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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


WILLIAM CONKLIN married Ruth Hedges, of Long Island, and removed from there to Basking Ridge, and had children:

1. Stephen, 1st, who married Deborah Dimon; 2. William, 2d; 3. Abraham; 4. Isaac; 5. Jacob; 6. Thomas; 7. Mary; 8. Ruth.

STEPHEN CONKLIN, (1st son of William, 1st,) and Deborah Dimon, had children:

1. Climena, who married Josiah Ayers, son of Elisha Ayers, of Basking Ridge.
Conkling, Clymene; m. 22 Nov 1773, to Josiah Ayrs, of Baskingridge. [History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

2. William, 3d, married Rebecca Whitaker, daughter of Jonathan, of Mine Brook.

3. Stephen, 2d, married Rachel Lindley, daughter of Benjamin Lindley, Esq., east of Morristown.
[Conklin, Stephen, Jr.; C.(became Communicant) 1 May 1774, d. 29 Aug 1788, aet. 38
Abigail Mitchel; m. 2 May 1776; L.(received by Letter) about 1776; d. 20 Apr 1777, aet. 35
Rachel Lindsley, [dg. Benj. & Sarah]; m. 7 May 1778; R.C.(renewed Covenant) 13 Aug 1780
Sarah, b. 14 Sep 1779; Bap. 13 Aug 1780
Elizabeth, b. 15 Sep 1782; Bap. 26 Jan 1783; [C. 28 May 1829; dis. 26 Jan 1841, to 2d Ch.; d. 14 Mar 1866, aet. 84]
Rachel, b. 30 Oct 1784; Bap. 9 Jan 1785; d. 4 June 1790, aet, 5.
Stephen, b. 27 Oct 1786; Bap 31 Dec 1786; [m. Abigail Cook]
Benoni, b. 22 July 1788; Bap. on widow’s account 2 Nov 1788
[History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

4. Ruth, 3d, married Stephen Whitaker, brother of Rebecca, of Mine Brook. (See Whitaker.)

5. Mary, 2d, married John Runyon, son of Richard, of Long Hill, and went to Ohio. (See Runyon.)

6. Isaac, 2d, married Comfort Pitney.
Conckling, Isaac [s. Stephen & Deborah]; R.C.(renewed Covanant) 28 Apr 1785; d. 12 Sep 1791, aet. 30
Comfort Pitney [dg. John]; m. 24 Aug 1784; R.C. 28 Apr 1785
[History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

7. John married Phebe Mills.

8. Abraham married Jemima Lindley, daughter of Major Joseph Lindley, east of Morristown.

9. Deborah married John Seward, and went to Goshen, New-York.

CLIMENA CONKLIN, (1st child of Stephen Conklin,) and Josiah Ayers, had children:

1. Stephen Ayers, the celebrated itinerant Dr. Ayers, so eminently successful in curing the Cholera at Montreal, in 1832. He never married.

2. Deborah Ayers, who married Stephen Cave, shoe merchant, of New-York.

WILLIAM CONKLIN, 3d, (2d child of Stephen Conklin, 1st,) and Rebecca Whitaker, lived at Basking Ridge. He was a tanner and currier; had a farm and a tan-yard, and was a Justice of the Peace. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church there. They had children:

1. Phebe, born 29th Sept. 1779, and died aged 6 years.

2. Stephen, 3d, born 3d Feb. 1782, married, [23 Jan 1807, by Rev. Robert Finley, Baskinridge; Morris county Marriages Book B] January, 1807, 1st, Sally Coriell, daughter of Elias, of Long Hill. He married, 2d, Catherine Tailor, 15th August, 1809, daughter of Willet Tailor, of Raritan.

3. Jonathan, born 28th October, 1783, married Apha Colie, daughter of Daniel, of Springfield.

4. Mary, born 7th October, 1785, married, 6th May, 1809, John Littell, son of Nathaniel, of New Providence, [See Nathaniel Littell.]

5. William, 4th, born 23d August, 1787, married Ketura Green, and had no children. He married, 2d, Cornelia, widow of Elias Sturges, and daughter of Thomas Goltra, near Liberty Corner.

6. Joseph, born 28th Nov. 1789, married Viletta Hampton, daughter of James, of Woodbridge.

7. Isaac, 3d, born 24th Jan. 1792, married Sarah Hall [Isaac Conklin m. Letty Hall, Oct 19 1818 by Brownlee, Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879, Somerset Co. Quarterly], daughter of Richard.

8. Nathaniel, born 5th March, 1794, married Emily Halsey Fitch, daughter of Col. Grant Fitch, of Newton, Sussex Co.

9. Sarah, born 2d Oct. 1796, married, in New-York, James S. Rose, and has a son, James Augustus Rose, who married Caroline Drake, daughter of Reuben Drake, near Woodbridge, who lives at Amboy, is a butcher, and has children: 1. Mary Margaret Rose; 2. Anne Eliza Rose, born 17th Nov 1847.

