Clarita.  From his second wife, Clara St. John who was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Dona Ana County he had three children:  Arthur St. John Chavez who was born in Dawson, New Mexico, county of Colfax on March 3, 1908, and Alice born in 1910, and Marshall in 1905.  Marshall was killed in the Dawson coal mine explosion in 1923 when he was 18 years old.

Clara St. John's father, Marshall St. John, enlisted in the Union Army in Sacramento, California and was send to Las Cruces  where he was eventually stationed.  He was in the 5th regiment.  He died in 1878 and is buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces, Dona Ana county.  His daughter Clara died in Alamagordo in 1917 and is buried in Carrizozo, New Mexico. Arthur Chavez married Maria Dominguez , who was born in Tecolote, New Mexico in February 18, 1913.  She was the daughter of Gumecinda Trujillo, who was born in Tecolote, New Mexico in 1877.  Her father Victor Dominguez was born in Tres Hermanos Bourgh, New Mexico in San Miguel County in 1869 and died in 1923 in Las Vegas, New Mexico , San Miguel county.  Victor's father was Eduardo Dominguez who was born in the town of Tres Hermanos township in about 1827 and he married Maria Crusita De La Cruz Lovato on September 8, 1852 in San Miguel Del Bado, New Mexico.

She was born in 1838 in Las Vegas, NM. Eduardo's father Jose Tomas Dominguez , son of Bernado Dominguez and Tomasa Sandoval, was born in 1800  in NM and married Candeleria Esquibel in 1825, daughter of Antonio Esquibel and Maria Manuela Trebol (daughter of Francisco Navarro Trebol and  Maria Baca) Candeleria was born in 1810 in New Mexico. Antonio De La Cruz Alexandro Esquibel (father of Candeleria)  was born in 1750in Santa Cruz de La Canada, New Mexico. His father Jose Esquibel was born in 1713 in New Mexico and he married Juana Manuela Lopez Gabaldon on June 30, 1739. 

Jose Esquibel was the son of Rosa Lucero De Godoy and Benaventura Esquibel who was born in 1713 in New Spain.  Rosa Bernadina Lucero De Godoy was born in 1686 in guadalupe del Paso, Kindgom of New Mexico, New Spain. Her parents were Antonio Lucero De Godoy and Antonia Valera de Losada Perea (daughter of  Juan De Perea and Aldonsa Valera). Antonio's parents were Juan De Godoy and Juana De Vitoria Carvajal.  Antonio was born in 1649 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and died there in 1712.  

His mother , Juana, was the daughter of Juan De Vitoria Carvajal and Isabel Holguin (who wa the daughter of Juan holguin and Catalina De Villanuea)  Juan De Vitoria Carvajal was the son of Juan De Carvajal,  Juan De Vitoria was born in 1561 and was a conquistador under Juan Onate, who led the Onate expedition to New Mexico in 1598. He was an Alferez, and returned to New Mexico in 1601 after the Indian Siege and resettled in Santa Fe  as a Captain.

He was sent back to New Spain to bring back reinforcements was on Onate's War Council.  As Alcalde Ordinario, he was accused of illegally assuming authority in ordering the execution of an indian assassin while Gov. Peralta was in prison. He was also the SYNDIC of the Franciscians.  He referred to himself as: the first founder of this land. As Standard bearer for the Holy Office he accompanied Father Perea, head of the church in New Mexico, in a memorable procession which went out from Santa Fe to meet an incoming Governor, Don Francisco Nieto de Silva. Mary Alice Dominguez Chavez Janukites 12th generation New Mexican born in Las Vegas, NM 1939.