Morris Co. Up

Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


LEWIS BAKER, son of Daniel Baker, of Westfield, married Elizabeth Robison; lived at Littletown, Morris Co. and had children:

1. Catherine, who married David Wheeler, and had a son, Lewis B. Wheeler.
[Caty Baker m. 12 Nov 1796 David Wheeler; Both of Hanover; by Rev. James Richards, Morristown; Morris County Marriages Book A]

2. Abigail married Stephen Young, of Malapardis, Morris county.
[Abigail Baker m. 3 Feb 1798 Stephen Youngs, Both of Hanover; by Rev. Joseph Grover, Parsippany; Morris County Marriages Book A]

3. Sarah married Mahlon Johnson.
[Sally Baker m. 18 Nov 1797 Mahlon Johnson; Both of Hanover; by Rev. James Richards, Morristown; Morris County Marriages Book A]

4. Daniel married _____ _____ .

5. Abraham married _____ ; lived at Haverstraw, N. Y. and died about 1810, leaving children, Isaac and Jacob.

6. Mary married Jared Howel, of Parcipany, Morris Co. and had children: 

1. Stephen Howel; 2. Abraham Howel; 3. Eveline Howel; 4. Mary Howel; 5. Sebel Howel; 6. James Howel.

7. Jane married Mr. Tomkins, son of Uzel Tomkins, of New Vernon, and had children: 1. Uzel Tomkins: 2. _____ ;

8. Sineus married Sally Conklin, daughter of Isaac son of Stephen 1st, and had children: Sineus, Harriet and Isaac Baker. [See page 87.]

9. Nathaniel married _____ _____ , and had children: Lewis and others.

10. Lewis married _____ _____ , lived where his father did, and had two children.

ABIGAIL BAKER, (2d child of Lewis) and Stephen Young, had children:

1. Ephraim Young, who married Mary Drennen
[Ephraim Youngs m. 19 May 1824 Mary Drennan; Of Hanover; by Rev. Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church; GMNJ Vol 37]

2. Eliza Young; 

3. Julia Young married Mr. Cook; lived at Dover.

SARAH BAKER, (3d child of Lewis,) and Mahlon Johnson, had children:

1. Jacob Johnson, who married Hetty Vail, daughter of Davis Vail.

2. Chilion Johnson married Anne Woodruff; live at Crawfordsville, Indiana.

3. Baker Johnson, born 23d October, 1803, and married Electa King, daughter of the Rev. Barnabas King, of Rockaway; he is a Presbyterian minister of Sussex county, and has children: 
[Rev. Baker Johnson m. 3 May 1832 Electa J. King; Groom of Caldwell; Bride of Hanover; by Rev. Barnabas King, Rockaway; Morris County Marriages Book C]

1. Susan H. Johnson; 2. Thomas S. Johnson; 3. Sarah E. Johnson; 4. William N. Johnson; 5. Barnabas B. Johnson.

4. Alfred Johnson married Sarah Baker, daughter of Jonathan, of Littletown, and has children:
[Alfred Johnson m. 14 Jan 1828 Sarah Baker; Both of Morris Co.; by Rev. Albert Barnes; Morris County Marriages Book C]

1. Margaret Johnson; 2. Lucilla Johnson; 3. Hervy Johnson; 4. Thomas Johnson; 5. Mary Johnson.

DAVID C BAKER. (See page 19.)

DAVID C. BAKER, (son of Aaron Baker, Esq.) and Sophia Van Cleve, daughter of Benjamin Van Cleve, Esq. lived near Dayton, Ohio, and had children:

1. Mary Sophia 

2. Clara; 

3. Charles, who died at 5 yrs.

4. David.

And by his second wife, Sophia Sourby, David C. Baker had,

5. Harriet; 6. Axia Green; 7. Aaron; 8. Hannah; 9. Mahala.

NOTE.--Benjamin Van Cleve married, first, Mary Whiting, and had children:

1. John W. Van Cleve born 1800.

2. Henrietta Maria, who married Samuel Dover.

3. Mary married James Andrews.

4. William, who died at about 6 years.

5. Sarah Sophia, who married David C. Baker, son of Aaron Baker, Esq.

Mr. Van Cleve married, for his second wife, Mary Tamplin. He was a survey or and clerk of Montgomery county, Ohio, and lived in Dayton.

EZEKIEL BALL. (See page 31.)

EZEKIEL BALL, of Middletown, Ohio, had children:

1. Stephen, who was a captain of militia, married Rebecca Irene, and had children: 

1. Abby; 2. William; 3. Pierson; 4. Peney; 5. John; 6. Nancy.

2. Abby married Matthew Nichols, and had children:

1. Ibbe Nichols; 2. Joseph Nichols; 3. William Nichols; 4. Sally Nichols; 5. Polly Nichols; 6. Joanna Nichols.

3. Polly married Abraham Squier, son of William. [See Squier.]

4. Hannah married Joseph Hays,

5. Sally married Robert Fisher.

6. Phebe married Elias Spinning.

DAVIS BALL. (See page 31.)

DAVIS BALL, (10th child of Nathaniel Ball) married Mary Hetfield, daughter of Thomas Hetfield, of Elizabethtown.

NOTE.--Mary Hetfield was sister of Sarah Hetfield, the wife of John Clark, son of Thomas Clark, and John Clark was the father of Marv Clark, the wife of Silas C. Byram, son of Ebenezer. (See page 249 and 276.)

Davis Ball went to Ohio previous to 1804, and kept a ferry over the Great Miami river, near Trenton, Butler county, and was there drowned. Davis Ball and Mary Hetfield had children:

1. Stephen, who married Susan Berry, daughter of Thomas.

2. Abner married Rhoda Martin, daughter of Isaac.

3. Dr. Bonnel Ball married Rachel Denman, daughter of Moses, on Elk Creek.

4. Aaron married Puah Thompson, daughter of Joseph, and grand-daughter of John Sallee, who married Puah Ball, sister of Davis.

