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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


GEORGE LITTLE and BENJAMIN LITTLE, brothers, were merchants of London, and emigrated from that city about the year 1630, or between that year and 1640, to Newbury, Essex county, Massachusetts. Benjamin's children settled in West Newbury, at Craneneck Hill, and many of his descendants are there in that vicinity to this day. (1st Gen.)

George Little had sons, Benjamin, Silas, and John.

A grandson of George Little, by the name of Nathaniel Little, had two sons, Tristram and Henry, who were still living (in 1848) on the old homestead of George and Benjamin Little, in Newbury. Tristram married Sally Little, daughter of David, son of Samuel Little, of New Hampshire. Henry also married a Little.

George Little's son Benjamin settled in the vicinity of Newbury, and his family spread out into New Hampshire.

He had a son Samuel Little, who married, and had six sons and four daughters, viz.: Abner, Stephen, Joshua, David, Jonathan. and Jacob; and daughters, Elizabeth, Polly, Abigail, and Sally, Sally married John Webster.

JONATHAN LITTLE, (son of Samuel,) married Dolly, a granddaughter of Benjamin Little, 2d, and had five sons, but no daughters, viz.:

Joseph, born 26th July, 1789, lived at Atkinson, Rockingham county, New Hampshire. He married Rebecca Webster, daughter of John Webster and Sally Little.

2. Stephen married Betsey _____ .

3. John married Louisa Caleff, grand-daughter of Silas Little.

4. Jonathan studied physic, and died at 28 years.

5. David married Louisa Peasley.

JOSEPH LITTLE, (son of Jonathan,) and Rebecca Webster, had children:

1. John.

2. Jonathan.

3. Elbridge Gerry, born 11th Nov. 1817, graduated at college, studied theology at Princeton. He married Sarah E. Coleman, daughter of Daniel Coleman, Esq., of Newburyport; she died 28th March, 1851, aged 27 years. He is preaching in New England.

4. David.

5. Joseph Francis.

6. Laurana.

JOHN LITTLE, (son of George,) left home to seek his fortune, and went to Barnstable or Martha's Vineyard, and thence to Long Island, and from thence the family knew not where. But soon after 1665, Philip Carteret, Governor of New Jersey, sent messengers through all the adjoining provinces to invite settlers. These came in considerable numbers from New England and Long Island. And in 1676, we find John Little in Elizabethtown, a purchaser of land of the proprietors.

George Little patented 100 acres in Woodbridge, 18th March, 1669, and John Little, of Elizabethtown, obtained "a warrant, survey, and patent for 134 acres of land bounded on Staten Island Sound, or Great River," of the New Jersey proprietors, dated the 9th day of December, 1676.

John Little, as one of the freeholders of Elizabethtown, also obtained lot No. 6 of Corson's survey of the Elizabethtown lots above the first mountain, containing 196 acres, adjoining and lying directly north of Peter Willcocks's 400-acre tract, surveyed 6th January, 1736-7.

I have assumed that John Little, the son of George Little, is the ancestor of the large number of the descendants of Samuel Little in New Jersey. One fact I will adduce as almost conclusive evidence of it. It is the similarity of names in their descendants.


1st Generation, GEORGE LITTLE.

2d, Benjamin Little, Silas Little, John Little.

3d, Samuel Little, of New Hampshire, and Nathaniel Little, grand-grandson of George.

3d, Samuel Littell, of New Jersey.

4th, Abner, Stephen, Joshua, David, Jonathan, Jacob, Elizabeth, Polly, Abigail, and Sally. (10)

4th, John, Samuel, Joseph, James, Benjamin, Daniel, David, Jonathan, Sarah, Abigail, Catherine, Elizabeth, Martha, Nathaniel. (14)

5th, Joseph, Stephen, John, Jonathan, David. (5)

5th, Andrew, David, Nathaniel, Samuel, Catherine, Elizabeth. (6)

6th, John, Jonathan, Elbridge Gerry, David, Joseph, Laurana. (7)

6th, John, Hugh, Polly, Luther, Nancy, Betsey, Huldah, and David. (8)

I have italicised the names common to both branches of the family for six generations, in one line, which I think will be strong evidence of being descended from the same ancestor. John or Samuel, of New Jersey, may have changed the spelling of the surname to Littell.

NOTE.--The Rev. Mr. Hunting, in his general history of Westfield, says that Andrew, Anthony, Abraham, Absalom, Moses, and John Littell, resided at the Willow Grove, in Westfield.

JOHN LITTLE, (son of George,) was most probably the father of SAMUEL LITTELL, of Essex county, who was born about the year 1780, and married Lydia Bonnel, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Martha. 

3. John.

4. Samuel, Jun., it is said, died a bachelor.

5. Joseph. 

6. James.

7. Benjamin married Susan Tucker, of Elizabethtown.

8. Daniel married Miss Acorn.

9. David married Susannah Craig, daughter of Alderman Andrew Craig. [See Craig.]

10. Jonathan. 11. Sarah. 12. Abigail. 13. Catherine.

14. Nathaniel; and two others, who died young.

I have not ascertained with certainty whether Anthony Littell was son or brother of Samuel Littell, or whether the Andrew Littell, the father of Polly, William, and Ephraim, was son of John or of Anthony. This I remember, that the families of Andrew and Doct. Anthony Littell, both claimed kindred with the family of David Littell, son of Samuel.

ANDREW LITTELL, a grandson of Samuel, and I suppose, from his age, son of John Littell, the eldest son of Samuel, he having died in 1784, an old man. His wife's name was Molly, who lived several years a widow, and died a very old woman; or he may have been a son of Anthony Littell, who was probably a son or brother of Samuel. They lived in Stony Hill Vallay, where James Bryson now lives. (5th Gen.)

They had five children, Polly, William, Ephraim, Sophia, and Temperance.

1. Polly married Zachariah Van Sickle, 30th October, 1763, and had children: (6th, 7th Gen.)
[Mary Little m. 30 Oct 1763 Zachariah Sickle by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 18 No 4 October 1943]

1. Huldah Sickle.
2. Elias Sickle.
3. Sarah Sickle.
4. David Sickle.
5. Zachariah Sickle, Jun.

2. William married, 1st, Sarah Baker, 23d July, 1769, daughter of Thomas Baker, Jun.; 2d, Sarah Drake, daughter of Andrew Drake. He removed to Sussex, and had children:
[William Little m. 23 July 1769 Sarah Baker by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 18 No 4 October 1943]

1. Mary, who married Henry Ayers, of Sussex, and had children:

1. John Ayers.
2. William Ayers.

2. Levi married Betsey Clark, of Sussex, and had a daughter, Sarah, who married William Barkman, and had children:

1. Levi Barkman; 2. Anne Barkman.

3. Andrew Littell, (3d child of William, son of Andrew, son of John Littell,) married Eve Snyder, of Sussex, and had children: (8th Generation.)

1. William, who married Christine McCurdy.
2. Joseph, who married _____ _____ .
3. Margaret married John Coss, Jun., and had children: 1. Andrew Coss; 2. A daughter.
4. Temperance.
5. Catherine married Abraham Washer.
6. Eliza married _____ _____ .
7. Caroline married Philip Simmons.
8. Mary married _____ _____ .
9. Esther married _____ _____ .
10. Amos.
11. John.

4. Amos married Catherine Wire, of Sussex, and had children:

1. Aaron, who married Betsey Harden.
2. Mary married Joseph Reed, and soon after died.
3. Clarissa married John B. Gustin.
4. Matilda married the same Joseph Reed.
5. Sally married Noadiah Shannon, and went to the lakes, N. Y.

3. Ephraim Littell, (son of Andrew, son of John Littell,) married _____ _____ , in New England, and went to Ohio. He had a son, Elias, who married Rebecca Mulford, daughter of Caleb, son of Job. [See Job Mulford.]

4. Temperance married Joseph Valentine, son of Jonathan, and went to Ohio.

5. Sophia, who married, 25th June, 1775, Asa Frazee, son of Joseph Frazee, of Connecticut Farms. [See Joseph and Asa Frazee.]

ANTHONY LITTELL lived at the head spring of the west branch of Green Brook, in Stony Hill Vallay. In looking over old deeds, one was found, dated 20th May, 1708, from Henry Norris, and Joanna, his wife, to Anthony Littell, for a first lotright of land, formerly of Benjamin Homan, conveyed by said Homan to Henry Norris, and by Henry Norris, of the first part, to Anthony Littell.

Another conveyance intended to convey a moiety or half part of that 100-acre lot, No. 88 additional, taken up on the right of Joseph Thompson, son of Aaron Thompson, from Absalom Littell, millwright, to Andrew Littell, weaver, dated Feb. 1st, 1743-4, Lot No. 88 additional lies at the head of the west branch of Green Brook. Also a quit-claim from Abraham Littell, carpenter, and Andrew Littell, weaver, to Absalom Littell, millwright, dated April 2d, 1843, for a lot of land, &c., devised to said Abraham Littell and Andrew Littell, parties of the first part, by the will of their father, Anthony Littell, deceased, dated 9th Oct. 1731, excepting therefrom a certain lot of land the parties of the first part had previously conveyed to Robert Littell. This last conveyance was only executed by Abraham Littell, and was cancelled by Absalom Littell 19th Feb. 1750.

Thus it seems that Anthony Littell had sons, Abraham and Andrew, and perhaps Absalom and Robert, and may have had a son Anthony, the father of Doct. Anthony Littell, who lived where his father, Anthony Littell, lived.

DOCT. ANTHONY LITTELL lived at the head of the west branch of Green Brook. He died May, 1798. His mother died 13th Jan. 1784. Doct. Anthony Littell married Anna Maxwell, daughter of Caleb Maxwell, son of Samuel Maxwell, of Boston, and had children:

1. Caleb M. Littell, who married Mary Clark, daughter of Joshua Clark, of Westifield.

2. Elizabeth, born 22d May, 1790, who married, 14th Oct. 1848, William Hand, son of Hezekiah. [See Hand.]

3. Amos, who inherited his father's farm of 257 acres, and sold it to Ezra Miller, of Westfield. He died at 28 years, unmarried.

CALEB M. LITTELL, (son of Doct. Anthony Littell,) and Mary Clark, daughter of Joshua, lived in New York, was a grocer, and had children:

1. Thomas Picton Littell, who married Mary Archer.

2. Anne Elizabeth married William Archer, cousin of Mary.

3. Amos Clark Littell married Emeline _____ .

4. George W. Littell married Mary Aikin, daughter of John.

5. Marcus.

6. Irene.

7. Mary Clark Littell married Mr. Briggs; he went to California, and died.

8. Sarah Anne Littell married, 5th Feb. 1851, Frederick Tappen, of New York.

9. Josephine.

Caleb M. Littell died 28th May, 1848, aged 57 years.

The widow of Doct. Anthony Littell married, 2d, Jonathan Acken, son of Deacon Joseph Acken, whose wife was Rebecea Crane, daughter of Jonathan Crane.

Jonathan and Anna Acken had children:

1. Rachel Acken, who married Ezekiel Ross, son of David, of Westifield.

2. William Acken married, 1st, Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Benjamin; 2d, Hannah Squier, daughter of John.

3. John Acken married Margaret Vail, daughter of William, of Piscataway.

4. Sarah Anne Acken married Matthias A. Brown, of Titusville, and had children: 1. Ellen Louisa Anna Brown; 2. Amos Littell Brown; 3. Caroline Elmer Brown.

Mrs. Brown lives in New York, and keeps a select school for young ladies.

I will remark here that Anthony Littell may have been a brother of Samuel, and Andrew son of Anthony.

JOSEPH LITTELL, (5th child of Samuel Littell, of New Jersey,) had children: (4th Generation.)

1. John, who had children:

1. Enos was killed at the battle of Germantown, fighting by the side of his uncle Eliakim.
2. Lewis, a sea-faring man, died at sea.
3. A daughter, who married a tory, and went to the enemy.

2. Elias, who lived in Newark, and removed to Duck Creek, Pennsylvania.

3. Prudence, who died unmarried in Philadelphia, aged some 45 or 50 years.

4. Phebe, who married Elisha Parker, of Philadelphia, and had a son, a painter, in Philadelphia, and a daughter Sarah, who married _____ _____ , and had 3 or 4 children.

5. Simeon, who died in the time of the old French war.

6. Stephen, who died about the same time.

7. Jane.

8. Eliakim, who married, 1st, Hannah Jewel; 2d, Mary Gillam. He distinguished himself in the war of the Revolution, and in the war with the Indians, as a partisan officer, and attained a captaincy in the army.

CAPTAIN ELIAKIM LITTELL lived on the hill called Hobart's Hill, between Chatham and Springfield, and died about 1805. By his wife Hannah Jewel, he had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Hobart, who married Matilda Ball, daughter of Doctor Stephen Ball. [See Ball.] He was born 2d March, 1767, and died 17th Jan. 1849, in Newark; she was born 1774, and died 7th April, 1851, in Newark, aged 77 years.

2. Simeon married Susan Toy, removed from Burlington, New Jersey, to near Milton, Ohio, and had children: Eliakim, Mary, Rhoda, Fanny, and Stephen.

3. Stephen, born 3d Jan. 1772, and married Susan Gardner, born 6th Jan. 1777, daughter of Thomas Gardner, of Burlington, whose wife was Susan Elton.

4. Hannah, who died young.

And by his 2d wife, Mary Gillam, he had children:

5. Eliakim, who died at 8 years.

6. Squier, born 1st Dec. 1776, became a physician, went to Butler county, Ohio, and had a large practice. He was also a justice of the peace, and judge of the court. He married Mary Pearce, daughter of Michael Pearce, formerly of Scotch Plains, but went to Ohio about 1800. Doct. Littell had no children, and died 16th Nov. 1849.

HOBART LITTELL, (1st child of Capt. Eliakim, son of Joseph,) and Matilda Ball, had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Mariah Seabury, who married Morris Christy, son of Capt. Thomas Christy, of Newark, and died without children.