William Conklin, Esq., died in a fit, in his bark-house, on the 14th February, 1803.

STEPHEN CONKLIN, (2d child of William Conklin, 3d, Esq,) lived where his father did, was a member and elder in the Presbyterian church, at Basking Ridge. He subsequently removed to Somerville, where he died 3d Nov. 1849. He and his wife Sally Coriell had a daughter:

1. Sarah, born 15th Dec. 1808, and married Thomas Layton, had a son, Theodore Layton, and died 23d Feb. 1842.

Stephen Conklin, by his 2d wife, Catherine Tailor, had other children: [Stephen Conklin m. Catherine Taylor Aug 22 1809 by Vrendenburgh, Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879, Somerset Co. Quarterly]

2. Willet Tailor, born 6th October, 1810, who married Emeline Heath, 21st Dec. 1836, daughter of Daniel Heath, and had children:

1. William Wilson; 2. Catherine Jane; 3. John Tailor; 4. Stephen.

3. Jane, born 15th August, 1815, married John Littell, at the south branch of the Raritan River, Somerset County, and had children:

1. Margaret Sydam Littell. 2. Catherine Elizabeth Littell. 3. Mary Conklin Littell.

4. William, born 11th April, 1818, married Mary Toms [m. Sept 14 1843 by Messler; Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879, Somerset Co. Quarterly], daughter of Charles Toms, Esq., of Somerville, and had children: 1. Harriet. 2. Albert.

5. John Tailor, born 25th Jan. 1821, married Elizabeth Higgins, daughter of Elias T. Higgins, of Rahway, and had children: 1. Nathaniel.

6. Nathaniel, born 20th Oct. 1823. He graduated at Rutgers' College, New Brunswick, and became a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, and is preaching in Monmouth County. He married, 24th Oct. 1848, Elizabeth Woodruff, daughter of Archibald Woodruff, of Newark, and has children: 1. Catherine.

7. Mary Elizabeth, born 13th August, _____ .

JONATHAN CONKLIN, (3d child of William Conklin, 3d,) and Apha Colie, had an only child: (5th Generation.)

1. Mary, born 9th Feb. 1803. He died September following.

Mary married, 31st, Dec. 1848, John Faulks, of Elizabethtown, an Englishman, who died 4th March, 1849.

WILLIAM CONKLIN, 4th, (5th child of William Conklin, 3d,) and Cornelia Goltra, had children:

1. William, 5th. 2. Mary Elizabeth. 3. James Alonzo.

4. Stephen, who died 9th July, 1849.

5. John Littell. 6. Sarah Agusta.

NOTE.--Mrs. Conklin, by her first husband, had one son, Elias Sturges.

JOSEPH CONKLIN, (6th child of William Conklin, 3d,) and Viletta Hampton, lived several years in New-York, and from thence removed to Woodbridge. He was an elder of the church there. They had children, besides two who died young:

1. Eliza Hampton, born 3d August, _____ .

2. Joseph W., born 29th July, _____ .

3. Margaret Anne, born 17th Nov., _____ .

4. Nathaniel, born 19th Sept. 1832, _____ .

ISAAC CONKLIN, 3d, (7th child of William, 1st 3rd,) lived at Basking Ridge; was a shoe manufacturer and farmer. He and Sarah Hall, had children:

1. Elisha Whitaker, born 2d August, 1819, and married, 27th March, 1843, Margaret Hibler, born 8th Feb. 1824, daughter, of Jacob Hibler, of Danville, Penn. He was a graduate of Princeton College; is now a bookseller in Danville.

2. Mary Elizabeth.

3. Emily Halsey, who died at about 16 years.

4. Oscar.

NATHANIEL CONKLIN, (8th child of William 1st 3rd,) graduated at Princeton College, and studied theology at the Princeton Seminary; became a minister of the gospel, preached some years in Sussex County, from there removed to Coshocton, Ohio; preached there; there his wife died, and he removed to Covington, Indiana; after preaching there several years, he returned, with his children, to New Jersey. He and his wife Emily H. Fitch had children:

1. Emily Halsey, born 30th July, _____ .

2. Charles Fitch, born 9th August, _____ .

3. Mary Littell, born 12th Jan. 1831, married, 12th Feb. 1850, Capt. Robert Evans, a member of the bar, son of Thomas J. Evans, of Covington, Indiana, and resides there.

4. Millecent Rebecca, born 2d May, _____ .

5. Nathaniel Whitaker, born 21st December, 1835.

STEPHEN CONKLIN, 2d, (3d child of Stephen Conklin, 1st, son of William,) and Rachel Lindley, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Sally, who married the Rev. Aaron Condit, Presbyterian minister, of Hanover, Morris County, as his 2d wife; she had no children.

