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This is a list of the men who served under Capt. Jacob Ten Eyck in the Revolutionary War at different times from 1775 to 1781.

The part taken by this township (Bridgewater, Somerset County New Jersey) in the Revolution was a prominent one. The following document explains itself.

"Committee Chamber, Bridgewater, February 24, 1776. Where as by the ordinances lately made by the Provincial Congress for regulating the Militia of New Jersey, it appears necessary that each Captain should have a District for the Company he commands. We the Committee, accordingly grant onto Capt. Jacob Ten Eyck, the command of all the men within the following boundaries or District:, Biginning at the line of Hunterdon County, on the river Allamatunck, thence down said river and also down the North Branch to the mouth of Chambers Brook, then up the said brook to the place where William McDonald’s Mill formerly stood, then to the top of the mountain to Capt. Stile’s line, then on a direct line down between Phillip Van Narsdalen, and Chris Van Narsdalen’s westerly of Wm. Black Hall’s, to the rear of Raritan River Lots, then along the rear of said River Lots to a line of William Lane’s River Lot, then Northerly and westerly, then down said branch to the line which divides the land of Bergen Brokaw and Mr. Conovers, then along said line to Hunterdon County line, then along the same to the beginning.

"By order of the committee,

"ED. Bunn, Chairman."

Edmon Areosmith, John Andrews, Malcom Andrews, Aaron Alaylon, Thomas Auten, Robert Andrews, John Auten, David Appleman, Jeremiah Beriton, Richard Brokaw, Samuel Bertron, David Bertron, Dirk Brokaw, Bergen Brokaw, Hendrick Bunn, Garret Bulmer, Cornelius Bodine, Adam Brucanan, Gisbert Bogert, Peter Baskfort, Geradis Bergen, John Burom, Edward Bunn, John Bodine, William Brower, Abraham Bodine, Cornelius Boss, Thomas Bushfield, Lewis Bumer, Henry Bunn, Benjamin Bumer, Green Brown, Geo. Bumer, Fredrick Buckobus, John Brown, Henry Booran, Richard Bomer, Fredrick Bucklow, Robert Bulmer, George Brewer, Wm Brewer, James Bruylen, John Colter, Archibald Campbell, John Chandler, Richard Compton, Richard Comes, Charles Comes, John Cragg, Christopher Casborn, John Cornelison, Alexander Colter, William Cornelison, Benjamin Clawson,m Barnet Clawson, Garret Cornelison, Peter Colter, William Chirus, John Castner, William Chambers, David Conine, Peter Coole, Brant Clawson, John Calwell, Joseph Chambus, Michael Colter, John Chapmen, Jeremiah Doty, James Duyckins, John Herrod, Samuel Hoagland, John Henry, George Hall, James Hoge, John Huff, Peter Herprending, Isaac Hall, William Hay, Benjsmin Harris, William Hall, Nicols Hall, James Hegsmen, William Hoagland, Derrick Hoagland, Peter Hadenbrook, Thomas Hall, Isaac Hadenbrook, James Harris, John Harriot, John Harris, Minard Johnson, William Johnson, James Johnson, Jacobus Jeroiman, Benjamin Jones, David Kelly, David King, Thomas King, Andrew Kilpatrick, Tunis Lane, John Dumont, Elbert Dumont, Fulkert Dow, Rubin Dennis, Peter Decker, William Dalley, Skillman Doughty, Thomas Drene, Dirck Drake, Isaac Defraste, John Duyckman, William Duyckman, Garret Davis, John Davis, John Ewins, John Elvery, Christopher Fraser, Luke Fusler, Jeremiah Fulds, Peter Fulker, Jacob Fusler, Henry Fulkerson, William French, John Goldtrap, John Gordon, Jeremiah Garretson, Timothy Gilmer, David Helebrant, Lewis Hartson, Garret Harris, Lewis Hertough, John Lucas, William Long, John Long, Thomas Lane, Robert Liddle, Thomas Lee, John Lane, Jacob Lane, James Lettis, John More, Henry Mapes, Samuel Minor, Joseph Mulner, William Montinmore, Thomas McMurty, Samuel McKinley, Robert Maggell, Peter Mishet, Luke More, Ephriam McDowell, John Maligh, James Mills, Thomas Mechlenrath, John Mulbrin, Samuel Mawfut, John Maybeck, Thomas Murfey, Cornelius Messler, Issac Mannin, Samuel McDonald, Peter Mealigh, John Mills, William McMans, Daniel McCrain, Hugh McCarty, John McDowel, John Meabeach, John Nortwick, Christopher Nevius, John Nevius, Christopher Off, Nicholas Oliver, John Prine, Henry Powelson, Peter Post, Isaac Prawl, Wiliam Packson, Garret Probasco, William Porter, Archibald Powel, James Powel, William Peach, Mina Powelson, Christopher Probasco, John Ross, James Ross, Joseph Richson, John Rolan Richard Runyon, Hendrick Rosebome, Robert Rosebome, James Rightmer, Isreal Rickey, Benjamin Reimer, Vincent Runyon, Peter Rolan, Zackariah Sickel, Barrant Stryker, Christopher Stryker, John Stuard, Cornelius Suydam, Ryke Suydam, John Storm, Amos Smalley, John Staats, Barrant Smock, Charles Suydam, Joseph Stephens, Fulkert Sebring, Joseph Stull, Henry Sllngerian, Barrant Schuyler, John Sparks, John Stull, George Sebron, Henry Stephens, Richard Suddard, Jonas Smalley, James Stuart, Andrew Soms, John Sharp, Matthias Sharp, John Stillwell, Peter Ten Eyck, John Tunlson, Luke Teeple, Hendricks Teeple, Thomas Thompson, George Teeple, George Todd, Thomas Umphrey, dow Van Arsdalen, George Van Nest, Cornelius van Dike, Peter van Deberge, Christophr Van Narsdalen, Peter Van Debrook, Peter van Nest, John Van Narsdalen, James Van Horn, Derick Van Narsdalen, Hendrick Van Narsdalen, Peter Vossier, Jacob Valentine, John Van Camp, Abraham Van Nest, Christopher Van Doren, Jaromas Van Vest, Jacob Van Narstand, Fredrick Van Nest, Cornelius Van Nest, Abraham Van Devanter, Isaac Van Vingle, Abraham Van Tingle, Peter Van Deventer, John Van Tingle Coonrad Van Wagoner, Phillip Van Narsdalen, Fulkert Vorhees, Isaac Van Doren, Rulif Van Pelt, Michael Van Cort, Matthew Van Dever, Tobiah Van Norden, Bergen Van Doren, Hendrick Vroom, George Vroom, John Vroom, Isaac Vorhees, John Van Houten, John Van Nortwick, John Wortman, William Wilson, James Winterstein, Samuel Williamson, John Wyckoff, Matthew Wise, Cornelius Williamson, Thomas Walker, William Waldron. James Wheeler, Daniel Woolard, Andrew Wortman, William Winans, Peter Worley, John Wilson, Cornelius Waldron, Peter Wortman, George Young, John Young