2. Sarah, who lives in Newark.

3. Elizabeth married Richmond Ward, of Newark, and lives there; has but one son, Mortimer Seabring Ward.

STEPHEN LITTELL, (3d child of Capt. Eliakim Littell,) and Susan Gardner, were married 24th March, 1796. She died 15th March, 1813. He died 6th June, 1818. They removed from Burlington, N. J., in 1806, to Philadelphia, and had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Eliakim, born 2d Jan. 1797, married 12th Feb. 1828, Mary Frazee Smith, born 28th Oct. 1800, daughter of John and Mary Anne Smith, and sister of Gen. Persifor F. Smith, first governor of California, under the U. S. government. Gen. Smith's mother was daughter of Col. Persifor Frazee, of Chester county, Pennsylvania.

2. Susan Elton, born 22d March, 1799, and went to Ohio, and there married in 1821, James Urmston, had five children, and died 7th August, 1837.

3. Squier, born 9th Dec. 1803, graduated in Philadelphia, and studied physic. He married, about 1834, Mary Graff Emlin, daughter of Caleb Emlin, of Philadelphia; he died in 1838, leaving two children: 1. Rosalie, born 1835, and 2. Emlin, 1838. He went to his uncle Squier, in Ohio, and practised physic with him.

4. John Stockton, born 11th April, 1806, married, 1832, Susan Sophia Morris, daughter of Luke Morris and Anne Willing, of Philadelphia. He published the "Law Library," in Philadelphia, some years. He subsequently removed to Germantown, Penn., retired from business.

ELIAKIM LITTELL, (1st son of Stephen, son of Capt. Eliakim,) and Mary Frazee Smith, lived in Philadelphia, and Germantown, till 1844. He published for 20 years "The Museum of Foreign Literature," and then removed to Boston, Mass., and is publishing "Littell's Living Age," a weekly magazine. They had children: (8th Generation.)

1. Susan Gardner, born 8th January, 1830.

2. Robert Smith, born 5th May, 1831.

3. Mary Frazee, born 12th December, 1834.

4. Margaret Smith, born 30th November, 1837.

SUSAN ELTON LITTELL, (2d child of Stephen,) and John Urmston, in Ohio, had children:

1. Caroline Elton Urmston, born 1821, married Jacob Beard.

2. Eliakim Littell Urmston, born 1825.

3. Stephen Littell Urmston, born 1829.

4. Mary Enyart Urmston.

5. John Newton Urmston.

Mrs. Urmston died in 1837, and he married Anna Pearce, and live near Philanthropy, Ohio.

JOHN STOCKTON LITTELL, (4th child of Stephen,) and Susan Sophia Morris, had children:

1. Charles Walling, born 1832; 2. Harriet Hare; 3. Thomas Gardner; 4. Meta Morris, who died 1848.


BENJAMIN LITTELL, (7th child of Samuel, 1st,) and Susan Tucker, lived in Westifield, on the farm on which his grandson, John Littell, now lives; they had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Moses, who married Abigail Thompson, 5th child of Thomas Thompson, of Connecticut Farms, had 4 children Hannah, Mary, Isaac and Betsey. He died 9th October 1773, aged 35 years.

2. Isaac, born 10th March, 1764, married Jemima Frazee, daughter of Gershom; had 3 children: Jemima, Susannah, and Benjamin.

3. John married Phebe Thompson, 8th child of Thomas Thompson; had 6 children; Gershom, Sarah, Abigail, Moses, John, and Isaac. He died 1st April, 1781, in his 35th year, and his widow married Benjamin Frazee, son of Samuel Frazee and Sarah Littell.

4. Sarah married, 1st, Samuel Frazee, by whom she had 4 children: Benjamin, Jonas, Betsey and Samuel Frazee; 2d Benjamin Sayre, by whom she had 3 children: Sarah, Mary, and Moses Sayre.

5. Susan married William Ridgeway, and had 3 or more children: Rachel Rouse, John, and Phebe Ridgeway.

6. Mary married Thomas Terry, of Westifield; she died 21st January, 1768, in her 17th year, and left a daughter, Mary Terry, who married Moses Frazee, born about 1768.

MOSES LITTELL, (1st of child Benjamin, 7th son of Samuel,) and Abigail Thompson, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Hannah, born 15th November, 1759, married James Lambert. [See Lambert.]

2. Mary, born 13th March, 1762, married Jacob Davis. [See Davis.]

3. Isaac, (called Capt. Isaac,) born 10th March, 1764, and married Hannah Frazee, born 20th May, 1766, daughter of Jonas Frazee, (who was brother of Samuel Frazee, who married Sarah Littell.) He died 25th February, 1825; his widow died 16th February, 1834.

4. Betsey married Talmage Ross, son of Ichabod, son of John Ross; they removed to Ohio, about 12 miles N. E. of Chilicothe. [See Ross.]

CAPTAIN ISAAC LITTELL, (son of Moses,) and Hannah Frazee, lived in Union Township, and had 6 children: (6th,)

1. Jonas Frazee Littell; born 27th April, 178-, married Susan Halsey, daughter of Joseph Halsey, of Springfield, lived in Elizabethtown, and had 4 children: (7th Gen.)

1. Louisa, born 17th September, 1809, married William P. Denman, and had 5 children: (9th Gen.)

1. Charles Wallis Denman, born January, 1835.
2. George Henry Denman, born January, 1838.
3. William Denman, born June, 1840.
4. Hannah Louisa Denman, born April, 1842.
5. Edward Denman, born May, 1846.

2. Isaac, born 8th December, 1810, married, 1st, Emeline Slawson; had a son, George Washington, born 11th March, 1836.
His wife Emeline then died, and he married, 2d, Adaline Gibson, and had children:

2. Harriet Arnfeldt, born 18th March, 1844.
3. Emeline Littell, born 18th November, 1846.

3. Hannah Eliza, born 25th November, 1814, married William Perrigo, son of William Perrigo, and had a daughter, 1. Susan Louisa Perrigo, born 2d March, 1844.

4. George Washington, born 4th July, 1817, married Catherine Slawson; live in Providence, Rhode Island, and had children:

1. William, born October, 1841.
2. George, born February, 1848.

2. Abby Littell, (2d child of Capt. Isaac Littell,) born 20th July, 1787, and died 4th November, 1825. She married Ephraim Bolles, of Newark, and had 7 children: (7th Gen.)

1. Hannah Elizabeth Bolles, born 1808, married Moses G. Baldwin, and had children: (8th, 9th Gen.)

1. Helen Baldwin, born 1834.
2. Elizabeth Baldwin.
3. William Baldwin.

2. Eliakim Bolles, born about 1811, married Mary Tucker, daughter of Gideon Tucker, of N. Y., and had children:

1. William Bolles; 2. _____ _____ , a daughter; 3. Abby Bolles; 4 and 5, twin daughters.

3. Mary Frances Bolles married Rev. James Bolles.
4. Jesse Nicholson Bolles married _____ _____ .
5. Constance Bolles married Mr. Redfield, a lawyer; lived in western N. Y.
6. Alexander Bolles.
7. Nathan T. Bolles married, 8th May, 1850, Mary Matilda Burnet, eldest daughter of Lewis M. Burnet, of Newark.

3. Moses Littell, (3d child of Captain Isaac Littell, son of Moses,) born 2d June, 1789, became a physician, went to Opelousas, Louisiana, married Constance Collins, had 6 children, and died 4th November, 1837; one of them named Theophilus Collins Littell. (7th Generation.)

4. Eliakim Littell, (4th child of Captain Isaac Littell,) born 11th July, 1791, married, 1st, Anne Findley, in the West Indies, removed to Opelousas, where his wife died, leaving 3 children: (8th Generation.)

1. David Findley Littell, born 1821.
2. Hart Littell.
3. Louisa Littell, who married Mr. Mudd.

Eliakim Littell then married, 2d, Henrietta Wagerhecker, and had children:

4. Augustus Littell.
5. Mary or Elizabeth Littell.

5. Mary Littell, (5th child of Capt. Isaac Littell,) born 15th July, 1799, married Henry Hodge of N. Y., and had children:

1. Hannah Hodge, born 1818 or 1819, married Elisha Phinney, son of Gould Phinney, of Dundaff, Pennsylvania, and had children: 1. Mary Phinney; 2. Robert Phinney.

2. Henry Hodge.

6. Isaac William Littell, (6th child of Captain Isaac Littell,) born 20th October, 1807, and died 22d May, 1837; he married Mary Crane, daughter of Esther, who was daughter of Benjamin, son of Benjamin Crane of Westfield, and had children: (7th Generation, 8th Generation.)

1. Mary H., born 4th December, 1829.
2. William, born 8th August, 1831.
3. Theodore, born 1st January, 1834.
4. Sarah, born 14th December, 1835.

ISAAC LITTELL, (2d son of Benjamin Littell, son of Samuel, 1st,) and Jemima Frazee, had 6 children; viz.: Jemima, Susannah, Benjamin, Abby, Desire, and Sarah. (5th,)

1. Jemima, who married David Mills, of Westfield, and removed to Sterlings Valley, in Morris county, and had children: (6th,)

1. Moses Mills, who married _____ _____ , a daughter of Daniel Terril, of Rahway. (7th Generations.)

2. Gershom Mills married Silence Jones, daughter of Luther, of New Providence, and had children:

1. Harriet Mills, who married Abraham Demerest, of N. Y.;
2. Luther Mills; 3. Isaac Mills; 4. Aaron Mills.
3. Aaron Mills.
4. Abigail Mills.
5. Benjamin Mills.

2. Susannah, (2d child of Isaac Littell,) married Jeremiah Jenkins, and had several children, one of whom was Jeremiah, Jun. (6th Generation.)

3. Benjamin, (3d child of Isaac Littell,) was a schoolmaster called Master Ben. Littell; he married Catherine Littell, daughter of Daniel, 8th son of Samuel, 1st, and had children:

1. Jemima, who married Moses Whitehead. (7th Gen.)

1 Stephen Crane, of Crane's Ford (Cranford), N. J.

2 John Crane

3 Benjamin Crane -- 1711 married -- Esther Woodruff

4 Benjamin Crane, Jr. married -- Phoebe Halsey

5 Benjamin Crane, III married -- Sarah Thompson

6 Esther Crane married -- John Crane

7 Mary Crane married -- Issaac William Littell

8 Sarah Elizabeth Littell married -- Rosewell Graves Rolston

9 William Henry Rolston Louis Bertrand Minnie Waterbury married -- Mary Adele Highet married -- Fanny Highet m -- John B. Marston

10 Brown Rolston married -- Mabel Brooks Hooley
11 Brown Jr., Jared Lane Samuel Ruggles

2. Sophia married Charles Whitehead, brother of Moses.
3. Moses S. married Nancy French, daughter of David French, Sen.
4. Rebecca. 5. Isaac D. 6. Sally.
7. Abby married Joseph L. Cory, son of Noah, of Scotch Plains, and went to Indiana.

NOTE.--Moses S., Rebecca, Isaac D., and Sally went to French Creek.

4. Abby Littell, (4th child of Isaac Littell,) married Henry Burnet, and removed to Redstone, in Western Pennsylvania.

5. Desire Littell, (5th child of Isaac Littell,) married Elijah Davis, and removed to Shemokin, Pennsylvania.

6. Sarah Littell, (6th child of Isaac Littell,) married Thomas Lee, and died, leaving one son,

1. Gershom Lee, who married Sarah Hetfield, daughter of Daniel, who died, leaving his widow, Sarah, and two sons: 1. Frazee Lee; 2 Daniel Lee.

JOHN LITTELL, (3d son of Benjamin, son of Samuel 1st,) and Phebe Thompson, (8th child of Thomas,) had 6 children;

1. Gershom, born 21st December, 1766, married, 25th February, 1788, Phebe Terry, daughter of Thomas Terry, they had 13 children. (She still lives, 1850.)

2. Sarah married Joseph Sayre, lived in Westfield; had 9 children.

3. Abigail, born 15th March, 1771, married, 28th February, 1793, Ebenezer Ludlow, born 13th January, 1770, son of Matthias Ludlow, of Westfield; he died in N. Y., 23d December, 1833.

4. Moses married Betsey Terry, sister of Gershom's wife, who, after the death of Moses, went to Fulton county, Illinois, and died there, 19th April, 1843; they had 3 children:

5. John, born 29th November, 1774, married Deborah Dunham, born 19th August, 1779, a daughter of David Dunham and Freelove Decamp, (who was a daughter of John Decamp, and sister of Doctor Gideon Decamp.) They had 6 children.

6. Isaac married, 1st, Mary Ludlum, (now Ludow,) a daughter of William Ludlow, and brother of Matthias Ludlow, and had 4 children. He married, 2d, Rebecca McLane, of Staten Island, and had 2 other children.

GERSHOM LITTELL, (1st child of John Littell, son of Benjamin,) and Phebe Terry, lived in Westfield, and had children:

1. Sarah, born 11th September, 1789, married Hezekiah Pack, and died January, 1811; had no children.

2. Hannah, born 6th May, 1791, and died 3d September, 1828, and left one son, John Osborn, who married, 1st, Harriet Stites, daughter of Benjamin L. Stites, and died, leaving 2 children: 1. Benjamin Franklin Osborn; 2. Mary Stites Osborn. John Osborn married, 2d, Elizabeth Anne Peck, a widow, and died; had no other children.

3. Elizabeth, born 25th August, 1792, married William Marsh; she died 25th October, 1826, leaving 8 children:

1. Miriam Marsh, born 5th March, 1809.
2. Charles Volney Marsh, born July, 1812, married Catherine Storms, and had children: 1. Edward Marsh; 2. Julia Marsh.