5. Eunice married William Carr, son of John.

6. Sarah married, 1st, Daniel Craig, son of John; 2d, John Huff, son of Isaac.

STEPHEN BALL, (1st child of Davis,) and Susan Berry, lived in Michigan, and had children:

1. Sarah, who married Dr. John Pinkerton.

2. Israel married Terresa Wright, daughter of William, and grand-daughter of John Potter.

3. Squier married, in Michigan, Mary Sergeant.

4. Eliza married in Michigan.

5. Mahala married William Perry, a Yankee.

6. Davis married Catharine Clark, daughter of Stephen, brother of Mary, wife of Silas C. Byram, and son of John Clark.

7. Thomas; 8. Esther.

ABNER BALL, (2d child of Davis,) and Rhoda Martin, had children:

1. Mary, who married Thomas Smiley.

2. Eunice married Isaac Martin.

3. Sarah married _____ _____ .

4. Phebe.

DR. BONNEL BALL, (3d child of Davis,) and Rachel Denman, lived in Indiana, and had children:

1. Mariah, who married William Maxwell.

2. Prudence married John Stout.

3. Stephen married _____ _____ .

4. Sarah; 5. Aaron; 6. Mary; 7. Wilson; 8. Doctor.

AARON BALL, (4th child of Davis,) and Puah Thompson had children:

1. Abner.

2. Phebe, who married John Watson.

3. Daniel married Elizabeth Huff, daughter of Isaac.

4. Ellen; 5. Stephen; 6. Davis.

EUNICE BALL, (5th child of Davis,) and William Carr had children:

1. Mary Carr, who married Joseph Van Hyse.

2. Sarah Carr married John Sykes.

3. Rhoda Carr married John Cornquit,

4. William Carr; 5. Aaron Carr; 6. Susan Carr.

SARAH BALL, (6th child of Davis,) and Daniel Craig, had children:

1. Melinda Craig, who married Joseph Van Sickle.

2. John Craig married Jane Berry.

And by John Huff, Sarah Ball had children:

3. William Huff married Catharine Wright, daughter of Joel Wright.

4. Wilson Huff; 5. Doctor Bonnel Huff; 6. Abner Huff.

7. Wesley Huff; 8. Ann Eliza Huff.


WILLIAM BROADWELL, JUN. married, 1st, Mary, and had children:

1. William 3d, who died 5th May, 1761, in his 6th year.

2. David.

3. Nathaniel, who married Joanna Lindsley, daughter of John, and sister of Silas Lindsley, Esq. of Spring Valley.

William Broadwell married, 2d, Mary or Polly, and had children:

4. Silas; 5. Ezra; 6. Airy; 7. William.

8. Jane, who married her cousin, Moses Broadwell, son of Josiah, Esq.

9. Elizabeth; 10. Susan; 11. Rebus; 12. Joanna.

NATHANIEL BROADWELL, (3d child of William, Jun.) and Joanna Lindsley lived near Morristown, and had children:

1. John, who married [8 Sep 1802, Both Morristown , by Rev. James Richards, Morristown; Morris county Marriages Book A] Phebe Lindsley, daughter of Major Joseph Lindsley, and half sister of Abraham Conklin's wife, and had children:

1. Mahlon, who married, 1st, Sarah Agnew; 2d, Anne Goslin.
2. Henry married Anne Eliza Wainwright.

2. Sally married Thomas Armstrong, son of Nathaniel, of Newtown, on the Little Miami, and had children:

1. Perrine Armstrong, who married William Harrison.
2. Eliza Armstrong, who died at 20 years, unmarried.
3. Sidney Armstrong married Elizabeth Waldron.
4. John Armstrong died at 28 years, unmarried.
5. Edwin Armstrong.
6. Milton Armstrong married Julia Deboldt.
7. Eliab Armstrong.

3. Ira, who married Deborah Conklin, daughter of Abraham, live near Madisonville, Hamilton county, Ohio; and had children:

1. Adelia, who died at 4 months.

2. Albert, born 7th December, 1815, and died 22d November, 1839.

3. Mary Eliza, born 1st May, 1818, and married William Smith, who died of cholera, in Cincinnati, 4th July, 1849. leaving two children: 1. Albert Broadwell Smith; 2. Ira Herbert Smith.

4. Sarah Anne, born 25th October, 1820, and died at 6 months.

5. Mariah, born 31st July, 1821, married, 5th September, 1846, Allen Cameron, and had children: 1. Ira Francis Cameron; 2. Catherine Isabel Cameron.

6. Julia Anne, born 13th March, 1828.
7. Nancy, born 21st August, 1831.
8. Cordelia, born 6th October, 1834.
9. Emma Elizabeth, born 10th October, 1838, and died 11th February, 1839.

4. Lindsley married Susan Carman, daughter of Joseph, of Monmouth county, N. J. (She was aunt of Isaac Conklin's wife.) They had children:

1. Jane, who married George Clark.
2. Joanna married Doctor Albert Essex.
3. Nathaniel.
4. and 5. Amazon and Missouri, twins, named after those two great rivers.
6. Harriet; 7. Clarissa; 8. Louisa.
9. Jackson; 10. Ferdinand.

5. Polly married Zimri Hale, and had children:

1. Albert Hale, who married Mary _____ .
2. Elizabeth Hale married Nathaniel Van Zant, a Physician.
3. Joanna Hale.

6. Julia died in 1828, aged 27 years.

7. Eliab married Jane Nailor, and had children; 1. Joanna; 2. Jane.

8. Henry, who died at about 7 years.

MOSES BROADWELL, (See page 79.)