2. Betsey, who never married. She was a milliner, and kept a milliner's store at Morristown. She brought up and educated several of the children of her brothers, Stephen and Benjamin.

3. Rachel, who died in youth.

4. Stephen, 3d, who married [28 Oct 1809 Both Morristown, by Rev. Samuel Fisher; Morris County Marriages Book A] Abby Cook, daughter of James Cook, of Morristown. They lived in New-York, and had children.

1. Elizabeth, who married in Illinois.
Elizabeth, Bap. 5 May 1815 [History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

2. Edgar married in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Edgar, Bap. 5 May 1815 [History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

3. Henry married in Ohio.
Henry; Bap 5 May 1815 [History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

4. James is a lawyer, married _____ _____ , and lives in Springfield, Illinois.

Stephen's wife, Abby, then died, and he married Margaret Dunlap, of Newburg, and removed to Illinois, and had several other children.
Conkling, Stephen, [s. Stephen, Jr. & Rachel]; C. 22 Dec 1814; dis. June 1817, Roll 3
Abigail Cook, b. 23 Aug 1789; m. 29 Oct 1809; d. 29 Apr 1817; [as Communicant in Bill of Mortality]
[History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

5. Benjamin married Mary Johnson, of New-York. He lived in New-York; was a grocer; and died there, leaving 4 children:

1. Eliza, who married [9 Jan 1840, Groom of New York City; Bride of Morristown, N.J., by Rev. Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church; GMNJ Vol 37] John Landen, of New-York, and died, leaving 2 children: 1. Marietta Landen; 2. Frederick Landen.

2. Mary.

3. Jane Kipp, who married [17 Oct 1844, Both of Morristown, New Jersey, by Rev. Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church; GMNJ Vol 37] Philip W. Crater, merchant at Morristown, and had children: 1. Margaret Elizabeth Crater.

4. Henrietta.

ISAAC CONKLIN, 2d, (6th child of Stephen, son of William, and Comfort Pitney, had children. (4th Gen.)

1. Sally, who married Sineus Baker, of Littletown, Morris County, and had children: 1. Isaac Conklin Baker; 2. Harriet Baker.

2. Damon, who married Sally Nevill, daughter of Charles Nevill, of Basking Ridge, and had children: (5th Generation.)
[Jonathan D. m. Sally Nevil, Dec 22 1810 by Finley, Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879, Somerset Co. Quarterly]

1. John Nevill.

2. Elizabeth, who married Abraham P. Jones, son of Edward of Newark, and had children: 1. Edward; 2. John Nevill, who died 23d September, 1848, at 3 years.

3. William.
4. Charles married, 7th January, 1851, Lydia A. Bird.
5. James. 6. Frances.

Mr. Damon Conklin died when on a visit to Rochester, New-York, in August, 1842. His family lives in Newark.

Children of Isaac and Comfort: [History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]
Sarah, b. 25 Nov 1784; Bap 28 Apr 1785
Jonathan Dimon, b. 7 July 1787; Bap 15 July 1787

NOTE.-- No relation exists between William and Joshua Conklin.


JOSHUA CONKLIN, lived at Williams Farms, near Elizabethtown. He had children: (2nd Generation.)

1. Joseph, born 29th July, 1755, married Miss Crissy, sister of Moses, of Elizabethtown.

2. William, born 10th March, 1757, married, 6th March, 1780, Sarah Halsey, daughter of Joseph. [See Halsey.]

3. Joshua, Jun., born 3d May, 1759, married Polly Johnson, sister of John Johnson, New-York.

4. John, twin to Joshua, Jun., married Jerusha Haines.

5. Sarah, born 16th September, 1766, married John Mott.

6. Abigail, born 26th November, 1768, married [4 Aug 1790 Lewis Pangborn; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Mr _____ Pangborn, of Rahway,

and by his 2d wife Joshua Conklin had children:

7. Benjamin, born 28th August, 1777, married Mary High, daughter of Jacob, of Sterling Valley.

8. Keziah Bonnel, born, 12th October, 1779, married [8 Feb 1800 Andrew Gurthwaite, Both of Elizabeth Town, by Rev. Menzies Rayner, Rector of St. John's Protestant Episcopal church, Elizabethtown, 1796 - 1801; Essex County Clerk's Marriage Records; New Jersey Archives Vol XXII Marriage Records 1665-1800 pp 582-598] Mr _____ Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown.

9. Temperance, born 2d February, 1781, married John Totten, son of David. [See Totten.]

Mr. Conklin was accidentally killed by the fall of a tree in the great swamp.

JOSEPH CONKLIN, (1st child of Joshua,) and his wife, Miss _____ Crissy, had children:

1. James; 2. Joseph; 3. Betsey; 4. Phebe.

WILLIAM CONKLIN, (2d child of Joshua,) and Sarah Halsey, had children: (3rd Generation.)

