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Somerset County New Jersey
Divisions Of Estates


MINNE VOORHEES,dec'd, widow ABIGILL. CHILDREN (VOORHEES): JOHN M., MINA and SITEYE (one under age 21). Along the Millstone River, adjoining Cornelius Voorhees. Recorded AiDri1 1812. Bk. A, p.l+. Map, p.5. (File #1413R.Inv. 1809).

BENJAMIN VAN DORN, Franklin Tp., dec'd. CHILDREN (VAN DORN):JOSEPH, CHRISTEYON, BENJAMIN, LENAH, SOPHIA, ALTHA and DINAH. Along Middlebush to New Brunswick road, adjoining John Mitchell, Abraham Voorhees, et al. Recorded April 10th 1812. Bk.A, p.6+. Maps pp. 10,12.

JAMES SUTPHEN, Montgomery Tp., widow SARAH, dower previously assigned. HEIRS: ALBERT and WM. SUTPHEN, CHARITY (SUTPHEN, wife of FREDERICK DURYEE; ADAH (SUTPHEN) VAN DUYN; GILBERT (GISBERT) SUTPHEN (wife JANE); MARY TILTON, PHEBE (SUTPHEN wife of ISAAC LEE; ELIZABETH (SUTPHEN) wife of JACOB SKILLMAN; ELEANOR (SUTPHEN) wife of ISAAC BLEW(BLOW);JAMES SUTPHEN’S 3 children and AVI WHITLOCK. Some minors under 21. ALBERT had purchased shares of CHARITY, GILBERT, ELIZABETH, ADAM, PHEBE and ELINOR. Along road Baptist Meeting House in Hopewell to Rocky Hill, adjoining heirs of Abraham Voorhees, Arthur Sutphen, et al. Recorded 30th June 1812. Bk.A,p.14+. Map before p.24.

BENJAMIN SKILLMAN, dec'd. HEIRS: THOMAS, ABRAHAM, dec'd leaving 2 minor children, IDA and ANN SKILLMAN. Recorded Aug. 1812. Bk.A, p.24+. (File #1475R.will, 1811.)

ROBERT CAMPBELL, Montgomery Tp., on road Princeton to Kingston adjoining Doct. Ebenezer Stockton. CHILDREN (CAMPBELL): SARAH, dec'd , wife of_______ MARTIN, leaving 3 children: ROBERT, PETER and MARY (MARTIN) LANGDON; MARGARET, wife of _______ LODGE; HANNAH, JANE, dec'd wife of ________ CRUTHERS, leaving children (CRUTHERS): JAMES, ROBERT, JOHN, ANDREW and WM.; MARY dec'd wife of _____ PLUM, leaving children (PLUM): SAMUEL, ELIZABETH, wife of ______ BOND; LEWIS, ANNIS, dec'd wife of _____ DODGE, leaving children; SARAH, wife of ______ MCWHITERS (?). Recorded at Princeton, 7th Oct. 1812. Bk.A, p.24+.

WILLIAM CROSS, Jr., dec'd, widow mentioned but not named. CHILDREN: (CROSS): JACOB, ROBERT, ALEXANDER, WILLIAM, SAMUEL L.1 JOSEPH, MARY NANCY, CATHERINE, BETSEY and SARAH ANN. Recorded 19th Aug. 1813. Bk. A,p.32+. (Fil~ #1502R, inv. 1812.)

PETER DITMERS, dec'd, Hillsborough Tp. HEIRS: ABRAHAM, CORNELIUS, GARRET, and MARGARET DITMERS (one a minor). Along the Millstone River. Abraham had purchased Cornelius share. Recorded 16th June 1819. Bk.A p.39+. Map p.40-41.

ROBERT BLAIR, Esq., Bedminster, dec'd. HEIRS (BLAIR): JOHN, ROBERT, GILBERT, PETER, JANE, ALEXANDER (a minor), MARGARET, JANE, wife of EBENEZER BARKLEY, ELENOR, ELIZABETH a minor and CATHERINE. Adjoining Capt. Peter Sutphen, Wm. Henry, dec'd, et al A p.43+. Map pp. 53-54.

