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Francisco Cordova

Francisco Cordova was born in 1884 and was a strong and adventurous man his father, Nicolas Cordova, was adventurous as well born in 1864 he was an early settler of New Mexico who stood to himself.  In 1903 Francisco met and fell in love with a woman by the name of Lucita Carabajal. They courted for awhile and in 1905 they married in New Mexico:

Francisco was born in 1884, in New Mexico, he was a very ambiguous young man, he was not rich, but he was a very hard worker and that paid off for him later on in his years. In 1906 they had their first son and they named him Antonio and in 1912 they had their second son and they called him Santiago: Soon they had their third son who was named Nicolas (after his Grandfather): Nicolas was born in 1916. Francisco was working for the railroad in 1920 as a bridge builder. Living in the township of Cutter, New Mexico he worked long and hard hours for his family, sometimes he would have to leave home to build more bridges and to help with the laying of the tracks in and around the area, but he never forgot his family.

Francisco helped around the township of Cutter in such a way as to help bring some food to some of the other families who could not otherwise find work, He helped with a small school in Cutter, it wasn't much of a school by our standards of today, but it was a school just the same though times were very hard and difficult the school did not survive due to the fact that there was no one to run the school; those that tried to help were torn between providing for their families or running the school and no one had any money to pay for a school teacher.

Francisco decided that his family should come first, as did everyone else, so, he concentrated on the business at hand, which was to work hard and to provide for his family:  Though, he didn't give up on helping his fellow townsfolk, but later when things were getting to tough for everyone in the town of Cutter and as more and more people started to drift out of the town in search of a solid source of employment Francisco and his wife (Lucita) decided to leave the township as many of their fellow townsfolk have done. Where they went from there is still a mystery to us.

Robert Cordova Sr.
G-Great Grandson of Francisco