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What's New

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Reconfigured menus and added top-level categories to the NJUnion menu on bottom. It’s so much easier making changes with WordPress! Backup web site at https://njunion.wordpress.com/ (4/1/2016)

Dick Eastman of Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter reports “Ancestry Concedes Defeat as It is Unable to Restore All of the RootsWeb Site.” Unfortunately, many USGenWeb state and county sites are hosted on RootsWeb, which means some sites and data will be irretrievable. The old NJUnion site is still up. The takeaway? Remember to always back up your files! (3/28/2016)

Added some old postcards and pictures. If you have any to share, please do! (3/25/2016)

Changed NJGenWeb link from RootsWeb server to Google site. RootsWeb servers still offline. (3/9/2016)

Updated links and domain pointer for NJUnionGenWeb. (2/27/2016)

Some RootsWeb servers are down, which is where many (not all) USGenWeb pages are hosted. NJGenWeb and NJUnionGenWeb not available, but we are working on getting up and running on other servers. In the meantime, Denise Wells posted: “I have placed the NJ state page online here on a Google site for the time being. I don’t know if this will stay the current page or not. If you are unable to access the NJ state page, please always go to the USGenWeb National Site at www.usgenweb.org and access the state pages from there. Also, numerous counties are on the same RootsWeb servers and unless and until the volunteer moves the site, they may remain offline. Please be patient as we await the results of RootsWeb’s update. You can also access RootsWeb at www.ancestry.rootsweb.com. (February 2016)

Switched web host to Rootsweb server. Updated my domain stealth pointer to Rootsweb server, so people can continue using www.njuniongenweb.com to bookmark site. Fixed coding issues in navigation menu. (3/28/2014)

Added links to online book resources to Books & Library page. Updated header graphic with a map courtesy of Rutgers Special Collections and Archives. Changed my contact information. (3/27/2014)

Searched for new web host since my Internet Service Provider no longer provided web site hosting. (1/2014)

Added link for New Jersey's 350th anniversary celebration for 2014 on homepage. (10/1/2013)

Added link for "New Jersey Vital Records: What? How? Where?" to homepage and Resources page. (10/1/2013)

Added newspaper, records, & transcription links from Plainfield Public librarian. (10/1/2013)

Fixed NJGenWeb Archives links. Added links for libraries, municipalities, museums, historical societies, and new sources. (5/3/2013)

Cranford, Rahway, and Westfield newspaper links added (7/11/2012)

1905 New Jersey State Census link was added (7/10/2012)

Census page was updated with 1940 ED numbers, roll numbers, search sites. Census Day page was updated. (4/5/2012)

The 1940 census will be released on April 2, 2012. The digitized census records will be available for free online. Updated Census page. (3/15/2012)

Deleted It's All Relative page and added What's New page. Added State NJGenWeb coordinators' emails to homepage and About Us page. (3/15/2012)

Search for families members buried in the Archdiocese of Newark: Catholic Cemeteries online. (11/2011)

Links for NJ-specific FamilySearch databases on Records page. (ongoing!)

Old postcards posted to NJUnionGenWeb Facebook page. Add your own! (7/8/2011)

NJUnionGenWeb has a Facebook page. (6/28/2011)

New link from Princeton University's digital collections. The Sanborn Company fire insurance maps of New Jersey "contain detailed information on urban structures, property boundaries, and streets. Provides historical information on the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods." (2011)

I'm now writing a blog called Genealogy Ink. Check it out and let me know what you think! (4/30/2010)

As of 1 January 2009, the NJ Dept. of Health has transferred vital records through December 31, 1900 to the NJ State Archives. Although these records were already at the Archives on microfilm, now the State Archives will send copies to you. (1/1/2009)

The following files have been added to the NJGenWeb Archives under Union county with links under the appropriate Communities and Records pages:

  • more obituaries! (ongoing)
  • Names of burials listed on St Andrew's Church memorial plaques in New Providence, NJ (with plaque photos), complete as of April 2009 (5/8/2009)
  • Elizabeth Fire Department: Fire Chiefs (to 1992) (1/28/2009)
  • Elizabeth Fire Department: Last Alarm Memorial (1989) for firefighters who died in the line of duty (1/28/2009)
  • Ministers of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, NJ (8/11/2008)
  • Newspaper Articles on the Fulton Street Methodist Episcopal Church of Elizabethport, NJ, Seceding from the Newark Conference and the Aftermath (11/16/2008)
  • List of Mayors of Elizabeth, NJ, 1739-2008 (3/7/2008)
  • Church officials from Elizabeth, NJ, city directories 1884-1891 (2/29/2008)
  • Undertakers in Elizabeth and Newark, NJ, and surrounding areas 1859-1891 (2/29/2008)

Added vital records section to FAQs page.

Added the FAQs page for frequently asked questions about Union county, New Jersey, and this NJGenWeb project. (2007)

Transcribed list of 1956 graduates from Battin High School, Elizabeth, to NJGenWeb Archives; added link. (5/20/2007)

Transcribed list of 1957 graduates from Battin High School, Elizabeth, to NJGenWeb Archives; added link. (6/11/2006)

Transcribed list of 1954 graduates from Clark High School, Roselle, to NJGenWeb Archives; added link. (9/12/2005)

Added search engine. (7/4/2003)

Added a bunch of new links. (4/10/2003)

Added newspapers. (4/29/2001)

Added list of local names. (2/4/2001)

Added cemeteries to each municipality. (1/18/1999)

Took over abandoned Union County, New Jersey, USGenWeb project. Created all-new pages by municipality and added resources to each. (1998)





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