PHILIP VAN ARSDALEN, dec'd, Bedminster and Bridgewater Tps. HEIRS (VAN ARSDALEN): SARAH VAN DER VEER, ISAAC, MARGARET VAN DORN, CATHERINE POWELSON, PETER, ABRAHAM, IDA, MARIA, DINAH and ELIAS. Along road Pluckemin to Bayles Mills. Bk.A p.54+. Map p.63.

ELISHA ALWOOD (ALWARD), dec'd, Warren Tp. HEIRS (ALWOOD) his brothers and sisters: MARY wife of JOSEPH ROCKMAN; JANE, ESTHER, wife of STEPHEN LARENCE; HANNAH wife of NATHAN ROCKMAN; SARAH wife of JACOB BIRD; WILLIAM, ELIZABETH wife of BENJAMIN BAYLAR and minors ANN, STEPHEN, PHEBE and DANIEL. Recorded 20th June 1814. Bk.A p.64. Map p.68.

JACOB SORTORE, lunacy hearings at Princeton. Petition by his brother JOHN SORTORE. Jacob's heirs (SORTORE): THOMAS, JOHN, MARGARET, wife of JOHN HEBRON(?), ANNE (single) CATHARINE wife of ELIAS BAKER; EPINCTIUS wife of WILLIAM L. FOSTER. All over 30 years of age. Recorded 18th August 1814. Bk.A p.69.

ABRAHAM VOORHEES, Bridgewater Tp., lunacy hearings. Petitioner his brother WILLIAM VOORHEES. Abraham's CHILDREN: LETTY ANN, age 3, ALBERT, age 1. Decision 23rd Sept. 1814. Bk.A p.80+.

JAMES TODD, dec'd widow mentioned but not named. CHILDREN (TODE ALEXANDER, WM. ,SARAH, ANN and JAMES. Bk,A p.88.(File #1607R. Inv. 1814.)

THOMAS BURGER (BURGIE, BERGIE), dec'd, Bernards Tp., road to Liberty Corners. HEIRS (BURGER): DAVID, MARGARET wife of ________ PERSON; JANE wife of JOHN LOGAN; ELSIE AYRES, CATHARINE DUNN, MARY and SALLIE. Recorded Feb. 1816. Bk.A p.91+. Map p.99. (No Thomas estate, but Catharine Burgie, File #1578R, will probated 21 Mar. 1814, names above heirs.)

JEREMIAH FIELD TEN EYCK and CATHARINE TEN EYCK, wife of EDWARD BUNN VROOM, both children of ABRAHAM TEN EYCK, dec’d  no will, his widow MAGDALENA. Other heirs were ABRAHAM TEN EYCK, MARIA TENEYCKE and JOSEPH STEPHENS TENEYCKE. Land in Hillsborough near Flaggtown Tavern. Recorded 18th April 1816 BkA p.l00+. Map between 107-108 (Abraham File # 1604R; inv. 1814.)

HENRY DOTY, Warren Tp., dec’d. HEIRS (DOTY): PHEBE, wife of DAVIS DUNN; ISAAC and HENRY. · Recorded l1th Jan. 1817. BkA p.l09+. Map p.l13. (File #1040R, will 1797. Wards :Henry, Isaac and Phebe File #1105R, inv.1816.

JOHN VEGHTS, dec'd. HEIRS (VEGHTE): ELIZABETH HOAGLAND, JOHN, ISAAC and HENRY, who owns the shares of Elizabeth and John and 1/2 of  ISAAC's. Also NICHOLAS, WILLIAM, MARY VAN DER VEER and ABRAHAM who owns the shares of Wm. Mary. Land along the Millstone River. Recorded 25th April 1817. Bk.A p.l15.

LEWIS DURYEE, dec'd. CHILDREN (DURYEE): JOHN, MARY, FREDERICK, ANN, WILLIAM and SIMON, dec'd. Bk.A p.120+. Map between 123-124.

SIMON ANDERSON, Hillsborough and Franklin Tps., dec'd. Sons, GEORGE and CORNELIUS ANDERSON. Recorded 18th June 1817. Bk.A p.125. Map between 128-129.