3. Eliza Marsh, born 18th August, 1815, married William Noe, and had children: 

1. William Harrison Noe, born 1841; 2. Anne Elizabeth Noe, born 1846.

4. William Henry Harrison Marsh, twin to Eliza, went to Chicago.
5. David Marsh, born March, 1820, married Anne Conley.
6. Phebe Marsh.
7. Hannah Marsh.
8. Philetta Marsh, who died 7th October, 1848, aged 23 years, unmarried.

4. Thomas Terry Littell, born 28th June, 1794, married Mary Moore, of Woodbridge, and had 10 children:

1. Phebe, born 1820, married William Clawson.
2. William Moore Littell, born 1822, married Elizabeth Hulse, and had a son, Thomas.
3. Margaret, born 1824, married Shotwell Frazee, and had children: 1. Mary Frazee, born 1847; 2. Phebe Frazee.
4. Marietta married Squier Willcox, son of Benjamin Willcox, Jun. [See Willcox.]
5. John, born 1829.
6. Joseph, born 1831.
7. Agnes, born 1833.
8. Rachel, born 1836.
9. Althea, born 1839.
10. Abby, born 1842.

5. Abigail, born 6th May, 1796, married John Peny, who died in 1826; left children:

1. Sarah Peny, born about 1822, married William Baldwin.

2. Joseph Peny, born 1825.

Mrs. Abigail Peny died 7th May, 1847.

6. Mary, born 27th April, 1798.

7. Philetta, born 20th May, 1800, married John Moore, of Woodbridge, who was drowned in New York Bay, in 1824, and left one child:

1. Mary Moore, born about 1822, and married Joseph Hotton.

8. John, born 28th October, 1802, married Susan Webster, and died 26th January, 1825; left no children.

9. Carman, born 24th September, 1804, and died 23d September, 1822, unmarried.

10. Susan, born 3d October, 1806, married Abraham Denman, of Springfield, and had children:

1. Almira Denman, born 1833.
2. Carman Denman, born 1836.
3. Hannah Denman, born 1841.

11. Gershom, Jun., born 5th July, 1808, and died 30th August, 1808.

12. Moses, born 1st September, 1809, married Magdalen Storms, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and had children:

1. Anna Sanford, born about 1841.
2. Gershom, born 1844.

13. Gershom, Jun., (2d,) born 4th June, 1812, married Anne Stites, daughter of Henry, of Scotch Plains, and had children:

1. Henry Stites Littell, born 1839.
2. Theresa Littell, born 1844.

SARAH LITTELL, (2d child of John Littell, son of Benjamin,) and Joseph Sayre, had children:

1. Abigail Sayre, who married, 1st, Isaac Acken, and had one child, who died young. Mr. Acken died, and she married, 2d, Hezekiah Pack, and had 4 children.

2. Rhoda Sayre, who married Thomas Terrill, son of Enoch of Scotch Plains; had 11 children, or more.

3. John Sayre married Catherine Thorp, daughter of James and Sarah Thorp, of Woodbridge; had many children.

4. Daniel Sayre married, and went to Crawford county, Pennsylvania.

5. Sarah Sayre married Archer Miller, son of Lewis, of Westfield, and had 5 children.

6. Isaac Sayre, who died at about 23 years, unmarried.

7. Hannah Sayre married John Burliew, of Rahway, and had 5 children.

8. Betsey Sayre married Elias T. Higgins of Rahway, and had 3 children.

9. Mary Sayre married James Tailor, of New York, a cartman; had no children.

Abigail Sayre, and Hezekiah Pack, had children:

1. Joseph Sayre Pack, who married in New York.
2. Hiram Pack married in New York.
3. Abby Pack married Mr. Trump.
4. Sarah Pack married Levi Shattuck, now an agent of the Central Rail Road, N. J.

Rhoda Sayre, and Thomas Terrill, removed to Crawford county, Pennsylvania, and had many children:

1. Arabella Terrill; 2. Sarah Terrill; 3. John Terrill; 4. Albert Terrill; 5. Halsey Terrill; 6. Erastus Terrill; 7. Enoch Terrill; 8. _____ _____ ; 9. Thomas Terrill; 10. Mary Terrill; 11. Eliza Terrill; and perhaps more.

John Sayre, and Catherine Thorp, removed to Crawford county, Pennsylvania, and had many children; among them are John Sayre and Susan Sayre.

Sarah Sayre, and Archer Miller, lived in Rahway, and had children:

1. Margaret Miller, who married Hiram Brooks, and had children: 1. John Brooks; 2. Mary Brooks.

2. Sarah Miller married Thomas Lawrence, and had children: 1. Franklin Lawrence; 2. Mary Lawrence.

3. Isaac Miller.
4. Mary Miller, who died young.
5. William Miller.

Hannah Sayre, and John Burliew, had children:

1. Alexander Burliew; 2. Mary Burliew; 3. Sarah Burliew; 4. John Burliew; 5. _____ , a daughter. Mrs. Burliew then died.

Betsey Sayre, and Elias Higgins, had children:

1. Isaac Higgins.
2. Mary Higgins, who married John T. Conklin, son of Stephen, of Somerville. [See Conklin.]
3. Jane Higgins.

ABIGAIL LITTELL, (3d child of John Littell, son of Benjamin,) and Ebenezer Ludlow, of Westfield, had children:

1. Phebe Ludlow, born 13th Jan. 1794, married, 24th July, 1815, Samuel Whitlock, of New York, and lives there. He was son of Capt. William Whitlock.

2. Mary Ross Ludlow, born 24th March, 1796, married, Nov. 1815, to Jacob M. Vreland; lives in New York; has no children.

3. Sarah Ludlow, born 23d Jan. 1798, and died at about 8 years.

4. Matthias Ludlow born 23d Oct. 1801, married, April, 1836, Sarah Anne Todd, and lives on Long Island; has 3 children.

5. Eliza Ludlow, born 23d Oct. 1805, married, June, 1823, Jacob Day, a locksmith, of New York. She died, leaving 3 children.

6. Abby Ludlow, born 14th April, 1809, married, 25th Dec. 1829, Peter Rogers, from Scotland; lives in Philadelphia, and has 8 children

Mr. Ebenezer Ludlow was born 13th Jan. 1770, and died in New York, 23d Dec. 1833.

Phebe Ludlow, (daughter of Abigail Littell and Ebenezer Ludlow,) and Samuel Whitlock, had 8 children:

1. Samuel S. Whitlock, born 5th Feb. 1817, married, Feb. 1838, Esther Nixon, and had children: 1. Jennette Blair Whitlock, born 2d Nov. 1840; 2. Phebe Anne Whitlock, born 28th March, 1844; 3. William Whitlock, born July, 1846

2. William Whitlock, born 16th June, 1819, is a merchant in New Orleans.
3. Matthias Ludlow Whitlock, born 5th Oct. 1820, married Lucy Chew, of Brooklyn, in 1848; has gone to reside in Havre, France.

4. Catherine Eliza Whitlock, born 5th Sept. 1822, married, 11th Aug. 1846, Daniel Denice Conover, of New Jersey; he is now a flour-merchant in New York. They have children: 1. Augustus Whitlock Conover, born 8th April, 1848.

5. George W. Whitlock, born 28th June, 1824, went to San Francisco in 1846.
6. Daniel Bonnett Whitlock, born 25th April, 1828.
7. Mary Ross Whitlock, born 23d Aug. 1831.
8. Pamela Wigton Whitlock, born 16th Nov. 1833.

Matthias Ludlow, (son of Abigail Littell and Ebenezer Ludlow,) and Sarah Anne Todd, lived on Long Island, and had children:

1. Sarah Ludlow, born Nov. 1837.
2. Eliza Day Ludlow.
3. William Todd Ludlow.

Eliza Ludlow, and Jacob Day, had children:

1. Jacob Gardner Day, born 9th June, 1824.
2. Isaac Day, who died in Oct. 1846, aged 16 years.
3. John Day, born 15th March, 1833.

Abby Ludlow, and Peter Rogers, in Philadelphia, had children:

1. Peter Wallace Rogers, born 22d Sept. 1830.

3. Walter Rogers.
2. Abigail Marion Rogers, born _____ , 1832
4. James Rogers.
5. Jacob Day Rogers.
6. George Cadwallader Rogers.
7. William Ludlow Rogers.
8. Julia Anne Rogers.

MOSES LITTELL, (4th child of John Littell, son of Benjamin,) and Betsey Terry, had 3 children: (7th Generation.)

1. William Littell, who married, 1st, Sarah Dunham, daughter of Joseph, of Westfield; removed to Cincinnati; had 2 children:

1. Asa, who married _____ _____ ; 2. Eliza married _____ _____ .

His wife Sarah then died, and he married, 2d, Sarah Legge, who bore him 2 daughters, twins, viz.:

3. Catherine, who married _____ _____ ; 4. Caroline, who married _____ _____ .

2. Freeman Morris Littell, who married Charlotte F. Randolph, daughter of Benjamin F. Randolph, and died in Newark, 9th Mar. 1841, leaving children: 1. William; 2. Juliette, who died in 1848.

3. Charlotte Littell, who married Benjamin Williams Crane, son of Stephen Crane, of Westfield; removed to Fulton county, Illinois, and had 4 sons.

JOHN LITTELL, (5th child of John Littell, son of Benjamin,) and Deborah Dunham, lived where his grandfather Benjamin did, and had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Freelove, born 29th April, 1804, married Simeon Lambert, son of James. [See Lambert.]

2. Thompson, born 20th Dec. 1806, married, in Mobile, Anne Collins, a native of New Jersey. He is in mercantile business at Milwaukie, Wisconsan; has no children.

3. Elizabeth, born 23d Aug. 1808.

4. Sarah, born 4th June, 1813, and died 6th July, 1823.

5. Isaac, born 19th Jan. 1816, married Phebe Radley, daughter of Benjamin Radley and Hannah Lambert, and had children: 1. Norman Leslie Littell, born 10th Dec. 1839; 2. Courtland Baker Littell, born 19th Sept. 1841; 3. Augusta Littell, born 3d Oct. 1844; 4. George M. Dallas Littell, born 27th June, 1847.

6. Eliakim, born 29th May, 1819, and died 25th Oct. following.

ISAAC LITTELL, (6th child of John Littell and Phebe Thompson,) and his 1st wife, Mary Ludlow, had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Margaret, who married Rev. Erastus Nichols, lived in Clinton, Michigan; had no children.

2. William married Susan Jane Randolph, of New York; removed to Mobile, where he died, leaving one child, William Randolph Littell.

3. John went to Mobile, and died unmarried.

4. Mary married Stephen Woods, of New York; had no children.

By his 2d wife, Rebecca McLane, Isaac Littell had children:

5. Anne Mariah, who married Mr. Oakes, and went to Nova Scotia.

6. Cornelia, who lives with her mother in New York.

SARAH LITTELL, (4th child of Benjamin Littell and Susan Tucker,) and Samuel Frazee, had 4 children: (6th Generation.)

NOTE.--This Samuel Frazee was brother of Jonas Frazee, the father of Hannah, wife of Capt. Isaac Littell, 3d son of Moses, son of Benjamin.

1. Benjamin Frazee, who married Phebe (Thompson) widow of John Littell, son of Benjamin, and had a son, Carman Frazee, who went to Mobile, married, and died there, leaving one son, Carman Frazee.

2. Jonas Frazee married Nancy Corwin, daughter of Stephen, Corwin, and went to Ohio.

3. Betsey Frazee had 3 husbands, but no children;

1st, Simeon F. Randolph;
2d, The Hon. Charles Clark;
3d, Doct. Philemon Elmer. [See Elmer.]

4. Samuel Frazee, Jun., married Letitia Squier.

Samuel Frazee died, and his widow, Sarah Littell, married Benjamin Sayre, and had 3 other children:

5. Sarah Sayre, who married Eliakim Cory, son of Daniel, removed to Ballston, New York.

6. Mary Sayre married _____ _____ .

7. Moses Sayre.

Samuel Frazee, Jun., (4th child of Samuel Frazee and Sarah Littell,) and Letitia Squier, lived in Westfield, and had children:

1. Eliza Frazee, who married Samuel Cory, son of Benjamin, of Westfield.
2. Squier Frazee, who went to Ohio, and married there.
3. Simeon Frazee, who lives in Westfield, unmarried.
4. Moses Frazee, who went to Mobile, and died there, unmarried.
5. Sarah Frazee married Francis Pease; lives in Westfield; has no children.

SUSAN LITTELL, (5th child of Benjamin Littell and Susan Tucker,) and William Ridgeway, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Rachel Rouse Ridgeway, who married Noah Ludlum, son of Cornelius Ludlum and Mary Ross, daughter of John Ross. [See Ross.]

2. John Ridgeway.

3. Phebe Ridgeway.

Rachel R. Ridgeway, and Noah Ludlum, had children:

1. Eliakim Ludlow, who married, 5th Sept. 1813, Polly Walker, daughter of Asher. [See Walker.]
2. Henry Ludlow.

Eliakim Ludlow, and Polly Walker, had children:

1. Emeline Ludlow.
2. Phebe, who married Alonzo Johnson.
3. Jane married Isaac Egbert, and had a son, William Henry Ludlow Egbert.
4. William, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio.

MARY LITTELL, (6th child of Benjamin Littell and Susan Tucker,) and Thomas Terry, had one child, Mary Terry, and died. (6th Generation.)

Mary Terry married Moses Frazee, and had 6 children:

1. John Frazee, who died at about 18 years.
2. Sarah Frazee, who married Moses Frazee, son of Gershom Frazee.
3. Mary Frazee married Moses Ross, son of Talmage Ross; lives in Ohio.
4. Catherine Frazee married, 1st, Abraham Woodruff, son of Jonathan, at the Two Bridges; 2d, Noe Clarkson, of Woodbridge.
5. Phebe Frazee married Jeremiah Newman.
6. Susan Frazee married Samuel Lee, son of Thomas Lee.

Mr. Moses Frazee lately died, over 80 years of age.