MOSES BROADWELL, (son of Josiah Broad well. Esq.) and Jane Broadwell, his wile, daughter of William Broad well, owned four sections of Land near Springfield, Illinois and lived on one of those sections; and had children:

1. Polly; 2. William; 3. David; 4. John; 5. Cynthia. 6. Jefferson; 7. Sally; 8. Euclid.

EPHRAIM BROADWWELL, (2d child of Simeon,) married Jane Ross Gardner, daughter of Samuel Gardner, (who married Mary, eldest daughter of Hezekiah Thompson, (see Thompson,) lived in Dayton. Ohio, and had children:

1. Mary, who died at 16 months.

2. Harriet died at 9 months.

3. William married Avira Smith, and had children: 1. Ellen; 2. Mary; 3. Julia; 4. Eliza. And he died at 25 years.

4. Simeon married Mary Elliot, daughter of James, of Hamilton. Ohio.

5. John married Margaret Embra, and had children: 1. Anna; 2. Caleb; 3. Sarah Jane; 4. Harriet. 5. Mary. And he died at 35 years.


DAN CAULDWELL, (9th child of William,) and Rachel Potter, had children:

1. Polly, who married David Johnson, son of Uzel. [See Johnson]

2. Betsey married Josiah Carter, and had children:

1. Nancy Carter, who married David Lee.
2. Sarah Carter, who died at about 15 years.
3. Mary Catherine Carter. 4. Dan Collins Carter.

3. Nancy was drowned in the Little Miami river, at about 18 years.

4. William married, 1st, Rebecca Stevenson, and had one child. He married, 2d, Mary Seward, and had children:

2. John, who died young.
3. Sarah Anne, who married William Givens, and had children: 1. Aula Anne; 2. Sarah Anne Givens.
4. Catherine married Joseph Horsley, editor of the Western Republic, at Delphi, Indiana.

5. John married Lydia Winans, and had children: 1. Richard W.; 2. Sarah Elizabeth; 3. Anne Augusta.

6. Sally married Hugh Stevenson, brother of William's wife, and had children: 1. William; 2. James; 3. Eliza Jane Stevenson.

7. Charlotte married Mr. Stone, and soon after died, at about 19 years.

8. Catherine married her cousin, Jerry Cauldwell, son of Abraham. [See Abraham Cauldwell.]

9. James Thompson Cauldwell married Lydia Anne Hillyer, and had children:

1. Catherine Amanda, who married Eli Jester, and had a son, Charles Wesley Jester.
2. James Wesley married Eliza Voorheis.

3. Sarah Jane married, 1st, John Pennington, 2d Enoch Thompson, and had children: 1. Aula Anne; 2. America Genevieve, (a daughter.)

4. William Nelson; 5. Mary Elizabeth; 6. Minerva Anne; 7. and 8. Angeline and Emeline, twins; 9. Martha Epenetus; 10. Margaret Emezetta.

10. Rachel Cauldwell married Benjamin Seward, and died without children, and Mr. Seward married, 2d, the widow, Anne Boyd, a daughter of Mr. Enyart, and had one child: Pamela Anne Boyd, who married John Stevenson, brother of Hugh and Rebecca, and had children:

1. William Stevenson, who died at about one year.
2. David Enyart; 3. Mariah; 4. James; 5. Sarah. 6. George Washington; 7. Margaret Jane. 8. Dan Taylor Stevenson.

ABRAHAM CAULDWELL, (10th child of William,) and Elizabeth Rutan, had children: (See page 72.)

NOTE.--Mrs. Elizabeth Cauldwell died 20th February, 1826, aged about 48 years.

1. Joseph, born 24th March, 1791, in N. J. and married, 1st, Isabel Linn, daughter of James Linn, of Butler Co. Ohio; 2d, Betsey, the widow of James Stewart, and daughter of John Thompson, of Piqua; Joseph lived in Piqua, and Isabel Linn, had children:

1. William, born 31st March, 1817, married, Nancy Stewart, daughter of John, of Shelby Co., and had one child, Elizabeth, and died 19th September, 1850.

2. James Thompson Cauldwell, born 12th May, 1820.
3. Ella Jane, born 18th December, 1822, and died November, 1846, unmarried.

4. Catherine Elizabeth, born 20th June, 1825, and her mother died 2 days after. And she died of cholera, Oct. 1850. And by his 2d wife, Betsey had children:

5. Freeborn Thompson, born 20th Nov. 1827, and died 28th April, 1850.
6. Charlotte T., born 13th December, 1829, and died September, 1833.

7. Sarah Eleanor, born 9th August, 1833.
8. Minerva Gillespie, born 15th March, 1839.

NOTE.--Joseph Cauldwell's 2d wife, had children by Mr. James Stewart:

1. Jane T. Stewart, born 20th August, 1817, and married Azel Cauldwell, son of John, son of John, and had children: 1. Dennis; 2. John; 3. James Mc Nabb; 4. Electa; 5. Martha; 6. Catherine.

2. John T. Stewart, born 31st December, 1819, married Jane Jeffers.

3. Thomas T. Stewart, born 26th November, 1823, and married Elizabeth Ullery.

2. Jerry Cauldwell married his cousin, Catherine Cauldwell, daughter of Dan, and had children:

1. Abraham Simpson, who married Margaret Jeffers, daughter of Thomas; he lives in Montgomery county, Indiana.
2. Dan Bethuel; 3. Silas Roll; 4. James Milton. 5. Mary Anne; 6. Sarah Elizabeth; 7. William Christy. 8. John Squier Potter.

3. Hannah married, 1st, Joseph A. Loyd, had one child, Jerry Loyd, who died, and then Mr. Loyd died, and she married, 2d, William Hultz, and had children:

2. Elizabeth Hultz, who married James Van Hyse, a merchant in Chester, and had children: 1. Rachel Anne. 2. Hannah Jane, who died at 2 years; 3. Lewis C. Van Hyse.

3. Hannah Hultz married, 1st, Jackson Van Gorder, who died two weeks after marriage, and she married, 2d, Frederick Acre, and had children: 1. William Wallace Acre; 2. John Richmond Acre.