PETER DUMON, Hillsborough Tp., dec'd. His will dated 23rd Oct. 1817, probated 22nd June 1818, names sons ABRAHAM, given home "where he now lives", and PETER, the homestead which he had shared with his father. Also a daughter SARAH VAN ARSDALEN who had previously been given land. Recorded 7th Oct. 1819. Bk. A p.125+. Map between 136-137

PETER TREMBLY, dec'd, will dated 13th May 1797. CHILDREN: SUSANNAH, the deceased wife of TUNIS TEN EYCK, leaving children: HANNAH, NANCY, PHEBE and MARIA; and HANNAH (still living) whose children were: JOHN; HENRY, PETER,

TRACY, NANCY, SUSAN and HANNAH. Of these, NANCY and SUSAN had died underage, unmarried. HENRY had died leaving minor children: MARIA, JOHN RACHEL and ANN. Recorded 7th Oct. 1819. Map between pp.146-147.

MARIA TEN EYCK, Hillsborough, dec'd. Her heirs were her brothers and sisters: JEREMIAH FIELDS TEN EYCKE, ABRAHAM TENEYCK, JOSEPH STEVENS TENEYCK and CATHARINE, wife of ______ VROOM. Recorded 7th Oct. 1819. Bk.A p.148+. Map follows p.151.

MATILDA VAN NEST, dec'd, widow of JACOB VAN NEST, late of Hillsborough Tp. Her heirs were her brothers and sisters: JOHN, CORNELIUS and PETER NEVIUS, and MARIA, wife of PETER WILLIAMSON; GERTRUDE, wife of ABRAHAM VEGHTE and SARAH NEVIUS. Land "being part of the farm of her father JOHN NEVIUS, dec'd", along the Millstone River. Recorded 7th Oct. 1819. Bk.A p.152. Map p.l53.

DAVID KLINE, dec'd, Bedminster Tp. HEIRS: JACOB and JOHN over age 21; PETER, RACHEL-ANNE and FANNY KLINE, minors under age 21. Along Pluckemin to No. Branch road. Recorded 7th Oct. 1819. Bk.A p.155. Map follows p.l63.

JOHN SMITH, dec'd, Bridgewater Tp. Division among his heirs (SMITH): JOHN, POLLY, wife of _______ LIPPINCOTT; CATHERINE, wife of ______ VAN CAMP; ABRAHAM, ELLEN, PHEBE, wife of ______ NEIMASTER; RACHEL, wife of _______ SHARP. Also JOHN and LUCAS HOAGLAND, the 2 minor children of ANN (SMITH) HOAGLAND, dec'd. "To whom the land was deeded by CORNELIUS VAN HORN to be equally divided among them... after the decease of their father, JOHN SMITH". Recorded 5th April 1820. Bk.A p.164+. Maps follow p.165.

WILLIAM SAVAGE, dec’d, MONTGOMERY Tp., along Rocky Hill to Pennington road. His only CHILDREN were: SARAH widow of SILAS WATERS; ELLEN, widow of NATHAN STOUT; RACHEL, widow of JOHN SAVAGE; POLLY, widow of ANDREAS BARTOW; ELIZABETH SAVAGE, RUTH, wife of DAVID STOUT, ANN wife of GIDEON LYON; HANNAH, widow of JOHN HAIGHT, dec’d; RACHEL SAVAGE, a minor daughter of ROBERT SAVAGE, WM. SAVAGE AND AMY, widow of ISAAC VAN ZANT. Recorded 2nd Oct. 1821. Bk.A p. 166. Map follows p. 175.

GARRET QUICK, dec'd, Hillsborough Tp., having made a will. HEIRS: JOACHIM QUICK, JAMES QUICK, GARRET SNEDECKER QUICK and JOSEPH HAGEMAN QUICK. Along Amwell to Millstone road, adjoining Joseph Voorhees, PETER QUICK,Sr., et al. Recorded 16th April 1822. Bk.A p.177. Map follows p.181. Surveyor Harman L. Hoagland.

JOHN BAYLES, dec'd Bridgewater Tp., dower of widow TENCHE BAYLES. Recorded 3rd Oct. 1821. Bk A p. 182.

JAMES TODD, dec'd. Division of dower previously assigned to the widow, now deceased. CHILDREN: ALEXANDER, ANN, SARAH, and WM. and JAMES who share the house. Recorded 18th Jan. 1823. Bk.A p.186+. Map follows p.189. Surveyor David Ayres.

PETER VAN DOREN, dec'd, Franklin and Hillsborough Tps., along the Millstone River. Dower of widow FRANCES. Recorded 23rd Jan. 1822. Bk.A p.190.+.

