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List of resources available for LOOK-UPS:
(UPDATED May 2007)

Please follow these guidelines when requesting a look-up.

* 1. Put name of county and LOOKUP in caps in subject of message. This will ensure that your request is not accidentally overlooked or deleted.
* 2. Put name of book or type of information you are requesting the lookup from in the first line of the message. Many of these wonderful volunteers have more than one book or CD and need to know what you are looking for in order to try to help you.
* 3. Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names. Asking for ALL the marriages on a surname of Brown or Jones or Smith will probably be ignored or request denied.
* 4. Don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time and trouble.
* 5. IF you have a resource on SALEM COUNTY New Jersey, and you are willing to offer a FREE look-up service by email, please contact me at the along with your name, email address, and books/documents/databases where you are offering to look up information.

>>> Janice Brown will research the United States Census from 1840-1930 for ONE complete name (first and last). The individual/family must be believed to be residing in Salem County New Jersey. You MUST put "SALEM COUNTY" in the Subject line, and include as much as you know about the person who is to be researched, in order to receive the best benefit.

>>> Irene Smith has offered to do lookups from the following sources

-- NJ Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc. in the office of the Secretary
of the State, prior to 1901
-- State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc. prior to 1901, 3 volumes, 21 counties.
-- Calendar of NJ Wills (abstracts 1670-1785, 1791-1809, 1814-1817)
-- Archives of the State of New Jersey, newspaper extracts (1751-1755, 1766-1767, 1772-1773, 1778-1780)
-- New Jersey Patents and Deeds 1664-1703
-- Genealogies of New Jersey Families (two volumes, compiled from Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey)
-- New Jersey Marriage Records by William Nelson 1665-1800
-- New Jersey in 1793 (militia census)
-- South Jersey Church Records by Jeanine Hammell (volume 1 only)
-- Early Church Records of Burlington County, by Charlotte Meldrum, 3 volumes (quaker records)
-- Marriage records by H.Stanley Craig (counties, Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Gloucester, also South Jersey Marriages)
-- Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh, New Jersey
-- New Jersey Biographical and Genealogical Notes by William Nelson
-- Salem Wills (abstracts 1804-1860)
-- American Marriage Records Before 1699 by William M Clemens
-- Census lookups, statewide

The following is JUST A sampling (i.e. only a partial list) of publications available FREE, through HeritageQuest. Simply contact your local library to see if they have a subscription (many libraries do). If yes, you can access this at the library. Simply search for "Atlantic County" under the PLACE search. The following (and more) will show up. Some county and local libraries allow you to access this from your home--ask your local librarian about this. [Once using HeritageQuest, search on "Salem NJ" or "Salem County NJ" or "Salem New Jersey" for a long list.

-Almanac and yearbook; Salem, N.J.: John Fenwick Colony Tercentenary Committee, 1974
- Churches of Salem County, New Jersey by Josephine Jaquett; Salem, N.J.: Salem County Tercentenary Committee, 1964
- Craven's choice : paper read before the Salem County Historical Society on June 9th, 1908, by Edward S. Sharpe; 1908
- Directory of churches in New Jersey; Newark, N.J.: The Survey, 1940
- Early Salem County : paper read before the Salem County Historical Society, December 10, 1907 by Edson Salisbury Jones; 1907
- Genealogical data : the Salem tenth in West New Jersey;
Merchantville, N.J.: H.S. Craig, 1926
- A genealogical and biographical record of the Pedrick family of New Jersey, 1675-1938, by Hubert Bastian Shoemaker; 1938
A genealogical and biographical record of the Shoemaker family of Gloucester and Salem Counties, N.J., 1765-1935, by Hubert Bastian Shoemaker; 1935
- Place names of Salem County, N.J. by Harold E. Woodward; Salem, N.J.: Salem County Historical Society, 1964
- Sketches of Salem, N.J., and vicinity in the year 1823-26: extracts from the files of the Salem messenger and public advertiser, by Frank H. Stewart; Salem, N.J., 1933
- The descendants of the pioneers : paper read before the Salem County Historical Society on March 10th 1908, by Edward S. Sharpe; 1908

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