4. Rebecca Jane Hultz married Josiah Jeffers, and had children: 1. Silas Jeffers; 2. Olive Jane Jeffers, who died at 2 years; 3. Hannah Matilda Jeffers.

4. Betsey married her cousin, Robert M. Cauldwell, son of John, son of William, and had children:

1. Luther Littell, born 1st December, 1818, and died at about 19 years.
2. Eliza Jane, who married Nathaniel Thompson, and had children: 1. James S. Cauldwell Thompson; 2. Charles Swain Thompson.
3. Abraham Cauldwell.
4. Hannah Cauldwell died at 17 years.
5. Jonathan Chaplin died at 19 years.
6. Enos H. Harrison died at 16 years.
7. David Cauldwell, born about 1838.

JOHN CAULDWELL, (1st child of John, son of William,) and Electa Hand, had children:

1. Abraham, who married Cornelia Fairchild, daughter of Henry.

2. Hannah married, 1st, Milton Rutan; 2d, Isaac Mars.

3. Ludlow married Matilda Plummer.

4. Azel married Jane Stewart, daughter of Joseph Cauldwell's 2d wife.

5. Phebe married Silas Dyer; 6. Mary; 7. John.

8. Peter married Lucinda Rutan, sister of Milton Rutan.

NOTE.--Abraham R. Colwell's daughter, Mariah, married her 2d husband, Mr. Foster, and live near Lacon, Magnolia county, Illinois, and his daughter, Anne Eliza, married, 1st May, 1851, Joseph M. Dana, of Athens, Ohio, and live there.

ABNER CRANE, (5th son of Joseph, see page 102.)

ABNER CRANE, (son of Joseph,) lived near Red Lyon, in Warren county, Ohio; he married in Ohio, Huldah Robison, and had children:

1. Lydia, who married George Lease.

2. Isaac.

3. Abby married Andrew Coffin.

4. Abraham married his cousin, Ruth Romaine, daughter of Isaac Romaine, who married Betsey Crane, daughter of Samuel.

5. Hannah married William Lease, brother of George.

6. Samuel married Ellen Jane Dearth, daughter of Samuel.

7. Huldah Anne married John Decker, son of Joseph.

8. Abner Edwin married Sarah Jones.

9. Ruth Jane. Abner Crane died April, 1848.

MOSES CRANE, (7th son of Joseph,) lived near Red Lyon, and removed to Indiana; he married in Ohio, Susan Dilts, and had children:

1. Silas, who married Jane Romaine, daughter of Isaac, a sister of Abraham Crane's wife.

2. Whitley married Betsey Robison.

3. Nelson married Sarah Maloy.

4. Polly married Cornelius Bogart.

5. Alfred married Mary Anne Bogart, sister of Cornelius.

6. Davison married in Indiana.

7. Elias married in Indiana.

8. Joseph married Hannah Snorff.

9. Ruth Anne married in Indiana.

10. Rachel married in Indiana

11. Moses Miller.

SYLVESTER CRANE, (son of John Crane, son of Joseph,) married in Illinois, a 2d wife, Mary Brier, and had children: Huldah, Theodore; his wife Mary then died, and he married Mary Jane Booe, and had a son, William Crane.


JOSEPH H. CRANE, (3d son of Gen. William Crane,) lived in Dayton, Ohio, and was Judge of the Supreme Court. He married Julia Anne Elliot, daughter of Doctor John Elliot, and had children:

1. Mariah, who married Doctor Joshua Clements, and had a son, Joseph Clements, born in 1835.

2. Joseph married Sarah Schenck, daughter of Lieut. James Finley Schenck, of the Navy.

3. Joshua Clements, born in 1834; the other children have died.

Judge Crane died 12th November, 1851.

ABRAHAM CONKLIN, (See page 83.)

ABRAHAM CONKLIN, (8th child of Stephen Conklin,) and Jemima Lindsley lived on Indian Hill, Columbia township, Hamilton county, Ohio, and had children:

1. Anna, who died of fits, unmarried, at 40 years.

2. Mariah married, 1st, John Perry, and had children:

1. Eveline Perry, who married Jefferson Arnet.
2. Mary Anne Perry married Henry Palsey.
3. Nancy Perry married Robert McMains.
4. Margaret Perry.
5. Deborah Perry married Sidney Mount.

Mr. Perry then died, and she married Noble Junkin, and had other children:

6. Henry Junkin; 7. Richard Junkin; 8. Washington Junkin.

3. Deborah, born 6th March, 1795, and married Ira Broadwell, born 11th March, 1794, son of Nathaniel. [See Broadwell, in Appendix.]

4. Richard lives in Cincinnati, is a manufacturer of white lead; he married, 1st, Margaret Van Zandt, daughter of Henry; 2d, Lucy Renton; 3d, Elizabeth, the widow of Sidney Armstrong.

5. Eliza married William Tingley, son of Jonathan, and had children: 1. Elizabeth Tingley; 2. John Beers; 3. Jonathan; 4. Samuel; 5. Jemima; 6. William Benton. 7. Albert Lindsley Conklin.

6. Zela married, 1st, Sally Chapman, and removed to Missouri; she died, and he married _____ _____ , in Missouri.

7. Joseph Lindsley lives in Cincinnati, is a manufacturer of lard oil; he married, 1st, Elizabeth Ross; 2d, Phebe Anne Allen; 3d, her sister, Margaret Allen, and had children:

1. Phebe Anne, by 2d wife, and by 3d wife, 2. Stephen Allen Conklin; 3. Lafayette Conklin.

8. William married Sarah Flanagan, live in Cincinnati, and had children: 1. William Morton; 2. Margaret: 3. Jemima. 4. Sarah; 5. Mary.