Sarah Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Moses Frazee, son of Gershom Frazee, had children:

1. John W. Frazee, who married Mary Rogers, daughter of John Rogers, lives at Plainfield, and had children: 1. Smith Frazee; 2. George Frazee; 3. Amanda Malvina Fitz Allen Frazee; 4. Sarah Elizabeth Frazee.

2. Gershom Frazee.

3. Moses Frazee, who married _____ _____ , went to Ohio, and had children: 1. Sarah Elizabeth Frazee; 2. William Henry Frazee.

4. Abraham Frazee married _____ _____ , and went to Illinois.

5. Matthias Frazee married Harriet Laing, daughter of Benjamin, son of John Laing, and had children: 1. Sarah Frances Frazee; 2. Mary Margaret Frazee.

6. Margaret Frazee married Frazee Terry, son of Thomas Terry.
7. Phebe Frazee.
8. Mary Catherine Frazee.

Mary Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Moses Ross, son of Talmage Ross, had children:

1. Pamelia Ross, who married James Gay, and has 5 children.
2. Jacob Davis Ross married _____ _____ , and has 2 children.
3. Frazee Ross married _____ _____ , and has 2 childr n.
4. Talmage Ross.
5. John Ross.
6. Resin Ross.
7. Abby Eliza Ross married _____ _____ .
8. James Ross.
9. William Ross.

Catherine Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Abraham Woodruff, had children:

1. Jonathan Woodruff, who married Anne Stanbury, daughter of Joshua.
2. Samuel Woodruff married Martha Thom, of Plainfield.
3. Mary Woodruff married William Rogers, son of John, and died without children.

And by her 2d husband, Noe Clarkson, had other children:

4. Ephraim Clarkson.
5. Phebe Clarkson.
6. Ellen Clarkson.
7. Susan Lee Clarkson.
8. Sarah Clarkson.

Jonathan Woodruff, (son of Abraham Woodruff, and Catherine Frazee,) and Anne Stanbury, had children: 1. Abraham Woodruff; 2. Susan Ellen Woodruff.

Samuel Woodruff, (son of Abraham,) and Martha Thom, had children: 1. Samuel Ross Woodruff; 2. Eupheme Catherine Woodruff.

Phebe Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Jeremiah Newman, had children:

1. Clementina Newman, who married Morris Force, now-deceased.
2. Mary Newman married Ezra Hand, son of John Meeker Hand, and had children: 1. Phebe Hand; 2. John Meeker Hand.

3. Thomas Newman, who went to Missouri.
4. John Newman married Susan Lambert, daughter of Enoch, and had children: 1. Mary Anne Newman; 2. _____ _____ .
5. Susan Newman married John Boylan, and had children: 1. Jesse Boylan; 2. Jonathan Boylan.

6. Jesse Newman, who lives in Brooklyn.

Susan Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Samuel Lee, had children:

1. Frazee Lee, born 26th March, 1823, married Mary Hetfield, daughter of Isaac, son of Zophar.
2. Anne Lee, born 7th Jan. 1830, married Aaron Hetfield, brother of Frazee's wife.
3. Thomas Lee, born 14th Nov. 1832.


DANIEL LITTELL, (8th child of Samuel Littell, 1st,) had children: (5th Generation.)

1. James, who died a soldier in the Revolutionary war, unmarried.

2. Robert, who married Rebecca Casad, daughter of William; lived at, and kept the Blueball Tavern, in Washington Valley, and subsequently removed to Sterling Valley, and died there, an old man.

3. Polly married Capt. Samuel Stanbury, and lived on Long Hill. He was brother of Col. Recompense and Capt. Jacob Stanbury, of Scotch Plains.

4. Abby married Charles Munroe; lived in Wyoming, Penn., and had children, Amos Munroe and Sarah Munroe.

5. Catherine married Master Ben. Littell, son of Isaac, son of Benjamin. (See page 222.)

6. Martha married Thomas Perry, of Sussex county, and lived there, and had children: 1. Daniel Perry, who married his cousin Esther, 6th child of Robert, and widow of Thomas Roland; 2. Joseph Perry married, 1st, Sally Martin; 2. his cousin Elizabeth, daughter of Robert, and widow of Edmund Chamberlain.

ROBERT LITTELL, (son of Daniel,) and Rebecca Casad, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Patty, who married Abraham Hathaway, son of Jacob, above New Vernon.

2. James went to sea, and did not return.

3. Catherine married William Sheldon, of Sussex county, and lived there. I know nothing of their descendants.

4. Sarah, born 10th March, 1779, married, 1st, Thomas Martin, from Ireland; Alexander Clark Blair.

5. Elizabeth married, 1st, Edmund Chamberlain, of Sussex county, and lived there; 2d, her cousin Joseph Perry, son of Thomas.

6. Esther, who married, 1st, Thomas Roland; he died, and she married, 2d, her cousin, Daniel Perry, son of Thomas.

7. Eunice married John Rose, of Sussex county, son of Jacob.

8. John Robert married Patty Totten, daughter of David Totten, Sen., and removed to the lakes, New York.

9. Isaac, who died at Greenbush, New York, a soldier in the war of 1812, aged 21 years.

10. Daniel married Mariah Hoagland, daughter of Isaac, of Newburgh, New York.

PATTY LITTELL, (1st daughter of Robert, son of Daniel,) and Abraham Hathaway, had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Elias Hathaway, who married Caroline Dewit, of Sussex Co.

2. Isaac Hathaway.

3. Rebecca Hathaway.

SARAH LITTELL, (4th daughter of Robert, son of Daniel,) and Thomas Martin, had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Robert Martin, who died at about 23 years, unmarried.

2. James Martin, who died at about 32 years, unmarried.

Sarah had no children by her 2d husband.

ELIZABETH LITTELL, (5th child of Robert, son of Daniel,) and Edmund Chamberlain, had children:

1. Elias Chamberlain.

2. Phebe Chamberlain, who married Moses Kimbal.

3. Eliza Chamberlain married Jonathan Hambel.

4. Sally Chamberlain married _____ _____ .

5. Mary Chamberlain married George Beatty.

ESTHER LITTELL, (6th child of Robert, son of Daniel,) and Thomas Roland, had children:

1. Thomas Roland, Jun., who married Phebe Babbit.

2. Eliza Roland married William McClure.

EUNICE LITTELL, (7th child of Robert, son of Daniel,) and John Rose, had children:

1. Mary Rose, who married Samuel Johnson, and died, leaving 5 children:

2. Jacob Rose married _____ _____ .

3. Andrew Rose married _____ , a sister of Jacob's wife.

4. Amanda Rose married John Leporte.

5. George Rose, who died a young man, unmarried.

6. Abraham Rose.

7. Charles Rose.

8. Anthony Rose.

9. William Rose.

JOHN ROBERT LITTELL, (son of Robert, son of Daniel,) and Patty Totten, had children:

1. Eliza, who married Charles Reed, and died, leaving 2 children:

2. Sally married Moses Johnson.

3. Isaac married _____ _____ .

4. Daniel.

DANIEL LITTELL, (son of Robert, son of Daniel,) and Mariah Hoagland, had children:

1. Elmira; 2. Rebecca; 3. George.

POLLY LITTELL, (3d child of Daniel,) and Capt. Samuel Stanbury, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Phebe Stanbury, who married Daniel Potter, son of Daniel Potter, 2d. [See Potter.]

2. Recompense Stanbury married Eunice Ogden, daughter of John Ogden, of Monroe, and had an only child, Phebe, and went to Worthington, Ohio. His daughter Phebe married there, _____ _____ , a physician.

3. Jonas Stanbury married Catherine Rague, daughter of Doctor John Rague, of Passaic Valley.

4. Samuel Stanbury, Jun., married, and went to Ohio.

5. John Stanbury married Mary Miller, daughter of Benjamin, of Morris county.

6. Peggy Stanbury married _____ _____ .

7. Amos Stanbury.

Captain Stanbury went to Ohio without his family. When there, he sent for his wife, who went, and took her son Amos with her.


DAVID LITTELL, (9th child of Samuel Littell and Lydia Bonnel,) was born in January, 1718, and died August 2d, 1790. He married Susannah Craig, daughter of Alderman Andrew Craig, of Westfield. She died 5th June, 1753, aged about 37 years. They had 7 children: (5th Generation.)

1. Esther, born 19th February, 1739, married William Bedell. He died 30th January, 1814. She died 18th October 1828. [See William Bedell.]

2. Lydia, born 16th November, 1741, married, 1st, Andrew Prior. He died February, 1768, and she married, 2d, the 14th May, 1769, David Flinn, as his 2d wife. [See Prior.] She died 4th December, 1826.

3. Catherine, born November, 1743, married, 1st, Jabez Rogers. He died 1774, and she married, 2d, Moses Crane, of Parcipany, and lived there.

4. Elizabeth, born 27th October, 1745, married, 1st Oct. 1784, Moses Bedell. He died, and she married, 2d, David Van Sickle, brother of Zachariah. [For her descendants, see Moses Bedell, Thomas Hallock, and Isaac Moore.]

5. Andrew, born January, 1749, married Miss Runyon, sister of Daniel Heath's wife, [see Heath,] and went to western New York.

6. David, born January, 1751, married Hannah Miller, daughter of Enoch Miller, of Westfield.

7. Nathaniel, born 26th January, 1753, married Mary Cauldwell, daughter of William. [See Cauldwell.]

David Littell married a 2d wife, and had children:

8. Samuel, who most probably married his cousin, Sarah Littell, daughter of Jonathan. [See Jonathan Littell.]

9. Susannah married, 28th February, 1784, David Ruckman, probably a brother of Jonathan, [which see.]

NOTE.--I have not ascertained any of the descendants of Andrew, Samuel, or Susannah.

ESTHER LITTELL, (1st child of David Littell, son of Samuel,) and William Bedell, had children. [See Bedell.] (6th Generation.)

1. Susannah, born 27th November, 1761, married Jonathan Davis, son of Isaac Davis, whose wife was Sarah Palmer. After the death of Isaac Davis, his widow, Sarah, married Sylvanus Oakley, Sen. [See Oakley.] Susannah died 20th September, 1836.

2. Phebe, born 7th July, 1763, and died January, 1847. She married, 1st, Charles Johnson, son of Uzel; 2d, Caleb Mulford, son of Job. [See Bedell and Mulford.]

3. Lydia, born 3d August, 1765, died 19th January, 1840. She married Elijah Davis, brother of Jonathan.

4. Polly, or Mary, born 7th July, 1767, married Daniel Hole, son of Charles, and died about 1826 or 7. [See Bedell.]

5. James, born 1769, married Nancy Oakley, and died in 1840.

Susannah Bedell, (1st child of William Bedell and Esther Littell,) and Jonathan Davis, (who was born 30th January, 1760,) had children: (7th Generation.)

1. William Davis, born 13th December, 1781, married, 1805, Sarah Lamb, daughter of Col. Joseph Lamb.
They both went to the Shakers in about one year after. He died 10th January, 1846, and she continues with them.
2. John Davis, born 20th November, 1783, and married Elizabeth Sering, and removed to Texas.
3. Polly Davis, born 19th August, 1789, and is with the Shakers.
4. Rufus Davis, born 18th June, 1792.
5. Jonathan Davis, born 18th July, 1795.
6. Huldah Davis, born 9th June, 1800, married John Monger.
7. Hetty Davis, born 29th October, 1805, married Joseph Q. Lamb, son of Col. Joseph Lamb, of Warren county, Ohio.

Lydia Bedell, and Elijah Davis, had children:

1. Esther Davis, who is with the Shaking Quakers, called Shakers, at Union or Shaker Town, Warren county, Ohio.
2. William Davis is also with the Shakers.
3. James Davis went to Indiana.
4. Daniel Davis is with the Shakers.
5. Jonathan Davis.
6. Samuel and Hannah, twins; these two died young.

Mary Bedell and Daniel Hole, had children. [See Bedell.]

James Bedell, and Nancy Oakley, had children:

1. John married _____ _____ ; lives in Indiana.
2. Susan is with the Shakers.
3. David.
4. Sally is with the Shakers.
5. William married _____ _____ ; lives in Indiana.
6. Esther married _____ _____ ; lives in Indiana.

LYDIA LITTELL, (2d child of David, son of Samuel,) married 1st, Andrew Prior, as his 2d wife, (see Prior;) 2d, David Flinn, born 22d March, 1731, and died 4th March, 1815. By David Flinn she had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Stephen Flinn, who married Sally _____ , and had children. [See Flinn.]

2. Lydia Flinn, born 10th February, 1774, married Edmund Buxton, born 24th January, 1768, lived east of Reading, in Hamilton county, Ohio, (he came from New England,) and had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Charles Buxton, born 29th March, 1793, married, 25th June, 1812, Rebecca Ferguson, daughter of Hudson.

2. David Buxton, born 28th February, 1795, married Joanna Conklin, born 22d November, 1798, daughter of Stephen, son of Joseph Conklin, who married Mary Cory, sister of Elder Benjamin Cory, of Elizabethtown. [See Conklin.]

3. Anne Buxton married William Ferguson, a cousin of Charles's wife; lives in Floyd county, Indiana. [See page 94.]

4. Moses Buxton, born 5th July, 1798, married, 28th January, 1818, Prudence E. Bacon, born 29th April, 1799, daughter of Nathan Bacon, of Cape May, N. J.

5. Jane Buxton, born 16th December, 1799, married, 20th May, 1819, Nathan Monroe, only son of Jehu, of Pennsylvania; lives near Lebanon, Ohio.

6. John Buxton married Hannah Willey.
7. Aaron Buxton, born 13th March, 1804, married Hannah Lambern, daughter of Josiah Lambern.

8. William Buxton, born 10th March, 1806, married Catherine W. Terry, born 23d December, 1808, daughter of William Terry.

Mr. Edmund Buxton died 20th July, 1806.

Charles Buxton, (son of Edmund,) and Rebecca Ferguson, had children:

1. Edmund, born 4th August, 1813, and married Eliza Cortleyou, daughter of Albert, and had children: 1. Margaret; 2. Henry; 3. Rebecca; 4. Gennette; 5. Charles.