DENNIS VAN LIEU, Franklin Tp., dec’d, leaving a will. HEIRS: DENNIS, JOHN and IRA VAN LIEU. Land in both Somerset and Middlesex Cos., adjoining JOHN VAN LIEU, deceased. Mentioned dwelling of DINAH VAN LIEU. Recorded 12th Jan. 1824. Bk.A p.193+. Map follows p.201. Surveyor John G. Voorhees.

ABRAHAM VOORHEES, Montgomery Tp., dec'd. Widow mentioned not named. HEIRS (VOORHEES): WM., RALPH, SARAH, ANN, DEBORAH, JAMES and ROBERT (some minors). Recorded 26th April 1825. Bk.A p.202+. Map follows p.207.

WILLIAM PERRINE, Bedminster, dec'd. HEIRS (PERRINE): DANIEL, SALLY and 2 minors, JAMES and ISAAC. Recorded 10th Oct. 1823. Bk.A p.209+. Map follows p.213.

PETER CHANDLER, Bridgewater Tp., dec'd. Widow, MARGARET. HEIRS: RUTH (CHANDLER) MOLAT; JACOB and EPHRAIM CHANDLER, one a minor. Recorded 7th Jan. 1826. Bk.A p.214+. Map follows p.218

O KEY VOORHEES,dec'd, of Hillsborough and Montgomery Tps. along road to Princeton. Widow Lomine(?) now wife of HENRY MCCOLN. Land is now in possession of her son PETER VOORHEES, adjoining JACOB VOORHEES. Recorded 5th Jan. 1828. Bk.A p.220+. Map follows p.222.

HANNAH STAATS, dec'd. CHILDREN (STAATS): JOHN, Jr., HANNAH, wife of NATHAN VAN KIRK; heirs of NANCY STAATS, DEC"D: SUSAN, dec'd, leaving children; HENRY, dec'd (had assigned to John Bray and Henry Van Dervan); CHRISTINA BOUDINOT, PETER, dec'd ( had assigned to John H. Voorhis, Jeremiah Manning and heirs of Jeremiah Fisher, dec'd.) Land had been "devised according to the will of PETER TREMBLY." Recorded 1st Dec. 1828. Bk.A p.224+. Map p.231+.

RALPH SHOTWELL, dec'd. Dower of widow, HESTER(?) previously set off. Land in both Essex and Somerset Cos. HEIRS (SHOTWELL): JOHN, BETSY, ANN, DAVID, SARAH, wife of RICHARD MANNING, Jr.; JACOB, BATHSHEBA and MARY (some minors under 21.) Recorded 24th June 1827. Bk.A p.232+. Map follows p.242.

DAVID D. SMALLEY j dec'd. Dower of widow, ELIZABETH. Land adjoined SAMUEL SMALLEY. Recorded 1st Dec. 1828. Bk.A p.244+.

AUGUSTUS VAN HORN, dec'd. CHILDREN: ELIZA (VAN HORN) ELLIS and SILAS VAN HORN. Recorded 11th April 1832. Bk.A p.248+. Map follows p.252.

JOSEPH BOYLE Bernards Tp., dec'd, leaving a will. DEVISEES: Son, WM. BOYLE. Grandsons JOSEPH and JOHN FERDINAND BOYLE, both minors. Recorded 11th May 1831. Bk.A p.255+. Map follows p.257 Surveryor David Ayres.

ABRAHAM DUMONT, Bridgewater Tp., dec'd, leaving a will. HEIRS: JOHN GARRITTSON and the heirs of PETER DUMONT, dec'd NAMELY: CATHERINE, ANN, ABRAHAM, WM., ROBERT and ALBERT. Recorded 20th Feb. 1833. Bk.A p.260+. Map follows p.262.

JONATHAN SMITH, dec'd. Widow MARY SMITH. HEIRS (SMITH): THOMAS, HULET, HARRIOT CALLARD, MARY STAATS, CAROLINE RICHARDSON, JULIA ANN, CHARLOTTE and JESSE, a minor under age 21. Along road to Perrine's Mills. Recorded 13th April 1833. Bk.A p.265+. Map follows p.275. Surveyor Alen Brokaw.

WILLIAM WINANS (WYNANS), DEC"D. Dower of widow MARY. Recorded 3rd Aug. 1833. Bk.A p.277. Map follows p.278.