9. Willimina married William Morton, and had children: 1. Jemima; 2. Susannah; 3. Sarah; 4. Emily. 5. Isaac Morton.

10. John Runyon Conklin married Amanda Connet, lives in Missouri, and had children:

1. Albert; 2. Ira; 3. Charity; 4. Ellen; 5. Eliza. 6. Mary; 7. John; 8. Charles; 9. Deborah; 10. Sarah.

RICHARD CONKLIN, (son of Abraham,) and Margaret Van Vandt had children:

1. Jane, who married Henry J. Drake.

2. Stephen married Mary Forgy.

3. Isaac married Mary Carman, daughter of Benjamin, from Monmouth county, New Jersey.

4. Rosalinda married Jesse Tumy.

5. Mary Elizabeth; 

6. Margaret; 

7. Richard.

Richard Conklin by his 2d wife, Lucy Renton, had children:

8. Flora; 

9. Kate Conklin.

ZELA CONKLIN and Sally Chapman, had children:

1. William; 2. John; 3. Jemima; 4. Joseph; 5. Jefferson; 6. Richard; 7. Ira; 8. Willimina; 9. _____ _____ , and by his 2d wife, had three others.


JOSEPH CONKLIN was brother of John and of Joshua Conklin, of Williams Farms. (See page 87.)

Joseph Conklin married Mary Cory, sister of Elder Benjamin Cory, of Elizabethtown, (see page 94) and had children:

1. Isaac, who married Joanna Williams, sister of Jonathan and Thomas Williams.

2. Joseph, Jun married Rebecca Ross, daughter of Daniel.

3. Mary married William Pangborn.

4. Moses married Margaret Woodruff.

5. Benjamin married Hannah _____ .

6. Sally married Peter Martin.

7. Phebe married William Jones.

8. Stephen married Anna Crane, daughter of Jacob Crane, at Crane's Mills. (See page 104.) This Jacob Crane had a brother John, who lived on Rahway river, and a brother Isaac, who went to Ohio, lived on Bedell's Station, about 4 miles south of Union, or Shaker Village.

BENJAMIN CONKLIN, (5th child of Joseph,) and his wife, Hannah _____ , had children:

1. Charity; 2. Fanny.

3. Mariah married, as his 2d wife, Mulford Cory, son of Elder Benjamin. (See page 94.)

STEPHEN CONKLIN, (8th child of Joseph,) and Anna Crane had children:

1. Susan, who married Eli James, son of Thomas, he lives in Indiana, and had children: 1. Anna James; 2. Conklin James; 3. Martin James; 4. Susan James.

2. Joseph married Sarah Kinnan, and had a daughter, Anna Mariah.

3. Stephen, Jun. married Sarah Mills, daughter of Abner, lived in Cleremont county, Ohio, and had children:

1. Elizabeth; 2. Henry; 3. Caroline; 4. Mary; 5. Cherlana.

4. Joanna married David Buxton, son of Edmund. [See Lydia Littell, daughter of David, page 236.]

5. Martin married Elizabeth Estel, and had a daughter, Sarah Anne Conklin.

6. Dayton married Catherine Woodruff, and had children: 1. Amanda; 2. Rebecca; 3. Olive.

7. Mary married, first, Henry Philips, and had a daughter Angeline Philips. She married, second, Robert Kennedy, and had children: 2. Samuel Kennedy; 3. David Kennedy; 4. John Kennedy.

8. Sarah married, first, James Lee, and had a son James Lee. She married, second, David Smith, and had children:

2. Sarah Anne Smith: 3. Mary Smith.

She married, third, Abraham Hopper, and had children: 4. Joan Hopper; 5. Susan Hopper; 6. Angeline Hopper; 7. Rebecca Hopper.

9. Spencer married Sarah Anne McFallen, live in Iowa.

STEPHANUS CLARK. (See page 75.)

STEPHANUS CLARK, (son of Daniel,) and Keziah Doty, had children:

1. Polly, who married Jeremiah H. Osborn, in Ohio, as his second wife. (See page 308.)

2. Debby married John Bridge, son of Benjamin.

3. Sally is unmarried; lives at the Wabash, Indiana.

4. David married Phebe Allen, daughter of Joseph. (See page 3.)

5. Israel married _____ _____ .

6. Elmer, who is a new light preacher.

JONATHAN HALL. (See page 164.)

JONATHAN HALL, (4th child of Richard,) and Rachel Austin, had children:

1. Esther, who died in infancy.

2. James died in infancy.

3. Jonathan Austin married Anne Whitaker, daughter of Stephen.

4. Moses, who died a young man, by a kick of a horse.

5. David married Mary Hall, daughter of Joseph Hall, (2d child of Richard,) and Ruth Austin, and lived in Michigan, and had children: 1. Ruth; 2. Susan; 3. Charles; 4. Margaret; 5. Rachel; 6. Reliance; 7. Richard; 8. John.

6. Aaron married Mary _____ , and had 5 or 6 children.

7. Joseph married Sarah Flowers; lived in Yates county, New-York, and had children: 1. William; 2. Austin; 3. Charles; 4. Francis.

JOHN STITES. (See page 408.)

JOHN STITES, (son of Isaac. son of William, Jun.,) and Ruth Moore, daughter of Joseph Moore, had children:

1. Isaac, who married Deborah Kelly, of Mount Bethel.

2. Jacob married Ada Anne Ayers, daughter of William, of Sparta.

3. Samuel married Amy Ayers, sister of Ada Anne.

4. Phebe married James T. Smalley.

5. John married, first, Betsey Ayers, sister of Ada Anne and Amy; second, Lanar Youngs.

6. Joseph married Harriet Ferrigo.

7. Peter married Margaret Dutton, daughter of Amos, of Sparta.

8. Susan married John J. Moffett, son of John.

9. Eliza married George Bady, son of Thomas, of Sparta.

10. William married Mary Nixon, daughter of Matthias, of Newfoundland, Morris county.

11. Benjamin married Phebe Nixon, sister of Mary.

12. Harriet married Daniel Wilson, son of Zachariah, of Mount Bethel.

The following named persons, residing in Passaic Valley, have held the offices attached to their names respectively:

First in Essex Co.--Samuel Potter was a Captain in the Revolutionary war, and after the war a Colonel of Miltia; Captains of Militia, Daniel S. Wood; Benjamin Pettet, John Maxwell, Amos Potter, John Bonnel, Moses G. Elmer, Jabez Thompson, Jotham Potter, David C. Clark, Stephen Day, Samuel Bailey, Luther Littell, of a unifom Company, Aaron Doty of Militia; Major Jotham Potter, Major Luther Littell; Col. Luther Littell.