2. William, born 22d October, 1815, married Elizabeth Larew, lives in Madison, Indiana.

3. Jane, born 4th July, 1817, married Hezekiah Bonham and had children: 1. John Bonham; 2. Ellis Bonham; 3. Eliza Jane Bonham; 4. Tyler Bonham.

4. John M., born 15th December, 1821.
5. Aaron, born 27th May, 1824, married Rebecca Pierson, daughter of Jesse, and had a daughter, Harriet.
6. Eliza Anne, born 26th May, 1826, and died about 1834.
7. Susan, born 13th January, 1829, married, August, 1850, James Conover.
8. Catherine, born 3d March, 1833.

David Buxton, (2d son of Edmund,) and Joanna Conklin, had children:

1. Lydia, born 11th June, 1818, and died 26th June, 1818.
2. Mary Jane, born 10th July, 1819, and died 26th April, 1843.
3. John, born 15th October, 1821.
4. Joseph, born 4th January, 1824, married 28th March, 1850, Hannah Cornell.

5. Sarah Anne, born 24th October, 1826, married, 8th October, 1849, Isaac Ferris, son of Rev. Isaac Ferris, a Baptist minister.

6. William, born 28th October, 1828.
7. Susan, born 20th March, 1831.
8. Emeline, born 3d December, 1833.
9. Freelove, born 9th January, 1837.
10. David, born 19th December, 1839.
11. Amos, born 16th January, 1841.
12. Olive, born 29th January, 1844, and died 6th December, 1844.

Anne Buxton, (3d child of Edmund,) and William Ferguson, live near New Albany, Floyd county, Indiana, and had children:

1. Enoch Ferguson, who married Nancy Brown, and lives at New Albany.
2. Nancy Ferguson married John Wood, and went to Missouri.
3. Isaac Ferguson married, 1st, Nancy Karr, daughter of Samuel, of Hamilton county, Ohio; 2d, Martha Breedlove.
4. William Ferguson married _____ _____ , and lives in Hancock county, Illinois.
5. John Ferguson.

Moses Buxton, (4th child of Edmund,) and Prudence E. Bacon, lived on his father's farm, near Reading, Hamilton county, Ohio, and had children:

1. Edmund Buxton, born 16th May, 1819, married Harriet Larew, daughter of Isaac, and lives at Madison, Indiana.

2. Lydia Buxton, born 25th April, 1821, married Peter Black, son of Peter, and died, 18th August, 1850, leaving a daughter, Louisa Black.

3. Nancy L. Buxton, born 18th September, 1823, married Henry Moody, lives in Carthage, Ohio, and had children:

1. Harriet Jane Moody; 2. Joseph Moody; 3. Henry Moses Moody.

4. Nathan B. Buxton, born 17th October, 1825, married Sarah Jane Mann, daughter of Col. Joseph Mann.
5. James B. Buxton, born 27th June, 1827, married Rebecca Parkhill.
6. David F. Buxton, born 29th April, 1831.
7. William W. Buxton, born 23d July, 1833.
8. Eliza Anne Buxton, born 12th May, 1836.
9. Isaac Newton Buxton, born 22d August, 1838.
10. George W. Buxton, born 3d March, 1841.
Mr. Moses Buxton died 13th October, 1850, with schirrous tumor in the stomach, which stopped the passage from the stomach to the bowels.

Jane Buxton, (5th child of Edmund,) and Nathan Monroe, had children:

1. Edmund Monroe, born 26th May, 1820, married, 3d December, 1842, Hannah Jane Halsey, daughter of Caleb, son of John Halsey and Hannah Pool, (see Halsey and Pool,) and had children: 1. Nathan, who died young; 2. Oscar; 3. Hudson; 4, Lewis Ridgeway, who died young.

Mrs. Monroe died August, 1851.

2. John Monroe, born 18th February, 1823, married, 21st May, 1846, Martha Jane Maple, daughter of Elias Maple, from New Jersey, and had children: 1. Mary Jane; 2. James Walter Monroe.

3. Aaron Monroe, born 6th May, 1825.

4. Charles Monroe, born 7th August, 1827, married, 10th Oct, 1849, Mary Pence, daughter of John, and had children: 1. Mary Jane.

5. Lydia Anne Monroe, born 16th September, 1829.
6. William Monroe, born 30th August, 1832.

John Buxton, (6th child of Edmund,) and Hannah Willey, had children:

1. Eliza; 2. Lydia; 3. Mary, who died at 7 years; 4. Deborah; 5. John, Jun.; 6. Charlotte or Amanda.

Aaron Buxton, (7th child of Edmund,) and Hannah Lambern, had children:

1. Anne C., born 29th June, 1826.
2. Lydia, born 15th October, 1827.
3. Josiah L., born 29th October, 1830.
4. Emeline, born 17th March, 1834.
5. Laura, born 6th August, 1836.
6. Augusta, born 20th February, 1845.

William Buxton, (8th child of Edmund,) and Catherine W. Terry, had children:

1. Phebe Anne, born 15th April, 1827.
2. Charles, born 30th October, 1830.
3. Caroline, born 11th December, 1832.
4. Eliza Jane, born 15th August, 1836.
5. Charlotte, born 30th March, 1839.
6. Newton Stites, born 2d April, 1843.

3. Susannah Flinn, youngest daughter of Lydia Littell and David Flinn, married John Miller, in Warren county, Ohio, and had children, Daniel, David, Moses, and Lucy Jane Miller. Mr. Miller, and his wife and children, all went to the Shakers. Mr. Miller died in 1850, aged 79 years, and Susannah, his wife, in 1840, aged 62 years. The children are there still in 1851. Moses is the principal dealer about the country for the association, and Lucy Jane is conspicuous in the house.

CATHERINE LITTELL, (3d child of David,) and Jabez Rogers, lived at Parcipany. He was born 3d November, 1739, and died 1774, aged 35 years. She was born 19th October, 1743, and died 1794, aged 51 years. They had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Nathaniel Rogers, born 4th February, 1761, and died 1845, aged 84 years. He married Rachel McDaniels, daughter of Elkanah; she was still living in 1848. They lived near Lake Champlain, and had children; Moses and John Rogers.

2. Sarah Rogers, born 30th June, 1764, married Robert Templeton, of Parcipany, and died at 34 years.

3. Lydia Rogers, born 5th April, 1766, married Ebenezer Burnet.

4. Elizabeth Rogers, born 30th March, 1768, and died at 13 years.

5. Jemima Rogers, born 5th February, 1770, and died at 7 years.

6. Joanna Rogers, born 22d December, 1771, married Noah Estile, of Parcipany. He was born 16th December, 1766, and died 11th December, 1848. They lived near Dover.

7. Stephen Rogers, born 28th August, 1773, married Phebe Baldwin, daughter of Job.

8. Susan Rogers, born 28th April, 1775, married, 16th November, 1795, Jacob Hinds, of Hanover, who was born 14th January, 1774, and removed to Bristol, Vermont.

Mr. Jabez Rogers died 1774, and his widow, Catherine, married Moses Crane, of Parcipany, and had 3 other children:

9. Josiah Crane, who went to Seneca Falls, New York, and married Rachel _____ , but had no children.

10. Phebe Crane, who married Edmund Compson, of Parcipany, and removed to Montezuma, New York, and had a large family of children.

11. Elizabeth Crane married Caleb Woodworth, and had 10 children. She died, and Mr. Woodworth married a widow with 10 children. Mr. Woodworth's 2d wife died, and he married, 3d, Hannah Compson, daughter of Edmund Compson, his first wife's niece.

Sarah Rogers, (2d child of Catherine Littell and Jabez Rogers,) and Robert Templeton, had children:

1. Elizabeth Templeton, who married Ashbel Cory, of Troy, and had children: 1. Caroline Cory; 2. Mary Cory; 3. Julianne Cory; 4. Archibald Cory.

2. Mary Templeton, who married Freeman Ford, (son of Samuel, son of William Odell Ford, son of Jonathan Ford,) and had children; 1. Eveline Ford; 2. William Ford.

3. Catharine Templeton, who married Alexander Lawrence, and had children: 1. Alexander Lawrence.

Lydia Rogers, (3d child of Catharine Littell and Jabez Rogers,) and Ebenezer Burnet, had children: (6th, 7th Generations.)

1. Sarah Burnet, who married John Tichenor, son of Jabez, and had one son and two daughters, when Mr. Tichenor died, and she married William Churchill, and went to Ohio.

2. Stephen Burnet, who died at 2 years.

3. James Burnet went to Georgia, and married there Sarah Wilson, of Powlington, and has one daughter and three sons living at Sparta, Georgia.

4. Ralph Burnet married Phebe Lindsley, of Morristown, had three sons and two daughters, and went to Sidney, Ohio, and died at about 54 years.

5. Hiram Burnet married Adeline Burrows, had one daughter, and died in 1813.
6. Ebenezer Burnet married Mariah Debow, of Morris Co., and went to Sidney, Ohio, and had 13 children.
7. Catharine Burnet married Joseph Warren, of Ramapo, N. Y., and went to Sidney, Ohio, and had 11 children.

8. Joanna Estile Burnet married David Norris, a blacksmith, a son of Lebbeus Norris, of Morristown; lives at Millville, Essex county, and has eight children.

9. John Seward Burnet married Mary Harrison, of Orange, had one daughter, and died at 22 years.

10. Phebe Burnet married Robert Fields, of Paterson; lived there, and has three sons.

11. Charles Burnet married Frances Tichenor, daughter of Jabez, and sister of Sarah's husband; had seven children, all of whom have died except one daughter.

Joanna E. Burnet, (8th child of Lydia Rogers and Ebenezer Burnet,) was born 7th Jan. 1801, and married David Norris, born 10th April, 1791, and had children:

1. James Burnet Norris, born 26th Nov. 1823, is a blacksmith; lives at Springfield; he married Mary Elizabeth Tailor, daughter of John, of Powerville, Morris county.

2 David Alonzo Norris is a blacksmith; went to Bridgeport, and married Sarah Anne Seely, daughter of Henry Seely, of that place, and lives there.

3. Harriet Louisa Norris, born 29th Nov. 1829, and died 3d February, 1840.
4. Sarah Frances Norris, born 1st January, 1831.
5. Mary Josephine Norris, born 16th February, 1833.
6. John Hunter Norris, born 20th April, 1834.
7. Phebe Martha Norris, born 24th October, 1836.
8. Harriet Jane Norris, born 26th April, 1840.

Joanna Rogers, (6th child of Catharine Littell and Jabez Rogers,) and Noah Estile, lived near Dover, Morris Co., and had children:

1. Jabez Lewis Estile, who married Dency M. Ross, daughter of David, of Rockaway; had children: 1. Martha Estile, who married, 7th April, 1850, Rev. Enoch Green, of the New Jersey Conference; 2. Mary Estile. Mr. Jabez L. Estile died of cholera at Rock away, 24th June, 1849, aged 55 years.

2. John Rogers Estile married Rebecca Bruen, daughter of Samuel, of Newark; had children: 1. Noah Estile; 2. Mary Estile; 3. Joseph Estile.

3. Almira Estile married her second cousin, David Littell, son of Enos, son of David. [See Enos Littell.]

4. Stephen Rogers Estile married Margaret Shauger, of Rockaway, and had children: 1. Jane Estile; 2. Eliza Estile; 3. Melinda Estile; 4. Melissa Estile.

5. William Estile married Anne Mariah Lyon, daughter of John Lyon, of Rockaway, and had children: 1. William Henry Estile.

Stephen Rogers, (7th child of Catharine Littell and Jabez Rogers,) and Phebe Baldwin, removed to a farm about four miles north of Seneca Falls, N. Y. He died 1813, aged 40 years, and left children: 1. Jabez; 2. John.

Susan Rogers, (8th child of Catharine Littell and Jabez Rogers,) and Jacob Hinds, removed to Bristol, Vermont, and had children:

1. Stephen Lewis Hinds, born 28th October, 1796, married, 1st, Weathy Johnson, 2d, Phebe Hoit, and had children: 

1. Miriam Johnson Hinds;

2. Rachel Hinds;
3. Isaiah Bower Johnson Hinds;

4. Adelaide Hinds;
5. Margaret Hinds.

2. Sally Hinds, born 7th October, 1798, and married Miron Sturtevant; lives near Buffalo, New York, and had five children.

3. Joanna Hinds, born 8th Feb. 1800, married her cousin, Parson Hinds, son of Aaron Hinds, 31st December, 1818, and had one daughter, and died 3d March, 1820.

4. Jacob Hinds, born 28th January, 1804, and died the next day.
5. Moses Rogers Hinds, born 11th May, 1806, and died 25th October following.

6. Persis Urania Hinds, born 12th February, 1812, married, in 1828, William Delony, of Vermont; removed to Piqua, Ohio, and died in November, 1835, leaving two children.

ELIZABETH LITTELL, (4th child of David, son of Samuel,) and Moses Bedell, had children:

1. Sanah Bedell, who married Thomas Hallock. [See Hallock.]

2. Lydia Bedell, who married Isaac Moore, son of John. [See Moore.] By her second husband, David Van Sickle, she had no children.

DAVID LITTELL, (6th child of David,) was a blacksmith, and lived at Cheapside, in Livingston township; was a justice of the peace, and an elder in the Hanover church many years. He was born January, 1751, and died 28th December, 1812. His wife, Hannah Miller, was born 6th October, 1750, and died 2d July, 1832, aged 81 years. They had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Enos, born 19th May, 1774, and died 19th June, 1848, aged 74 years and 1 month. He married Mary Morehouse, daughter of David, at Canoe Brook. (6th Gen.)

2. Josiah; 3. David--who both died young.

4. William, born 29th January, 1778, and died in a fit in his bed, 7th May, 1840. He married Mary Ward, daughter of Joseph, of Northfield, in Livingston; she died 24th April, 1843, aged 62 years.

