N. B. Taylor
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N.B. Taylor, and Robert Henry Taylor families traveled  from Vernon Texas, by covered wagon to White Oaks, in 1894 where they made their home for many years,  N.B. Taylor and Son started a Hardware Store and Blacksmith Shop. When Son Julian Taylor finished school he joined the firm making it N. B. Taylor and Sons. They were  successful, honest businessmen. 
In  1908. when Carrizozo was founded. N.B. Taylor and Julian moved there and started the same business. Robert Henry continued on in White Oaks. Mines were not doing so well in White Oaks, so in 1918,  Robert H. moved to Carrizozo started a car repair shop, and added a furniture store with the hardware store. This continued until 1922, when N. B. Taylor passed away in July 11, 1922. Robert and wife Leora, had 15 children, 13 of whom were born in White Oaks.
By Fred Gardner