Second in Morris Co.--Colonel Cornelius Ludlow, Major Benjamin Ludlow, Brigadier Gen. Benjamin Ludlow, Major Gen. Benjamin Ludlow, Brigadier Gen. Solomon Doughty, Major Gen. Solomon Doughty, Capt. Solomon Boyle, Major Solomon Boyle, Col. Solomon Boyle; Captains, Peter Layton, Samuel Stanbury, Benjamin Conklin, Henry W. Tuttle, William M. Clark, Major William M. Clark.

Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Morris Co.--John Carle, Esq., Benjamin Ludlow, Esq., John G. Cooper, Esq., Cornelius Ludlow, Esq., Sheriff George H. Ludlow, Clerk George H. Ludlow, of Essex Co. Samuel Clark, Esq. appointed 1809, John Littell, Esq., appointed 1814.

Justices of the Peace of Essex Co.--Benj. Pettit, Benj. Bonnel, Samuel Potter, Nathaniel Littell, Samuel Clark, Amos Potter, Jonathan M. Meeker, John Littell, appointed 1814, Jotham Potter, Samuel Willcox, Amos Willcox, Daniel S. Clark, Levi Clark, John Lyon, 1836, Apollos M. Elmer, 1837, Jonathan Valentine, Daniel H. Noe, John Wood, of Morris Co., John Carle, Esq., Aaron Ball, Benjamin Ludlow, John G. Cooper, Gabriel Johnson, Thomas Parrot, Cornelius Ludlow, George H. Ludlow, Daniel Runyon, William M. Clark.

The following have been members of the Legislature--Luther Littell, elected in 1829; John Littell, 1837 and 1838; Jotham Potter, 1842 and 1843; Jonathan Valentine, 1849 and 1850; John Carle member of Council in 1783; Benjamin Ludlow was several times member of Council, and member of the Assembly.

The names of the following persons, are found in the Records of the Presbyterian Church, and in deeds as the owners of land, and dwellers within the bounds of the Congregation of New Providence, of which we know nothing more of their history than is noted--John Pierson, William Johnson, Samuel Ross, William Jones, Timothy Whitehead, are named as Elders of the Presbyterian Church.

Abner Brown, Ezekiel Day, Jesse Osborn, Enos Osborn, Edward Jones, Henry Ross, Nathaniel Salmon, John Porterfield, Job Pierson, John Winans, William Crawford, Daniel Bedell, Thomas Cushman, Abraham Osborn, Eliakim Anderson, Zebulon Smith, Jesse Clark, Daniel Jones, Samuel Ross, Jun., Christopher Wamsley, Andrew Blanchard, John Howel, Josiah Frazee, are named, January 5th, 1768, as being members of the Church.

And the following are named under the dates perfixed as dwellers here, viz: 1760, Benjamin Clark; 1762, Absalom Bedell; 1763, Abraham Hendricks, Samuel Otter, John Haines, Henry Bonnel, Daniel Ogden; 1764, Aaron French, Timothy Riggs, John Allen; 1765, old M. Babcock died; Richard French, Henry Parcels, Matthias Clark, Deacon Thompson, Mica Howel; 1768, Stephen Ayers, Schoolmaster; Jeremiah Bedell; 1770, Moses Freeman, 1772, Nathaniel Tailor, James Winans, William Carle; 1773, Andrew Blanchard was one of the Committee to build 16 feet addition to the Church; 1773, Daniel Woodruff, Joseph Marsh, Samuel Hazel; 1774, John Sayre; 1776, Isaac Jones, John Line, Charles Townley, Lawyer Ogden, Deacon Morehouse, Elder Joseph Allen, Elder Daniel Day, Elder Samuel Rolfe, Stephen Morehouse, Stephen Morehouse, Jun., Benjamin Ross.

It is said that John Miller, page 285, was the ancestor of the Miller family in East New-Jersey, and that his sons William, Andrew, Enoch, John, and Aaron, and daughter Hannah, came to New-Jersey from Long Island, then called "Nassau Island."

There is the record of a deed in the Clerk's Office in Newark, N. J. from John Stanbrough and John Norris, of Southampton, in the county of Suffolk, in the Island of Nassau, Province of New-York, to William Miller, of Elizabethtown, N. J. for a hundred acre lot of land No. 55, dated August 30th, 1727. This was the second lot north west of the village of Westfield, and whereon Alderman William Miller lived and died. The next year, May 2d, 1728, William Miller purchased of his brother, Andrew Miller, of Smithtown, Nassau Island, the next lot north west of the above. Therefore it would seem that John Miller, the father, lived on Long Island, and not in Westfield.

JOHN MILLER, of Long Island, (see page 285,) had children:

1. William, who was an Alderman of the borough of Elizabeth, and his name is in the second list of Associates of 1699.

2. Andrew, who married Mary Andrus, of Newark.

3. Enoch, who married Hannah Baker. (See page 285.)

4. John, whose wife's name was Martha.

5. Aaron, who married and had sons, Aaron, Jun. a clock maker, Cornelius, and Robert, and a daughter Betsey, who married Isaac Brokaw, a clock maker, a son of John, near Somerville.