5. Andrew, who died 13th August, 1795, aged 23 years, 6 months, and 9 days, unmarried.

6. Rhoda, born 1st December, 1781, and married John Humes; lives in Newark.

7. Elizabeth, born 30th March, 1784, and married David Whitehead, son of David, son of Deacon David Whitehead, of Elizabethtown; he was a chairmaker. Mr. Whitehead had a cancer on the side of his nose, by which he suffered greatly many years, and which eventually caused his death.

8. Luther, who married Margaret Wade, daughter of Henry and Dolly Wade, of Livingston.

9. Hannah; 10. Calvin, who both died young.

ENOS LITTELL, and Mary Morehouse, had children: (6th, 7th Gen.)

1. Hannah, who married, 16th May, 1821, Enos B. Morehouse, son of Jephtha, and died childless.

2. Esther Bedell married, 16th May, 1821, Aaron Morehouse, son of John, of Livngston, and removed to Delaware county, Ohio, and died 23d September, 1846, leaving children; 

1. Elizabeth Morehouse, who married George McMasters; 

2. John Morehouse; 

3. Cornelia Morehouse; 

4. William Morehouse; 

5. Sarah Anne Morehouse; and six others, making eleven.

3. William, who married, 26th October, 1825, Mary Baldwin, daughter of David, of Livingston; lives in Newark; had no children.

4. David, who married his 2d cousin, Almira Estile, daughter of Noah, of near Dover, and had children:

1. Hannah Mariah, born 10th May, 1830; 2. Elizabeth Higgins; 3. William Estile; 4. Joanna Estile; 5. Emma; 6. David; 7. Almira.

5. Stephen Morehouse Littell married, 23d Sept. 1832, Cornelia A. Baldwin, daughter of Isaac, son of David Baldwin, of Canoe Brook; lives in Delaware, Ohio, and had children:

1. William Goldy Littell; 2. Sarah Frances; 3. Mary Elizabeth; 4. Eliza; 5. Isaac.

6. Enos Whitehead Littell married Sarah Anne Foote, daughter of Capt. Foote, of Connecticut, and had one son, John Foote Littell.

7. Betsey married, 19th June, 1833, Isaac Oakley Higgins, of Newark, and lives there, and had children:

1. Edward Payson Higgins; 2. Cornelia Littell Higgins; 3. Mary Elizabeth Higgins.

8. Aaron Condit Littell married, 20th Nov. 1838, Mary Birt, daughter of Abraham Birt, of Morris county, and had a son, 1. Enos Birt Littell. His wife died 25th Nov. 1839, and he married, 4th April, 1841, her sister, Elizabeth Birt, and had children; 2. James Higgins Littell; 3. William Littell; 4. John Wood Littell.

9. Mary married, 22d Nov. 1838, John Wood, an Englishman, lives in Newark, and had children:

1. Frederick Augustus Wood; 2. Henrietta Wood; 3. John Wood; 4. Charles Wood.

WILLIAM LITTELL, and Mary Ward, lived at Northfield, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Joseph Ward Littell, born 3d Oct. 1804, and married Locky Force, daughter of Jonathan Force, of Livingston, and had children:

1. Sarah Margaret, born 16th Dec. 1828; 2. George Benedict, born 19th June, 1832; 3. Josephine, born 11th Sept. 1835.

2. Andrew, who married Locky Harrison, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Harrison, of Hanover, and had 3 children, who all died young.

3. Sarah married Samuel Lynch, of Orange county, New York, and lives there.

4. Charles, who died at 20 years of age.

RHODA LITTELL, (daughter of David.) and John Humes, live in Newark. He is a justice of the peace. They had children:

1. David Littell Humes. He married, and he and his wife both died, and left no children.

2. William Humes, who married Jerusha Thompson, granddaughter of Judge Thompson, of Mendham, and had children:

1. Charles Humes; 2. Mary Elizabeth Humes; 3. John Humes.

ELIZABETH LITTELL, (daughter of David,) and David Whitehead, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Enos Littell Whitehead, who married Joanna Coleman, of Rahway; lived in Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Elizabeth Whitehead, who married John Jones Vanhouten, of Elizabethtown.

2. Mary M. Whitehead married Israel Townley, son of Edward, of Westfield.
3. William M. Whitehead married _____ _____ .
4. Theodore F. Whitehead.
5. David Whitehead.
6. Francis L. Whitehead.
7. Julianne Whitehead.

2. John Miller Whitehead married Caroline Parker, of New York, and had children:

1. Louisa M. Whitehead.
2. Hannah F. Whitehead.
3. Eliza T. Whitehead.
4. Alphonso Timolat Whitehead.

3. Susan Brant Whitehead married William R. Todd; lives in Newark, and had children:

1. David M. Todd.
2. Mariah Jane Todd.
3. Margaret Plum Todd.

4. Hannah Littell Whitehead, who married Victor Fleury, who is a baker at Morristown, and had children:

1. John W. Fleury; 2. Victor Augustus Fleury; 3. David Whitehead Fleury; 4. George Wood Fleury.

5. Rhoda Humes Whitehead married Simeon D. Hoagland, son of Cornelius Hoagland, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. David Whitehead Hoagland; 2. Adelaide Smith Hoagland.

LUTHER LITTELL, (son of David,) and Margaret Wade, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Abba Louisa, who married Isaac Rogers, and lives in New York, and had children:

1. James Henry Rogers; 2. Mary Eliza Rogers; 3. Valentine Eustace Rogers.

2. Rhoda Anne married David Ayers, son of William, son of David Ayers, Esq., of Liberty Corner, lives at Morristown, and had children:

1. Sarah Louisa Ayers; 2. Malvina Thompson Ayers; 3. David Humes Ayers; 4. Anne Eliza Ayers; 5. John Littell Ayers.

3. John, who went to the south, and was there drowned; did not marry.


NATHANIEL LITTELL was son of David, son of Samuel, son of John, son of George Littell, who emigrated from London about 1635. Nathaniel Littell, Esq., married Mary Cauldwell, daughter of William Cauldwell, son of James, who emigrated from Ireland in 1732. He bought the lot of land, in 1786, of John Bedell, on which he built the house in 1787, where his son John now lives, and where he kept a store till he died, the 18th of February, 1811, aged 58 years. He was a justice of the peace, and an elder in the Presbyterian church. Mary, his wife, was born 14th Feb. 1757, and died 8th January, 1823. They had children:

1. John, born 28th November, 1779, married, 6th May, 1809, Mary Conklin, daughter of William Conklin, Esq., of Basking Ridge. [See Conklin.] (5th Gen.)

2. Hugh, born 3d September, 1781, married 22d January, 1814, Susan W. Scudder, daughter of Doctor Benjamin R. Scudder, son of Richard Scudder. [See Scudder.] He was a master mason in New York, was engaged in the erection of ten brick houses, when, on the 9th of November, 1822, he was ascending a ladder to the upper story of one of them, lost his balance, and fell to the curbstone of the street, broke in his skull, and died immediately. He had no children.

3. Polly, born 10th May, 1783, married, 22d March, 1800, Ebenezer Byram, born 29th April, 1778, son of Naphtali Byram, of Morristown. [See Byram.]

Ebenezer Byram, in 1803, removed to Warren Co., Ohio; had 12 children, and died 12th October, 1821, and she married, 12th April, 1824, Samuel Robison, Esq., and had two other children. They live at New Harrison, Darke county, Ohio.

4. Aaron, born 17th January, 1786, and died 11th February, 1786.

5. Luther, born 20th April, 1787, and died 19th February, 1833, with consumption. He did not marry. He was elected a member of the legislature in 1829, held several of the most important town offices, and was, when he died, a colonel of the militia.

6. Nancy, born 13th April, 1789, married, 23d November, 1811, Peter Rounsavelle, born 7th July, 1791.

7. Betsey Thompson, born 16th August, 1791, married, 11th March, 1810, Dr. William F. Piatt, born 9th October, 1788, son of Capt. William Piatt, of Scotch Plains. They removed to New York, where she died 29th Nov. 1827; and he died 7th May, 1848. [See Sarah Shotwell.]

8. Huldah, born 16th December, 1794, married, 21st February, 1822, Daniel Price, now of Newark, son of Daniel Price. At the time she married, and some time before, she was a teacher of a school in Elizabethtown. She was taken with fever, and died 15th November, 1822, without children, aged nearly 28 years.

Mr. Price married again a niece of Rev. Lewis Bond, of Plainfield, is a varnish manufacturer of Newark, and has no living children.

9. David Cauldwell, born 28th January, 1799, and died 12th November, 1810.

JOHN LITTELL, (1st son of Nathaniel, son of David,) lives where his father did, in Passaic Valley, near Littell's Bridge, and with his brother Luther, kept a store from 1811 to 1828, when they dissolved partnership, and he continued the store alone till 1838, when he sold out the goods to Jonathan Valentine, who continued it till 1839. (6th Gen.)

He was twice elected to the legislature, viz. 1837 and 1838; was appointed a justice of the peace and judge of the court in 1814, and again appointed justice of the peace in 1828, and continued by reappointments till 1848; was then again elected under the new Constitution, and was in 1829 appointed by the legislature a commissioner of deeds, and by successive appointments continued in that office to the present time.

He was elected and installed an elder in the Presbyterian church in 1835, and was appointed one of the delegates of the Presbytery of Elizabethtown to the general assembly of the Presbyterian, church, in 1835 at Pittsburgh, and in 1840 and 1846 at Philadelphia and 1851 at St. Louis.

John Littell, (1st child of Nathaniel,) and Mary Conklin, had children:

1. William Conklin, born 15th April, 1810, and died 27th Sept. 1813.

2. Mary, born 29th February, 1812, married 25th July, 1838, Jonathan Valentine, son of Peter D. Valentine, and had children:

1. Samuel Rutan; 2. Luther Littell; 3. Eliza Littell; 4. William, who died in infancy; 5. John, who died in infancy; 6. Mary Abigail. [See Valentine.]

3. William, born 10th October, 1815, married, 26th October, 1836, Mehetabel Bonnel, daughter of Jonathan C. Bonnel, son of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d. [See Bonnel.]

He keeps a store at the summit of the Morris and Essex Railroad, and is Postmaster there.

4. Eliza, born 16th December, 1815, married, 9th March, 1842 James K. Hurin, a merchant of Lebanon, Ohio, and went there, and died 19th May, 1843, leaving a young child, named Eliza, who died at three months old, and he again married, 5th June, 1845, Cynthia Halsey. [See Hurin.]

5. Harriet, born 14th November, 1817, married, 16th May, 1848, John T. Willcox, son of Jonathan M. Willcox, son of Levi, and had a son, George. He kept a store in New Providence Village.

6. Susan, born 27th February, 1820, and married, 1st November, 1851, Charles Whitaker, son of Deacon Stephen Whitaker, of Cleveland, Ohio, and lives there.

7. John, born 30th January, 1822, married, 24th September, 1851, Deborah Hall, born 24th December, 1821, daughter of Jonathan A. Hall, of Penn Yan, N. Y.

8. Luther, born 21st April, 1824; graduated at Princeton College 25th June, 1844, studied theology at the Princeton theological seminary, and was licensed to preach 4th October, 1849, by the Elizabethtown Presbytery, and was ordained to preach the gospel, and installed over the church at Mount Hope, Orange county, N. York, the 25th September, 1850, by the Presbytery of Hudson.

9. Huldah Rebecca, born 3d June, 1826, married, 2d May, 1850, to John Thomas, of Hamilton, Butler county, Ohio, and went there. Mr. Thomas was born 20th July, 1822, is a lawyer, a son of the Rev. Thomas Thomas, a native of Wales, who graduated at Oxford, England.

10. A daughter not named, born 16th January, 1830, and died the same day.

WILLIAM LITTELL, (son of John, son of Nathaniel,) and Mehetabel Bonnel, lived at Summit, and had children:

1. William Henry, born 2d May, 1840.

2. Theodore, born 14th May, 1844.

3. Frederick Rose, born 12th April, 1847.

4. Julia Smith, born 3d April, 1851.

POLLY LITTELL, (3d child of Nathaniel, son of David,) and Ebenezer Byram, lived in Darke county, Ohio, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Mary Littell Byram, born 22d Dec. 1800, married, 12th March, 1818, James Gregory, and died 16th July, 1827, leaving children: (8th Gen.)

1. Samuel Gregory, who married Jane Roll, daughter of John and Polly Roll, lives in Montgomery county, Indiana, and had children:

1. _____ _____ , who died young.
2. Sarah Gregory, who married John McClure; lives in Montgomery county, Indiana, and has 4 children.

3. Esther Gregory married William Smith; lived in Tippecanoe county, Indiana. She died March, 1849, leaving a child 10 days old, named Will Esther.

4. Martha Jane Gregory, born 24th Nov. 1825, married Silas Thomas, son of Samuel Thomas; lives near Troy, Miami county, Ohio.

2. Abby Hedges Byram, born 19th August, 1802, and died 12th April, 1805.

3. Eliza Ogden Byram, born 25th Nov. 1804, married, 27th Dec. 1824, Thomas Barnes, son of Jared, and had children:

1. Mary Elizabeth Barnes married, 8th May, 1845, Derick Lamer. She had a child the 8th Jan. 1847, and died the 9th, and the child the 10th, and both buried in one grave.

2. Sarah Jane Barnes, born 1827, and died at about 5 years.
3. Ebenezer Byram Barnes, born August, 1831.

4. Huldah Anne Barnes, born August, 1832, married, March, 1850, James Custons, an Englishman by birth, brought up near Poughkeepsie, New York.

