PCHS Genealogy Club - Guide to Obtaining Burial Records from Cedar Lawn Cemetery
Howard D. Lanza

From "The Castle Genie,"
Newsletter of The Passaic County Historical Society
Genealogy Club
Vol. 8, No. 4, Summer, 1998

(Please note the following is not taken from a Cedar Lawn Cemetery document. It is merely a guide for requesting information on burial records that may be helpful in tracing your family history.)

To Request Information Relevant to your Genealogical Research

1.) Submit - IN WRITING - the name(s) of the deceased person(s) that you are trying to locate at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, McLean Boulevard, Paterson, New Jersey 07504 Telephone: (973) 279-1161). When possible, include additional information such as the approximate year of death - this is particularly important for very common names (John Smith, for example).

2.) Enclose a check or money order in the amount of $50.00 - made payable to Cedar Lawn Cemetery - along with your inquiry. Note: This is a flat-rate fee for the record search, and is refundable if the name(s) are not found. In cases where the number of names submitted is large, the cemetery will advise you of any additional charges.

If the name is found among the cemetery files, you will be given a photocopy of the individual’s INTERMENT CARD which includes the following information:

In addition to providing the above information, the records will frequently give the name of the funeral director and will note if the remains were removed to Cedar Lawn (e.g., from the Sandy Hill cemeteries).

Cedar Lawn can also provide a copy of the LOT CARD which, in addition to giving the lot location, lists the names, interment dates, ages, and exact grave locations of all burials within a given lot. In many early records, there is often a diagram of the lot and individual graves. This information is helpful in determining family names other than that of the individual being requested.


1.) Interments made prior to 1980 were recorded using a manual card index system. After 1980, the records have been entered and stored in a computer data base program - a hard copy of the record(s) are printed when needed.

2.) Military service is NOT recorded.

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