Utrechtse Familienamen - Utrecht Family Names

Utrechtse Familienamen - Utrecht Family Names

Er is ook een Nederlandstalige versie van deze pagina.

Looking for ancestors in the province of Utrecht, the Netherlands? You found the right place. Here you can find links to many webpages about families in this area, and to people who do research in this area.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to update this site recently. All the changes that I have received in the mean time will be added shortly. I apologize for the delay.

At the moment, the form to submit new names has been disabled.

Family names ordered by municipality

All family names are ordered by the name of the municipality where they appear. Below you will find a list of all municipalities in the province of Utrecht (situation in 2000), accompanied by a number of villages in these municipalities.

If you can't find the name you're looking for, you can try the other links that are given for that municipality. Often these pages contain more family names from that area than mentioned on this page.

All family names are also available in one long list.


These pages are (almost) all in Dutch. In some cases there's also an English version. I will look for better English-language sites in the future.

Sites about Utrecht

Other Dutch provincial sites

General Dutch sites

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