6. Hannah, who married, first, Nathaniel Bonnel 1st, (see page 46;) second, Deacon Whitehead.

7. Susannah, who married, first, Mr. Crane; second, John Ross 1st, as his third wife. (See page 356.)

Alderman WILLIAM MILLER had two or three wives. His children were:

1. Noah, who married Miss Brooks, daughter of Samuel Brooks, who died about 1780.

2. William, Jun. married _____ _____ .

3. Samuel married _____ _____ .

4. Joanna, who married, first, Mr. Crane, and had a son, Noah Crane, who married his cousin, Nancy Miller; daughter of William, Jun. Joanna married, second, John Ross, as his second wife. (See page 356.)

5. _____ , a daughter, who married Mr. Burnet, the father of the wife of James Wilkison, who lived near the Franklin Mill, New Providence township.

NOAH MILLER, (1st child of Ald. William Miller,) and Miss Brooks had children:

1. Noah, Jun. who married a daughter of Abraham Bonney, Esq. of Woodbridge.

2. Eli Miller, who married [30 May 1790; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Betsey Bryant, daughter of John, of Westfield, and went to the west.

3. Samuel Brooks Miller, who represented the county of Essex several years in the legislature, was a justice of the peace, and judge of the court. He married [Margaret Swan 1 Apr 1797, Both of Westfield; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] _____ , daughter of Amos Swan, and had children:

1. Jedediah, who died at about 25 years, by a cut of a scythe.

2. Eliza, who married Jonathan Osborn, late Sheriff of Essex, son of David, and had children: 1. Matilda, who married Mr. Silvers; 2. Anne Osborn; 3. Mary Osborn.

3. Amos, who is a physician in New-York.
4. Rhoda Anne, who married Wm. Phyfe, son of Dunican, a cabinet maker of New-York.
5. Samuel Brooks, who died a lunatic in 1851, aged 30 yrs.

6. Hannah. 7. Mary.

WILLIAM MILLER, Jun. (son of Alderman William,) had children:

1. Ephraim, who removed when an old man to Springdale, Ohio, and died there, at about 90 years. (See page 293.)

2. John, who married [2 Jan 1787; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Hannah Tucker, daughter of Ephraim. (See page 444.)

3. Noah, who married Miss Ludlow, and had children:

1. Sabra, who married Matthias Welsch, and removed to near New Albany, Indiana.
2. Sarah, who married Elihu Meeker, of Union.

4. Ezra.

5. Nancy, who married her cousin Noah Crane, a grandson of Alderman Miller; they removed to Ohio, and had children: 1. Levi Crane; 2. Noah Crane, Jun. who set up the first prining press in Dayton, Ohio, and printed the first newspaper published in that town; 3. Ephraim Crane; 4. Wm. Crane; 5. Ichabod Crane; 6. Anna Crane; and others.

SAMUEL MILLER, (3d son of Ald. William Miller,) had children:

1. William, who married Massy Raddin, sister of Jeremiah, (see page 339) and had children: 1. Phebe; 2. Hannah.

2. Clark Miller, who married, [Martha Cory 28 Feb 1779; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] first, Miss Cory, daughter of John Cory, and sister of Parkhurst Cory; [Sarah Miller 14 Mar 1790; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] second, Sally Miller, daughter of Aaron, Jun. son of Aaron.

3. Mary, who married Charles Gillman, (he kept a tavern in Westfield,) and had no children.

4. Marsh who married Betsey Cory, sister of Clark's first wife.

5. Phebe, who married Daniel Perrine, and had children: 1. Polly Perrine, who married Daniel Willis, of Elizabethtown; 2. Hannah Perrine.

6. Hannah, who married, [17 May 1761; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] first, Daniel Clark, and had one daughter, Sarah, who married Jonathan Woodruff, Esq. and had no children; Hannah married, second, Col. Jacob Crane, and had two daughters, Joanna Crane and Hannah Crane, and removed to Canada.

PHEBE MILLER, (daughter of William, son of Samuel,) married John C. Clark, of Westfield, and had children:

1. Polly Clark, who married [Mary Clark m. Jacob Keyser 22 Jan 1800; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Jacob Keyser, of New-York.

2. Chloe Clark married Lewis Miller, of Westfield.

3. John M. Clark married [10 Jan 1813; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Mariah Foster, daughter of John W. Foster, and had no children.

4. Asa Clark is not married.

5. Simeon Clark married _____ _____ .

6. Hannah Clark married John H. Wessels, of New-York.

HANNAH MILLER, (daughter of William, son of Samuel,) married Moses Whitehead, and lived near Chatham, and had children:

1. Catherine M. Whitehead, who married John Bird, of Hunterdon County.

2. Nathaniel M. Whitehead married widow Betsey Price, a daughter of John Crane, of Springfield.

3. Phebe [M.] Whitehead married [17 July 1833; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] William Clark, a carpenter, son of Stephen.

4. William Wesley Whitehead, who died at about 26 yrs.

5. Mary Whitehead married [5 Jan 1833, Groom of Brooklyn, L.I.; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] David N. Osborn, son of David L., son of Nehemiah, (see page 310,) and went to Michigan.

6. Alanson Whitehead married [Asa A. Whitehead m. 22 Apr 1834; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Margaret Baker, daughter of Hedges, (see page 21,) and removed to Michigan.

7. Elizabeth married _____ , and went to Michigan.

CLARK MILLER, (2d child of Samuel,) and Miss Cory, had children:

1. David, who married [18 Oct 1801; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Hannah Aiken, daughter of John, son of Deacon Joseph Aiken, and had children:

1. John, who married Miss Dolbeer, and had children:

1. John, who went to the west and died unmarried.

2. Eliza married [17 Sep 1826; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] David Rogers, son of Andrew Rogers and Charlotte Lambert. (See page 209.)

