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  • Index of Calendar Photos
    A complete listing of the captions from South River Historical & Preservation Society Calendar photos. Includes all photos from the first calendar in 1991 to the present.





  • Population

    Population, 1860, 1880-2010
    Population data from the United States Census of Population, in ten year increments from 1880 to the most recent decennial census, along with 1860 and additional data from New Jersey state censuses.

    South River's Foreign Born Population, 1900 and 2000
    Comparison of the number of foreign born residents listed by country, as identified by the U.S. Bureau of the Census in 1900 and 2000.,


  • South River Becomes a Borough
    The original law that made South River a borough and established its boundaries. Prior to 1898 South River was part of the township of East Brunswick.