1. Sarah Halsey, born 16th June, 1781, married William Crane, brother of Captain Isaac Crane, of Chatham, and had four children, three of which died young; the other died at 19 years.

2. William Pierson, born 29th March, 1786, married Nancy Crane, daughter of Norris.

3. Ahijah, born 24th December, 1786, and died 24th Sept.; 1791.

4. Caleb, born 26th February, 1789, married Lucy Hoagland, and died 3d June, 1826;--left no child.

5. James, born 5th February, 1792, married, 1st, Susan Vredenburg, and had a daughter Susan; 2d, Lucy French, daughter of Anderson. She had no child.

6. Ezekiel, born 24th December, 1797, married Polly Berry, daughter of Charles, of Long Island.

WILLIAM PIERSON CONKLIN, (2d child of William, son of Joshua,) and Nancy Crane, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Sarah Anne, born June, 1811, married, 1829, John M. Dodd, who was born Jan, 1806, and had children:

1. Louisa Dodd, born 15th August, 1829, died 2d February, 1835.
2. Sarah Anne Dodd, born 4th July, 1832, and died 31st Jan. 1835.
3. John C. Dodd, born 18th June, 1834, died 5th February,
4. Elizabeth W. Dodd, born 7th April, 1836.
5. Anne Marsh Dodd, born 19th April, 1838.
6. Helen M. Dodd, born 7th April, 1840.

2. Mary, born 13th June, 1823, and died July, 1823.

3. William, born 16th July, 1824, and died July, 1824.

EZEKIEL CONKLIN, (6th child of William,) and Polly Berry, had children: 1. William, who died at 18 years; 2. George; 3. Henry; 4. John; 5. Harriet; 6. Charles.

Sarah, the wife of Joshua Conklin, died 17th May, 1770.

William Conklin, son of Joshua, died 20th January, 1806.

Sarah H., his wife, died 27th August, 1802:

William Pierson Conklin, son of William, died 15th September, 1835.

James Conklin, son of William, died 21st October, 1835.

Ezekiel Conklin, son of William, died 28th July, 1821.

Sarah Anne, wife of John M. Dodd, died 11th April, 1840.

JOSHUA CONKLIN, Jun., (3d child of Joshua Conklin,) and Polly Johnson, lived in Spring Valley, and had children: (3th Gen.)

1. John Johnson Conklin married Hannah _____ , and had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Joshua.
2. Caleb married Margaret Williams, daughter of Abner, son of Noah, of Long Hill.
3. William. 
4. Eveline.
5. Mary, married _____ _____ .
6. Abigail married William Fairchild, of Morristown.
7. Sarah, or Phebe.

2. Polly married Brooks Sayre, son of Isaac. [See Sayre.]

3. Phebe, is unmarried.

4. Benjamin Crane Conklin. 5. Abigail. 6. Betsey married Mr. Miller.

JOHN CONKLIN, and Jerusha Haines, had children:

1. Catherine, who married Isaac Conklin, son of Isaac, had a son who died in infancy.

2. John married Abby Woodruff; had but one son, who died at 18 years, in 1849.

3. Abby married William Garthwaite, son of Jeremiah, and had a son Isaac.

4. Hannah is unmarried; lives in Elizabethtown.

5. Mary married David Merril, of Staten Island; had no children.

SARAH CONKLIN, (5th child of Joshua,) and John Mott, had children:

1. Jeremiah Mott, who married Polly Hand, daughter of Benjamin. [See Hand.]
Mott, Jeremiah, of Elizabeth; m. 25 Jan 1805, Mary Hand [History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]

2. Sally Mott married Mr. Smithson.

3. Polly Mott married Mr. Smithson, (brothers.)

ABIGAIL CONKLIN, (6th child of Joshua,) and Mr. Pangborn had children:

1. Sarah Pangborn, who married _____ _____ , and went to the Lakes.

2. William Pangborn went to the Lakes, and married there.

3. Isaac Pangborn went to New-Orleans, and died there unmarried.

BENJAMIN CONKLIN, (7th child of Joshua,) and Mary High, had children: (3rd Generation.)

1. David, who married Lavina Pollard, daughter of Joshua, of Green Village, and had children: 

1. Debby Jane; 2. Mary Elizabeth; 3. Benjamin Francis; 4. William; 5. Hannah Mariah.

2. Deborah married William B. Crane, son of Joseph, Jun., and had children: 

1. Elias Crane, 2. Mulford Crane; 3. Jerusha Crane.

3. James D., went to Ohio, and married, and lives there.

4. William P. married Harriet Roberts, daughter of Samuel, and had children; 1. Sophia.

5. Anna, who died at 16 years.

6. Mary, who married James Weir, of Ohio.


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