5. Harriet Barnes died in childhood.
6. Rachel Barnes died in infancy.
7. Susan Barnes died in infancy.

8. Martha Barnes, born 1837.
9. James Barnes.
10. Harriet Barnes.
11. Caroline Barnes.

4 Nancy Littell Byram, born 8th Oct. 1806, and died 25th of the same month.

5. Amy Hedges Byram, born 16th Sept. 1807, married, 17th March, 1830, Amos Barnes, brother of Thomas, and died 1st Oct. 1847, leaving 4 children:

1. Jared Barnes, born 1st Jan. 1833.
2. Lewis Byram Barnes, born July, 1835.
3. John Barnes, born July, 1837.
4. Elizabeth Barnes, born July, 1839.

6. Silas Condit Byram, born 2d Sept. 1809, married 7th April, 1831, Mary Clark, daughter of John, son of Thomas Clark and Rebecca Lyon, danghter of Joseph Lyon. [See Joseph Lyon.] He lives near Hill Grove, Darke County, Ohio, and had children:

1. Sarah Byram, born 7th Feb. 1832.
2. Mary Elizabeth Byram, born 49th Aug. 1834
3. Amy Jane Byram, born 8th March, 1837.
4. Anne Byram, born 19th April, 1839.
5. Eliza Mariah Byram, born 10th Sept. 1841, and died 9th Jan. 1843.
6. Harriet Byram, born 8th Feb. 1844.
7. Susan Byram, born 17th Sept. 1847.

7. Lewis Naphtali Byram, born 9th Nov. 1811, married, 3d March, 1836, Elizabeth McAnulty; lives in Randolph county, Indiana, and had children:

1. Martha Jane Byram, born 17th July, 1837.
2. James Byram born 9th Dec. 1838.
3. David Byram, born 19th July, 1840.
4. William Courtney Byram, born June, 1842, and died in infancy.
5. John Littell Byram, born 20 h Jan. 1848.
6. Mary Ellen Byram, born 5th Augu t, 1849.

8. Nathaniel Littell Byram, born 3d Jan. 1814, married, 24th April. 1837, his cousin, Mary Byram, daughter of Silas C. Byram, son of Naphtali, and had a daughter, Harriet Byram, who lives with her relative, the Rev. David Holliday, at Peekskill, New York, [see Byram,] and also a son, William Nathaniel Byram, who died Nov. 1841, aged 4 months. He died 8th Sept. 1841, of consumption. His wife, Mary, died 20th July, 1847.

9. John Littell Byram, born 25th May, 1816, married, 9th Nov. 1839, Lucinda Manuel, daughter of Philip; lives in Marion, Grant county, Indiana, and had children:

1. Silas Byram, born 15th June, 1841.
2. Mary Jane Byram, born 3d June, 1845.
3. John Franklin Byram, born 9th July, 1848.

10. James Gregory Byram, twin to David Clark, born 18th August, 1818, and died by accident, 10th May, 1822. (He fell off the fence, and pulled a rail down upon him.)

11. David Clark Byram, born 18th August, 1818, married, April, 1836, Eliza Law; lives near Hill Grove, Darke Co., Ohio, and had children:

1. Milton Wesley Byram; 2. Ezra Potter Byram; 3. Clark Greenwood Byram; 4. Newton Byram; 5. Mary Byram; 6. Mariah Byram.

NOTE.--Eliza Law was daughter of Francis Law, who married Catherine Simpson, daughter of James, who married Jane Vansickle, sister of John and Abraham Vansickle, of Frenton, Ohio. [See Joseph Crane, page 108.]

12 Susan Littell Byram, born 25th April, 1821, and died 17th May, 1823.

And by Samuel Robison, Esq., Polly Littell had children:

13. Robert Luther Robison, born 16th December, 1824, and married, 6th May, 1845, Lavina Frybarger, daughter of John Jacob Frybarger, and had children:

1. Sarah Anne Robison, born 13th May, 1846.
2. Mary Ellen Robison, born 5th September, 1849.

14. Samuel Hervy Robison, born 10th May, 1827.

NANCY LITTELL, (6th child of Nathaniel, son of David,) and Peter Rounsavelle, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. David Cauldwell Littell Rounsavelle, born 5th December, 1812, and married Mary Parsons, born 16th April, 1807, daughter of Jonathan, and had children:

1. Dayton Rounsavelle, born 18th October, 1834.

2. Charles Rounsavelle, born 21st June, 1837, and died 10th March, 1838. His wife Mary died 20th October, 1840, and he married, 15th April, 1841, Sarah S. Whitson, born 19th June, 1814, daughter of David Whitson, of Baltimore, and had children:

3. David Whitson Rounsavelle, born 11th July, 1843.
4. William Littell Rounsavelle, born 7th May, 1845.
5. Charles Emory Rounsavelle, born 28th April, 1849.

David C. L. Rounsavelle lives in Baltimore.

2. Hugh Rounsavelle, who died in infancy.

3. Mary, born 3d September, 1820, and died 22d March, 1822. 

Mrs. Nancy Rounsavelle died 23d December, 1822, and Peter immediately left this region of country.

BETSEY T. LITTELL, (7th child of Nathaniel, son of David,) and Doctor William F. Piatt, lived in New York, and had children:

1. Mariah Milnor Piatt, born 9th July, 1811, married, 13th November, 1827, Joel Wilson, son of John Wilson, Esq., of Plainfield, and had children:

1. William Piatt Wilson, born 13th February, 1829.
2. Mercy Wilson, born 24th March, 1831.
3. Eliza Wilson, born 26th November, 1833.

Mrs. Mariah M. Wilson died 4th August, 1834, and Joel Wilson married again, and lives in Rahway.

2. James Mortimer Piatt, born 17th July, 1814, went to sea and did not return

Mrs. Betsey T. or Eliza T. Piatt died, and Docter Piatt married, 2d, Caroline Kempton, widow of Captain Kempton, and had a daughter Eliza or Lizzy C. K. Piatt, who is now teaching in a private family in New York. Dr. W. F. Piatt died 7th May, 1848. His 2d wife died previous to his death.


JONATHAN LITTELL, (10th child of Samuel, 1st, of N. J.,) had 4 sons. (4th Gen.)

1. Henry, who it is said married, and lived in the northern part of Morris county.

2. Jonathan, who married Phebe Clark, sister or daughter of Isaac Clark, of Scotch Plains.

3. Cornelius, who married, 1st, Susannah Tucker, daughter of John Tucker, of Stony Hill, and had 2 children; 2d, Martha Drake, and had 3 other children: Keziah, James, and Martha.

4. William, who married Phebe Meeker, daughter of John Meeker, of Scotch Plains, and had 7 children.

JONATHAN LITTELL, (son of Jonathan,) and Phebe Clark, had 5 children, viz.: (5th Gen.)

1. Hannah, who married Hugh Drake, son of Andrew, of Plainfield.

2. Henry married Betsey Hedges, daughter of Benjamin, of Stony Hill.

3. Nancy married Charles Rino, who lived north of Green Brook, near Scotch Plains.

4. Phebe married Bruen Brown, a Baptist minister, and went to Washington city.

5. Joanna, who went with her sister to Washington city.

HANNAH LITTELL, (1st child of Jonathan and Phebe Clark,) and Hugh Drake, lived at Plainfield, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Nancy Drake, who married Jonathan Randolph, son of Barzilla, of Plainfield.

2. Jacob Drake, who married Eliza Maloy.

3. Phebe Drake married Elkana Randolph.

4. Aaron Drake married Phebe Frazee, daughter of Moses, son of Henry Frazee.

5. John Drake married Henrietta Martin, daughter of Jonathan.

6. Mary Drake married John Briant, of Springfield.

7. Eliza.

Nancy Drake, (1st child of Hugh Drake and Hannah Littell,) and Jonathan Randolph, had children: (7th Gen.)

1. Barzilla Randolph, who married Mary Dunn, of Piscataway.
2. Hannah Anne Randolph married James Ayres, of New Market.
3. Emeline D. Randolph married David Dunham, of Piscataway.
4. Daniel Randolph.

Jacob Drake, (2d child of Hugh Drake and Hannah Littell,) and Eliza Maloy, had children: (7th Gen.)

1. Mary Drake; 2. Caroline Drake.

Aaron Drake, (4th child of Hugh Drake and Hannah Littell,) and Phebe Frazee, had children:

1. Adelia Drake; 2. Randolph Drake; 3, Sarah Drake; 4. Louisa Drake; 5. Henry Drake.

HENRY LITTELL, (2d child of Jonathan Littell and Phebe Clark,) and Betsey Hedges, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. William, who married Nancy Willcox, daughter of William, son of Noah.

2. Hedges, who went to the Genesee Valley, N. Y. and married, and had one child. He and his wife and child all died near together, with fever, in 1847.

WILLIAM LITTELL, (son of Henry,) and Nancy Willcox, lived in Westfield, near the Branch Mill, and had children: (8th Gen.)

1. Mary, who married Rev. Reuben Porter, a Baptist minister, son of Reuben.

2. Fanny.

3. Henry married Sarah Rino, daughter of Ephraim.

4. Charlotte, born 3d September, 1829.

5. Catherine.

6. Elizabeth.

7. Abigail.

8. Amos.

9. Harriet.

10. Aaron.

NANCY LITTELL, (3d child of Jonathan Littell and Phebe Clark,) and Charles Rino, had children:

1. Betsey Rino.

2. Dunham Rino.

3. Hugh Rino, who married, and lives in Rahway.

4. Amos Rino.

5. Phebe Rino.

6. Mary Rino.

7. Sarah Rino.

8. Rebecca Rino.

9. John Rino married and went to Albany, and died.

10. Charles Rino, who died in infancy.

Charles Rino's wife Nancy then died, and he married, 2d, Mary Marsh, daughter of Isaac Marsh, of Scotch Plains, and had 11 other children, viz.:

11. Charles Rino, 2d, who married Mary Van Sickle, of Elizabethtown.

12. Ephraim Rino, who went to New Orleans.

13. Anson Rino married Nancy _____ , of New York.

14. Jedediah Rino married Georgiana Webber, of New York.

15. George Rino mrried Anne Darlin, of New York.

16. Hannah Rino married Amos Willcox, son of Cornelius, and had children: 1. Benjamin Sayre Willcox; 2. Irene Willcox.

17. Thomas Rino.

18. William Henry Rino.

19. Alva Rino.

20. Abigail Rino.

21. Abilear Rino.

CORNELIUS LITTELL, (3d son of Jonathan, son of Samuel,) by his first wife, Susannah Tucker, had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Catherine, who married Samuel Frazee in Ohio, and had 10 children.

2. Rebecca married John Murdock in Ohio, and had 4 children.

NOTE.--Rebecca Murdock was drowned about 1820, in crossing a creek near Cincinnati, and Mr. Murdock removed, I have not learned where.

And by his second wife, Martha Drake, Cornelius Littell had 3 children:

3. Keziah married Moses Larew, and lived near West Chester, Ohio. He died about 1830, leaving 6 children, Amos, Mahlon, and Moses Larew, and Martha, Rebecca, and Jane Larew.

4. James Manning, who married Betsey Larew, sister of Moses Larew, Keziah's husband.

5. Martha, who married Jacob Rudasille.

CATHERINE LITTELL, (daughter of Cornelius,) and Samuel Frazee, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Hannah Frazee, who married John Spivey; lives at Connersville, Indiana.

2. Rebecca Frazee, born 23d August, 1805, married Garret Vleit, from Sussex; lives near Milwaukie, Wisconsan. He has been considerably engaged in government surveying. They had children:

1. John B. Vleit, born 26th April, 1822, married, July, 1846, Manica Caroline Coon; has no children. His business is engineering in Milwaukie.

2. Jasper Vleit, born 3d April, 1824. He is engineer on the Milwaukie and Mississippi Railroad.

3. William Vleit, born 29th May, 1827, is a farmer.

4. Abraham Vleit, born 5th August, 1829, is with John, engineering.

3. Susan Frazee married, 1st, David Place, and removed to De Witt Clinton county, Michigan. Mr. Place died about 1832, leaving 4 children:

1. Catherine Place married, October, 1846, George Sercomb, and had children: 1. George Orville Sercomb; 2. Caroline Vleit Sercomb.

2. Caroline Place, twin to Catherine.
3. Mary Anne Place.
4. Rebecca Place.

After the death of Mr. Place, Susan Frazee married, 2d, Henry Moore, and had children:

5. Harriet Moore; 6. John Moore; 7. Charles Moore; and 3 others.

4. Cornelius Frazee married Rosannah Spivey; lives at Rossville, Ohio.

5. William Frazee married Fanny Boid, and soon after died, without children.

6. Samuel Frazee died in Indiana, unmarried.

7. Catherine Frazee married William Boice, lives at Hartford, Blackford county, Indiana, and had 7 children.

8. Keziah Frazee married John Petro, lives in Shelby county, Illinois, and has children: 1. Cynthia Jane Petro; 2. Catherine Petro.

9. John T. Frazee married Julianne Conover, lives in Fayette county, Illinois, and had children: 1. Catherine Frazee; 2. Harrison Frelinghuysen Frazee; 3. Jasper Frazee; 4. Rebecca Frazee.

10. Martha Jane Frazee married Stephen Riggs, lives in Fayette county, Illinois, and had children: 1. Elbridge Riggs; 2. Alfred Riggs; 3. Albert Riggs.

KEZIAH LITTELL, (3d child of Cornelius,) and Moses Larew, had children:

1. Amos Larew, who married Rosannah Huffman, had but one son, Henry Marion Larew.

2. Mahlon Larew married Bridget Humes, and had children: 1. John Larew; 2. Lauretta Larew; 3. Augustus Larew.

3. Moses Larew married Amy Anne Morris, and has no children.

4. Martha Larew married Joseph Gorman, and had 8 children:

1. Elizabeth Gorman; 2. Keziah Gorman; 3. Sophronia Gorman; 4. William Gorman; 5. Amanda Gorman; 6. Matilda Gorman; 7. Amos Gorman; 8. Joseph Wilson Gorman.

Keziah Gorman, daughter of Joseph, married Andrew Norris, and had children: 1. Hannah Norris; 2. William Henry Norris; 3. Martha Anne Norris; 4. Robert Benjamin Norris.