List of the members of Capt. Conrad Ten Eyck’s Company

David Ammerman, Powel Ammerman, Benjamin Arrosmith, John Bennet(2nd Lieutenant), Daniel Blew, Hendrick Blew, John Board, George Brewer, Abraham Brokaw, Casperus Brokaw, Adam Bellas, Jacob Coach, Henry Cook, Abraham Coshaw, Thomas Covert, Tunis Covert, Samuel Davis, John De Camp, John Decker, Hendrick Dunson, Peter Dunson, Mancias Duboys(sergeant), Abraham Dumott, Benjamin Dumott, Lawrence Dumott, Henry Fisher, Joseph French, Fulkert Fulkerson, Christian Herder, Hermanus Hogland, Johannes Hogland, John Hogland, Tunis Hogland, Nicholas Huff, Richard Huff, Henry Kennedy, Thomas Lawkerman, Thomas Light, John Lorey, Jr., Abraham Lott, Abraham Low, Daniel McEwen, Simon Van Nortwick, Thomas Peterson, Abraham Post, Peter Perya (Perrine), John Powelson, Leroy Ralph, Hendrick Rosebroom, John H. Schneck (sergeant), Boelif Sebring, Thomas Skillman, Isaac Stryker, John Stryker, Andries Ten Eyck, Garret Terhune, Cornelius Van Arsdalen, Isaac Van Cleefe (corporal), Paryas Van Cleef, Abram Van Ardslen (corporal), Jacob Vanderbilt, Chrystoyan Van Dorn (ensign), John Vandike, John Van Houten, John Van Middleworth, Thomas Van Middlesworth, Hendrick Van Nortwick, John Van Nortwick (ensign), Jacob Van Nuys, John Van Vorhees, Conrad Ten Eyck (ensign), Conrad Van Wagoner, Abraham Vorhees (corporal), Jacob Vorhees, Peter Vorhees, John Van Arsdalen (sergeant), Adolphus Weavour, William Whilson, Jacob Winter, Barent Dumott.

Addendum March 16, 2008: It has come to my attention that the above list is not complete. There appear to be several of Capt Ten Eyck's Company missing including, but not limited to,
Christopher Oppy / Oppey. Please see the TWO attached militia rolls to see if your ancestor is listed.

Militia Roll #1 | Militia Roll #2

My thanks to Chris Oppy, a descendant for bringing the "missing" to my attention.

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