VAN DOREN, Map only. "Farm bought of John Hoagland," at Ten Mile Run, along Griggstown Road. Surveyed 9th March 1824 by John G. Voorhees. Bk. A p.280.

ISAAC BIRD, dec'd. Widow ELIZABETH. HEIRS: ELIAS, CLARKSON and MARY BIRD, PHEBE, wife of JACOB TRIMMER; JANE (BIRD) GIDDES, FANNY wife of JOHN SMITH; and the children of SOLOMON BIRD, some minors. Along road from round schoolhouse to Pennington. Recorded 18th April 1835. Bk.A P284+. Map pp. 290-291.

JACOB GUERIN, dec'd, Bernards Tp. Along road Vealtown to Mendham adjoining Francis Peppard, et al. HEIRS (GUERIN): WM. M., JOHN, MARY, wife of JOHN BLAZER; ELIZA, wife of JOHN BALANTINE, and BRADNER GUERIN. Recorded 18th April 1835. Bk.A p.292+. Map p.302.

JOHN BROKAW, lunacy hearings, Hillsborough Tp. JOHN single, age 44, son of Major H. BROKAW; mother (not named) age 72. Petitioners: HENRY BROKAW, age 39 and ALEXANDER, age 37, brothers to JOHN who now is and for about 20 years past... "unfit to manage his property..." Witnesses were ABRAHAM H. BROKAW, age 35, also a brother, and MARY, wife of DERRICK KERSHAW; ELIZA, age 52, wife of JAMES STAATS, ELSY, age 32, wife of HENRY STAATS; PHEBE ANN, age 24, wife of SAMUEL CRYZER, all sisters of John. Decision May 19th , 1835. All the neighbours signed as jurors. Bk. A p. 292.

MARGARET VAN DERVEER, age 81, of Hillsborough, lunacy hearings. Petitioner JOHN GARRETSON, Sr., his wife a niece of MARGARET. Margaret's other heirs: JANE PYATT, age 50, a niece; ABIGAIL HAGERMAN; ae.45,a niece; MICHAEL HAGERMAN age 54 and ISAAC HAGERMAN, age 30, both nephews. Decision Sept. 28th 1835. Bk.A p.314.

ABRAHAM WHITENACK, age 76, of Hillsborough Tp., lunacy hearings. Petitioner URIAS STRYKER. Abraham's 3 children were JOSEPH WHITENACK, SARAH, age 30, wife C. VOORHEES, ALETTA, age 40, wife of URIAS STRYKER, and also 2 children of a dec'd son ABRAHAM: JOHN and ELIZABETH. Another heir, JOHN WHITENACK, age 45, of Ohio, a son. Many witnesses, both pro and con. Decision May 21st 1836. Bk.A p.336.

POWELL AMMERMAN, Hillsborough, age 50 lunacy hearings. Petition: ABRAHAM VAN DOREN, his son-in-law, who married POWELL's daughter in 1828. Powell's wife was ELIZABETH, age 49 and his CHILDREN were: SERETTE, age 24, wife of JOHN SAUMS; ALETTA, age 20; ANN, age l9; DETMARS, age 18; CORNELIUS, age 15; MARIA, age 14; WILLIAM, age 12; PETER, age 12; SARAH, age 8; HENRY, age 6; JANE, age 5. Decision: 30th March 1836. Bk.A,p.351.

JAMES VAN DUYN, dec'd, Franklin Tp., leaving a will. His heirs were ROBERT VAN DUYN and JAMES ALEXANDER VAN DUYN, minors, the children of WILLIAM J. VAN DUYN who had died without having made a will; They are the grand-nephews of JAMES VAN DUYN. Land is along the road from Middlebush to the Turnpike. Recorded Jan. 1840. Bk.A, p.363. Map follows p.368.

DAVID KIRKPATRICK, dec'd leaving a will. His children were HUGH KIRKPATRICK,and WALTER who died after 1832, leaving a widow, ELIZABETH F. KIRKPATRICK. An ELIZABETH F. KIRKPATRICK who is named as a daughter of DAVID KIRKPATRICK, had deeded her interest on the 6th of May 1832 to her brother WALTER. Walter's only child was HELEN ELIZABETH, a minor. The division was to be 1/3 to HUGH and 2/3 to HELEN ELIZABETH. Bk.A, p.371+. Recorded 20th April 1842.