5. Rebecca Larew married William Voorhees, and had children:

1. Decamp Voorhees; 2. John Voorhees; 3. Harriet Voorhees.

6. Jane Larew married Thomas Gaffner, and had children:

1. Owen Larew Gaffner; 2. Thomas Martin Gaffner.

WILLIAM LITTELL, (4th son of Jonathan, son of Samuel, 1st,) and Pnebe Meeker, had children; he removed to Sussex county in 1800. (5th Gen.)

1. John Meeker, who married, 1st, Catherine Bedell, daughter of Abraham, son of Jacob Bedell; 2d, Betsey Polhemus, of Sussex.

2. Polly married Jacob B. Maxwell, son of John, son of John Maxwell.

3. Elias married, 1st, Mary Collins, of Sussex; 2d, Lydia, a widow, whose maiden name was Lydia Doremus. She died 6th July, 1850, aged 62 years.

4. Hiram married Peggy Stanbury, daughter of Capt. Jacob Stanbury, of Scotch Plains.

5. Nancy married, 1st, James McPeek, son of Jonathan McPeek, of Sussex; 2d, John Osborn Maxwell, brother of Jacob B. Maxwell, above named.

6. Sally married Benjamin McPeek, brother of James, above named.

7. Linus married, 1st, Miss _____ Stites, of Elizabethtown; 2. Joanna Crane, of Lyons Farms.

JOHN MEEKER LITTELL, (son of William, son of Jonathan,) and Catherine Bedell, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Lucinda, who died a young woman, unmarried.

2. Betsey, who married Alexander Hamilton Davis, of Newark.

3. Rachel went to the lakes, N. Y., and married there.

4. Phebe went also to the lakes, N. Y., and married there.

5. Elias married _____ _____ ; lives in New York.

6. Hiram married Phebe and Mary _____ , sisters; lives in N Y.

And by his 2d wife, Betsey Polhemus, he had other children:

7. Catherine, who married _____ _____ ; lives in Newark.

8. John.

9. Cornelius, who died in infancy.

10. Cornelius, 2d, born after his father's death.

John M. Littell died of the cholera at Patterson, in 1832.

ELIAS LITTELL, (3d child of William Littell, son of Jonathan,) and Mary Collins, lived in Bloomfield, and had children:

1. Mary, who married John Doremus, brother of his father's 2d wife.

2. John Collins Littell married Lucetta Woodruff, daughter of Flavel, of Madison. He is a tailor in Newark, and had children:

1. William Britton Littell; 2. Mary Collins Littell; 3. John Collins Littell; 4. Rhoda Woodruff Littell.

3. William, who married Emma Hedenburg, daughter of Edward L. Hedenburg, of Newark. He is a carriage maker of Newark, and had children: 1. William; 2. Emma S.

And by his 2d wife, Lydia, Elias Littell had a son, _____ _____ .

HIRAM LITTELL, (4th child of William, son of Jonathan,) and Peggy Stanbury, had one daughter.

1. Margaret, who married Mr. Balies, of Newark.

NANCY LITTELL, (5th child of William, son of Jonathan,) and James McPeek, lives at Lafayette, Sussex county, and had but one child, 1. William McPeek.

SALLY LITTELL, (6th child of William, son of Jonathan,) and Benjamin McPeek, had children:

1. Mary McPeek; 2. Catherine McPeek; 3. Phebe McPeek: 4. Sarah Elizabeth McPeek; 5. Whitefield McPeek; 6. Margaret McPeek; and three others who died young, two of them 1st Aug. 1844.

LINUS LITTELL, (7th child of William, son of Jonathan,) had children: 1. William; 2. Stiles; 3. Elizabeth.


NATHANIEL LITTELL is said by John Littell, his grandson, to be brother of Benjamin Littell; or rather that Nathaniel Littell, Jun., was cousin to John Littell, of Westfield; therefore Nathaniel Littell, Sen., was son of Samuel. (4th Gen.)

Nathaniel Littell, son of Samuel, married Susan Colie, of Springfield, thought to be a sister of Daniel Colie; he had children:

1. Henry.

2. William, who died a soldier in the Revolutionary war.

3. James married Jane Dumont, of Somerset county; lived near Green Brook, Piscataway.

4. John, who went to near Cherry Valley, New York, and settled there.

5. Benjamin married and had but one child, Susan, who married and went to French Creek.

6. Noah married Jane Gildersleeve, and lived at Jefferson Village, Essex county.

7. Nathaniel married Catherine Corsner, of Monmouth county.

8. Aaron married Sarah Dickerson, and lived in Elizabethtown, and died without children.

9. Mary, who married Hobart Jewel, of Sodom, Essex county.

HENRY LITTELL, (1st child of Nathaniel, son of Samuel, 1st,) had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Jonathan, who married Susan Steinbeck, daughter of Jacob, a German, and lived at Cheapside.

2. William, who had a large red mark on the side of his face. He married Jane Smith, daughter of Uriah, of Cauldwell, and had children: 1. Mary; 2. John; and then removed to Indiana.

3. Abby married Samuel Lyon, son of Moses, of Short Hills.

4. Hannah married John Smith.

5. Susan married John Tailor, son of William, of Springfield.

6. Polly married John Sip, lived in Newark, and both died there, leaving two children: 1. William Sip; 2. Matilda Sip.

7. Nancy married Richard Swain, of Springfield.

JONATHAN LITTELL, (1st child of Henry, son of Nathaniel,) and Susan Steinbeck, lived at Cheapside, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Betsey, who died a young woman, unmarried.

2. Phebe, who married John Drew, Jun., son of John Drew, of W. O. Ridge, and had children:

1. Charlotte Drew; 2. Teresse Drew; 3. Elizabeth Drew; 4. John Drew; 5. Phebe Drew.

3. Mary married Noah Stiles, Jun., son of Noah, of Connecticut, and had children;

1. Emma Stiles; 2. Edward Stiles; 3. Adolphus Stiles.

4. Sally married Mervin Stiles, brother of Noah, Jun., and had children:

1. Laban Stiles; 2. Walter Stiles; 3. Montgomery Stiles; 4. Sarah Jane Stiles.

5. John, who died at 3 years.

6. Jane married William Stiles, brother of Noah and Mervin, and had children:

1. Mary Stiles; 2. John Lyon Stiles; 3. Cornelia Stiles; 4. Susan Stiles; 5. Louisa Stiles; 6. William Stiles.

7. Susan married Daniel Van Wert, from Connecticut, and had children:

1. Caleb Van Wert; 2. John Van Wert.

8. Vashti Budd Littell married Aaron S. Ross, son of Aaron F. Ross, of White Oak Ridge, and had a son, William Augustus Ross.

9. Frances, who married Baldwin Townley, of Livingston, and had a daughter, Elizabeth Townley.

ABBY LITTELL, (3d child of Henry,) and Samuel Lyon, had children:

1. John Lyon; 2. Mary Lyon; 3. Sally Lyon; 4. William Lyon; 5. Esther Lyon; 6. Caroline Lyon.

HANNAH LITTELL, (4th child of Henry,) and John Smith, had children:

1. Charlotte Smith; 2. David Smith; 3. Caleb Smith; 4. Caroline Smith; 5. Matilda Smith.

JAMES LITTELL, (3d child of Nathaniel, son of Samuel, 1st,) and Jane Dumont, lived near Green Brook, in Middlesex county, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Richard Dumont Littell, who married three sisters, 1st, Margaret Eliza Dunn; 2d, Anne Mariah Dunn; 3d, Rebecca Dunn, daughters of Judge Dunn, of Staten Island, and lives there, and by his first wife has children:

1. Jane Johannah Dumont Littell.

2. John Dumont Littell, who is a lawyer; lives at Hoboken, and married the only daughter of Smith Bloomfield, and has a daughter, born 1849.

By his 2d wife, Anne Mariah, he had no living children.

By his 3d wife, Rebecca, he had 7 children:

3. Margaret Eliza.
4. Mary Louisa.
5. Emma.
6. Richard Dumont Littell, born 1849; and 3 others, who have died.

2. William, who lived on Staten Island, and married a Miss Farmer, near New Brunswick, New Jersey, and soon after his marriage, in attempting to cross the Freshkill Creek, on his way to visit his wife, was drowned. After his death, his widow had a son, William, born about 1828 or 1830.

3. Margaret married Mr. Broadhead, and both died, leaving no children.

4. Rachel married Edward Sprague, from Long Island, and had a son, William Sprague, born about 1840.

NOAH LITTELL, (6th son of Nathaniel, son of Samuel, 1st,) and Jane Gildersleeve, lived at Jefferson Village, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Nathaniel B., who married Hannah Crowel, daughter of Sylvanus.

2. David married Mary Anne McDonald, daughter of John, from Ireland.

3. Polly married Richard Crowel, son of Daniel, of W. O. Ridge

4. Phebe married, 1st, Abraham Baker; 2d, Gilbert Rindell.

5. Smith, who was accidentally hung on a ladder in his father's barn, at about 17 years of age.

NATHANIEL B. LITTELL, (son of Noah,) and Hannah Crowel, lived at Jefferson Village, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Smith, who married Abby Neely, of Cherry Valley, Essex Co., and had children: 1. Smith; 2. Andrew.

2. Mary Jane married Baxter Wilkison, son of Crowel, and had children:

1. Hannah Frances Wilkison; 2. Joseph Wilkison; 3. Samuel Wilkison.

3. Noah, who died, at about 24 years, unmarried.

4. Moses, born 6th Aug. 1829, married, 1850, Eliza Kinnan.

DAVID LITTELL, (son of Noah,) and Mary Anne McDonald, had children:

1. John Smith Littell, who married Amanda Miller, and had a daughter, Adaline Littell.

2. Levi Clark Littell.

3. Abraham Baker Littell.

4. Frances Denman Littell, who died Oct. 1847, aged 14 years.

POLLY LITTELL, (daughter of Noah,) and Richard Crowel, lives in Ohio, and has children:

1. Rebecca Crowel, who married Isaac Ross, of South Orange,

2. Louisa Crowel married _____ _____ .

3. Daniel Crowel married _____ _____ .

4. Moses Crowel.

5. Aaron Crowel.

6. Phebe Crowel.

PHEBE LITTELL, (daughter of Noah,) and Abraham Baker. had a daughter,

1. Mary Baker, who married David Mitchel.

And by Gilbert Rindell she had children:

2. Susan Brant Rindell.

3. Sarah Pierson Rindell.

4. Gilbert Rindell.

5. Robert Rindell.

6. Phebe Jane Rindell.

NATHANIEL LITTELL, Jun., (7th son of Nathaniel, son of Samuel, 1st,) and Catherine Corsner, lived at Green Brook, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. John, born 14th May, 1781, and married Mercy Williamson, daughter of James, of Plainfield, and lived on the first mountain, above Bound Brook.

2. James married Mary Winans, daughter of Winant Winans, and went to Middletown, Ohio, and died there.

3. Griffin was a soldier in the war of 1812; taken prisoner at Hull's surrender, and never returned. He did not marry.

4. William went to Illinois; married Nancy Glasgow, and died there in Sept. 1850, leaving children: 1. Mary, who married Willard W. How; lives at Toledo; 2. Elizabeth Littell.

5. Benjamin married Mary Compton, daughter of James Compton, of Liberty Corner.

6. Aaron married Jane Brown, daughter of Stephen, of Washington Valley, and had children, Stephen and others, and removed to Mason county, Illinois.

7. Hannah married Henry Jemison, of Spottswood; lives near John Littell, her brother.

JOHN LITTELL, (son of Nathaniel, Jun., son of Nathaniel,) and Mercy Williamson, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Nancy, who married Benjamin Willcox, son of Benjamin. [See Willcox.]

2. Susan married Joseph B. Morrison, and had children;

1. Mary Elizabeth Morrison; 2. William Henry Morrison; 3. Gilbert Morrison; 4. George Morrison.

3. Caty married James Watts, son of Robert, of Middlebrook, and had children:

1. Mary Anne Watts; 2. James Runyon Watts; 3. Mary Watts; 4. George Watts.

4. Mary married Isaac Clark, of Rahway, and had children:

1. James Henry Clark; 2. Jane Emily Clark; 3. Mary Elizabeth Clark; 4. Charlotte Clark.

5. Benjamin married Martha Millegan, daughter of William. He lived on the first mountain, above Bound Brook, and had children:

1. Jane Anne; 2. Margaret Ellen; 3. Mary Louisa.

6. Israel married Sarah Sickles, daughter of Isaac, of Rahway, and had children:

1. Lewis Edward.

7. Nathaniel.

8. Abby Eliza.

JAMES LITTELL, (2d son of Nathaniel, Jun.,) and Mary Winans, lived in Middletown, Ohio, and had children:

1. William, who married Sarah Burge, daughter of Anthony, and had children: 1. Drusilla; 2. Francis; 3. Theodore.

2. Winans married Huldah Noble, daughter of Anthony, and had children: 1. William; 2. Mary.

He lives in Lafayette.

3. Catherine, or Kate.

4. Caroline married Isaac Hand, son of Ira, son of Daniel, a brother of Col. Aaron Hand, of Springfield, and had children:

1. Mary Hand; 2. Ellen Hand. [See Hand.]

5. Sarah married William Mitchel, and had a daughter, Emma.

BENJAMIN LITTELL, (5th son of Nathaniel, Jun.,) and Mary Compton, had children:

1. James; 2. Catherine; 3. Margaret Anne; 4. Edith; 5. Hannah; 6. Harriet, twin to Hannah; 7. William.

HANNAH LITTELL, (7th child of Nathaniel, Jun.,) and Henry Jemison, had children:

1. Nathaniel Jemison; 2. Catherine Jemison; 3. Rebecca Anne Jemison; 4. Henry Jemison; 5. John Jemison; 6. Aaron Jemison; 7. Mary Jane Jemison; 8. Sarah Jemison; 9. Albert Jemison.


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