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Jefferson Twp. Deaths
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The following is a Return of Deaths in the township of Jefferson, county of Morris, State of New Jersey, from the 1st day of June 1857 to the first day of June 1858.

Spelling of names and places is as found on the records. In some instances no name was listed, or dashes were shown on the record. In the interests of space I have made the following abbreviations to the words that were completely spelled out on the original:

  • in the column where listing Sex of Deceased I have listed just F for female and M for male - in some instances no indication was given
  • in the column where listing Married or Single, I have listed M for married and S for single; W for Widow/er
  • I have excluded occupation due to lack of information in most items. (See end of page for list of occupations
Date of DeathNameSex



Place of Death

Place of Birth

Name of Parents

19 Oct 1857

Sarah DayFM65yLongwoodSnufftown~~~

18 Dec 1857

~~~FS2dLongwoodLongwoodSilas & Emily Day
18 May 1857Elijah McConnellMM30yLake HopatcongLake HopatcongCharles & Mary McConnell
12 Nov 1857Joseph A. RobertsonMS1yHurdtownHurdtownSeth & Sarah C. Robertson
4 Feb 1857William MaleyMS4dHurdtownHurdtownMichael & Sarah Maley
1 Oct 1857~~ Jackson~S5dHurdtownHurdtownJohn & ~~ Jackson
3 Nov 1857Albert ChaimberlainMS22yWoodportWoodportJohnson & Caroline Chamberlain
12 July 1857Mary JinningsFS21yNear MilttonNear MilttonMahlon & Maryann Jinnings
5 Nov 1857Mary FichterFW87yRushaPomptonFredrick & Ellen Wittee
Oct 1857~~~MS~~LongwoodIreland~~~
5 Feb 1858Ira LittleMM40yWillistown~~~~~~
8 Apr 1858~~ Little~S~~WillistownWillistownIra & Lisa Little
3 Apr 1858David BaleyMM82yStockholmRingwood~~~
4 Mar 1858Elisabeth ParkasFM80yStockholmHanover~~~
4 Jan 1858John O. FordMW88yStockholmHanoverJonathan & ~ Ford
31 Feb 1858Hanah MandervileFM63yNewfoundlandFranklin Su Co.Jacob & Sarah Ackhart
12 Sep 1857James JacobusMM30yNewfoundlandNew ArkJohn & Mary Jacobus
29 Mar 1858~~~MS4 hrsPetersburgPetersburgLevi & Elizabeth Tallman

I do Certify that the above is a true Coppy of the Deaths in the Township of Jefferson taken to the best of My Knowledge

                                                    Jacob Timbre Town Clerk

Note: The date that is listed as 31 Feb 1858 is as it appears on the record. There does not seem to be an order in which these events were recorded. What is presented here is the order as it appears in the record.

Elijah McConnell - Laborer
Ira Little - Laborer
David Baley - Farmer
Hanah Mandervile - Farmer
James Jacobus - Farmer

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