WALTER GREACER (GREACEN), dec'd, widow Fanny. Recorded 5th Aug. 1843.

GIDION ALLEN, dec'd, leaving a will. Petitioner: TUNIS TUCKER. Sons, HENRY ALLEN to have ~ and DANIEL ALLEN, dec'd, leaving his 1/2 to his minor heirs. ( Notes that a HUISTES ALLEN is a minor.) Bk.A, p.382. Map follows p.384.

STEPHEN MYERS, dec'd without a will. Dower of widow, CATHERINE WHITEHEAD. CHILDREN (MYERS): SUSAN MARIA wife of PHILIP C. WATTS; JAMES T., JOHN S., ELIZABETH ANN, MARGARET JANE, SOPHIA AMELIA, JULIETTE, and STEPHEN HENRY. Land on west side of Herbert's Mill Race, on road to Godwin's Mill and Martinsville. Recorded Sept. 1845. Bk.A,p.386. Map. follows p.400. Surveyor Caleb Morton.

NATHANIEL LYONS, dec'd. Dower of widow ELIZABETH, now wife of JAMES H. HILL. Located on road from Basking Ridge Church to Liberty Corners, adjoining STEPHEN LYONS. House was divided down the middle~ Recorded 3rd Aug. 1847. Map follows p.406.


Almost this entire book was dedicated to the recording of the sales of estates of persons who had died without having made wills. One or two division records are among them. And in the records of the sales, when an heir has been named as such, that particular transaction has been abstracted. This is to say that this book has not been completely abstracted. It could be of value to a researcher, but was not the valuable genealogical tool, which the other partitions and divisions have proven to be.

SAMUEL GARRISON, Franklin Tp., dec'd. His widow, HELENA GARRISON, relinquished her dower right, and then purchased the land with PETER V. and JOSIAH GARRISON. Recorded 25th Jan. 1848. Bk.B, p.6.

HENRY WHITENACK, dec’d, Hillsborough, sale to heirs, JACOB E. WHITENACK, et al. Recorded 20th May 1848. Bk.B p.7.

VAIL (? Estate owner not named.) Petitioner, REUBEN H. FREEMAN, of Franklin Tp., in right of an undivided 1/5 interest, with JOHN ROSS, STEPHEN VAIL, the heirs of DAVID VAIL, namely: WM., JULIA, EDWARD, CHRISTIANNA, ELEANOR, THEODORE and LAURA VAIL, the last two minors, and the last of the 5 share holders, JOHN ACKER. Land was along the Turnpike from Easton to New Brunswick. Recorded 17th Feb. 1849. Bk. B,p.22. Map p.28.

GILBERT SUTPHIN, dec'd. Sale of an undivided 5/6 share. "MARY SCHAMP, the mother of GILBERT SUTPHIN, dec'd, had a right of dower in said premises, and had relinquished the same"..."And that CAROLINE SUTPHIN, widow of of GILBERT also relinquished her dower...". Recorded 19th Feb. 1851. Bk.B,p.55.

JOHN STOTHOFF and DAVID NEVIUS were tenants in common, each entitled to an undivided 1/2 interest in an estate. The petitioner was DAVID NEVIUS, a son of DAVID NEVIUS, dec'd intestate, leaving CHILDREN: MARIA, JOHN, DAVID, SARAH, PETER, GEORGE, ABRAHAM, RULIFF and WILLIAM HENRY, who were to share their father's 1/2 interest. Land in Franklin Tp. Recorded Ist April 1852. Bk. B. p. 72.

JOHN BIRD, dec'd, Bernards and Warren Tps., CHILDREN: PHILIP A., CHARITY C., HANNAH M., SARAH, JOHN J. and ELIZA BIRD. Their guardian, Humphrey M. Drake. Recorded 19th Oct. 1853. Bk.K p.97.

Original tenants in common were HENRY SILOOKS and the heirs of JOHN SILCOCKS, dec'd, namely: MARTHA E. PRAWL, DINAH ELLEN, HENRY G. and CHARLES C. The last named a minor. Along the road from Griggstown to Rocky Hill. Book B., p.105.

LITTLE (estate owner not named). William Conklin of Bridgewater Tp. named as the guardian of minor children: MARGARET, MARY, SAMUEL, SARAH and GERTRUDE F. LITTLE. Their parents were not named. Recorded Sept. 1854. Book B. p.108.

ANDREW A. TENEYCK, Sr., the petitioner for the division of the estate of TUNIS A. TENEYCK, dec'd intestate leaving to his brother ANDREW A. and his sister ABIGAIL his estate in Branchburg along the Raritan River. The petitioner is the son of the first named ANDREW A. TENEYCK, brother of TUNIS. The father ANDREW, had died leaving a will devising a life interest only in the farm he lived on - which was only a portion of the estate - to your petitioner, "with the remainder in fee to ANDREW A. TENEYCK, Jr., the minor son of your petitioner. Petitioner had purchased the other interest in 1/2 of the estate from ABIGAIL (TEN EYCK) now KRUSEN, in April of 1838. Recorded 6th Sept. 1855. Bk.B,p.116. Map p.120.

JEANETTE ANNIN, of Bernards Tp., a lunatic, her guardian SARAH ANNIN. Sale of JEANETTE's undivided 1/8 interest in an estate. Recorded 4th Sept. 1855. Bk.B,p.121.

HENRY E. WHITENACK, dec.d, Somerville Village, north side of Main St., widow HARRIET. Petitioner JOHN H. WHITENACK tenant in common with JACOB E. WHITENACK, MARY E. wife of PETER F. SMITH, and MARGARET WHITENACK. and also with the lineal heirs of HENRY WHITENACK, dec'd who are entitled to an undivided 1/5 interest among them. HENRY's heirs were: HARRIET W. MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL MCCULLOUGH and CAROLINE MCCULLOUGH. Recorded 11th Nov. 1864. Bk.B,p.191.

WILLIAM BARCALOW, dec'd, leaving a widow, ANN BARCALOW. Bk. B,p.201.

JEREMIAH R. FIELD, dec'd, leaving a widow MARGARET W. FIELD. Recorded 29th March 1865. Bk.B p.201.

CHRISTOPHER BARKALOW, dec'd leaving a widow, MARY. Land from CHRISTOPHER BARKALOW, Sr., to CHRISTOPHER, dec'd adjoining CORNELIUS BARKALOW and CORNELIUS WINNE. Recorded in 1866. Bk.B p.208.

JOHN L. BLAIR, dec'd, leaving a widow, ROSEANN. Recorded 20th Feb. 1866. Bk.B,p.209.

JOHN C. ERGEN, dec'd, Bridgewater, leaving a widow, ALETTA. Recorded 22nd July, 1867. Bk.B,p.221.

JAMES HUNTER, the petitioner, was a tenant in common with JOHN HUNTER, dec'd ,of an undivided 1/2 interest in land in Bridgewater Tp. on the road from Pluckemin to Martinsville, subject to the dower rights of the widow, MARTHA HUNTER. JOHN HUNTER's children were: DAVID A. and ISABELLA L. HUNTER, both minors. (1/4 each). Recorded 9th Dec. 1867. Bk.B,p.224.

DAVID JONES of MARTINSVILLE, dec'd, his widow EMMA JONES relinquished her rights to dower. Recorded 16th Nov. 1869. Bk.B,p.243.

JOHN T. VAN DERVEER, dec'd of Bridgewater, leaving a widow MARGARET C. VAN DERVEER. Recorded 30th Dec. 1869. Bk.B,p.244.

JOHN H. SAUMS, dec'd of Hillsborough, leaving a widow AGNES SAUMS. Recorded 21st Dec. 1869. Bk.B,p.245.

JAMES L. STEVENS, lunacy hearings. Recorded 10th Jan. 1870.

JOHN BLACKWELL, of Franklin Tp., Blackwell’s Mills, dec’d leaving a widow, MARGARET. Recorded 26th March 1870. Bk.B p.250.

JACOB S. GARRABRANT, dec'd, Bernards Tp., dower of widow SARAH. Other heirs: JACOB HENRY COMPTON and FREDERICK COMPTON (who were now residents of the property); and JANE C. ADAMS, SARAH D.E. BOCKOVER, and CHARLES L. BOCKOVER, guardian of SARAH LORETTA STURGIS. Land had descended from JOHN GARRABRANT of Mendham wife RACHEL to JACOB in 1843. Recorded 29th April 1892 Bk.B,p.256. Map follows p.259.




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