3. Mary, who married Mr. Stites, and died of colera, 1832.

2. Samuel, who went to Springdale, Ohio, and married the widow of a son of Noah Crane, probably Levi, and had a son Levi, and other children.

By his 2d wife, Sally Miller, Clark Miller had other children: William and Martha.

MARSH MILLER, (3d child of Samuel, son of Alderman William,) and Betsey Cory, had children:

1. Samuel, who married [Jemima Pangborne Woodruff 2 May 1813; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Jemima Woodruff, daughter of Noah and Sabra Winans (a daughter of Thomas Winans,) and had children:

1. Eliza;

2. Mary P., who married [24 June 1840; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] George W. Pierson, son of Moses, of Westfield;

3. Samuel, who died young.
4. Aaron, who married _____ _____ , in New-York.

2. Parkhurst, who died young.

3. Betsey married [Eliza Marsh Miller m. 7 Sep 1817; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] John Foster, son of John W. Foster, and had children:

1. Theodore Miller Foster, who married _____ , and live in Philadelphia.
2. Marsh Miller Foster, who married Miss Fox, of Rahway.

3. Mariah Foster, who married [Martha M. Foster m. 25 Mar 1841; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Talmage R. Marsh, son of Charles. She died leaving children: 1. John M. Clark Marsh; 2. Mariah Marsh.

ANDREW MILLER, (2d child of John first,) and Mary Andrus lived about one mile west of Elizabethown, on the road to Westfield, and had children:

1. Andrew Miller, Jun., who lived in Newark.

2. Samuel, who lived about one mile west of his father's.

3. Hannah.

ENOCH MILLER, (son of John 1st,) and Hannah Baker had children: Enoch, Jr., Andrew, Moses, &c. (See page 285.)

ENOCH MILLER, Jun. (son of Enoch,) and Eliza Ross, (see page 285) had children:

1. Moses, who married Amy Tucker.

2. Enoch 3d, who married [25 May 1783; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Keziah Ross, daughter of David and Nancy Ross.

3. Benjamin, who died an old man, unmarried.

4. Betsey, who married Peter Willcox, Jun. (see page 481) and removed to Ohio.

5. Hannah married Samuel Marsh, son of Moses, and removed to Ohio.

6. Polly married [5 Jun 1785; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Joseph Dunham, removed to Ohio, and had children: 1. Moses Dunham; 2. Ross Dunham, who lives in Westfield; 3. Enoch Dunham; 4. Asa Dunham; 5. Benjamin Dunham; 6. Sarah Dunham; and others.

MOSES MILLER, (son of Enoch Miller, Jun.) and Amy Tucker had children:

1. Phebe, who married [13 Apr 1797; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Elijah Ross, son of David Ross, above named, and removed to Butler county, Ohio, and had ten or twelve children.

2. Abby, who married [26 Oct 1815; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Joseph Denman, son of William, of Springfield.

3. _____ _____ , a daughter, who married Elihu Campbell.

4. Samuel; 5. Amy. The three latter went to the west.

ENOCH MILLER 3d, (son of Enoch, Jun.) and Keziah Ross had children:

1. Rebecca, who married [Andrew Hetfield Clark 1 Nov 1807; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Andrew H. Clark, Esq.

[Sally Clark c. Andrew & Rebecca, b. 16 Nov 1808, bap. 2 Feb 1810; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[Mary Clark c. Andrew & Rebecca, b. 19 Nov 1810, bap. 16 June 1811; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[Caroline Clark c. Andrew & Rebecca, b. 19 Apr 1814, bap. 7 Aug 1814; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[Caroline Clark, daughter of Andrew H. & Rebecca, d. 1 Aug 1815 age 1.5.12; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[James Lawrence Clark c. Andrew H. & Rebecca, b. 22 Mar 1818, bap. 6 Sep 1818; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

2. David, who married Eunice Coriell, daughter of David, of New Market.

3. John married, [10 June 1810; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] first, Betsey Ross, daughter of John, (see page 359;) second, Penina Smith, daughter of Jonas Smith, of Orange.

4. Hannah married Dr. Isaac Hendricks Pearce. (P. 104.)
[Hannah, c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 23 Dec 1792, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

5. Jacob married, [22 Feb 1815; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] first, Betsey Woolley, daughter of Jacob, of Springfield; 2d. Eliza Lee, of Rahway.
[Jacob c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 4 Mar 1794, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

6. Keziah, who married [4 July 1827, Groom of Hanover, Bride of Westfield; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Silas Q. Tappen, of Hanover.
[Keziah Miller c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 27 Feb 1799, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[Martin Luther Tappan, c. Silas & Keziah, bap. 10 Oct 1830; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

7. Moses, who went to Ohio, and married there.
[Moses c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 14 Dec 1800, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

8. Stites married, first, Miss Cogswell, of New-York; 2d, _____ , in New Orleans.
[Stites c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 19 Feb 1803, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

9. Elijah, who died unmarried.
[Elijah c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 28 May 1806, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

10 Josiah, who married Lucy Ann Jefferys, daughter of Caleb. (See page 417.)
[Josiah c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 27 Mar 1810, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

11. Abner married Miss Tappen, sister of Silas Q. Tappen.
[Abner c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 28 Nov 1804, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

12. Eliza married Mr. Blakely, of Union.
[Eliza c. Enoch & Keziah, b. 20 Jan 1806, bap. 10 Feb 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

JEDEDIAH MILLER, (son of Enoch 1st,) (see page 285) married and removed to Wilkesbarre, Penn. One of his daughters married John Drew, of Springfield; another married Mr. Crammer, and removed to Shemokin, Penn.

ANDREW MILLER, (son of Enoch 1st,) and Sarah Ross, daughter of John, (see page 357,) had children:

1. Hannah, who married [21 Jan 1781; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Thomas Parcel, lived near Chatham, and had nine children.

2. Rebecca married John Brokaw, son of Isaac, the clock maker.

3. Enoch married [13 Dec 1790; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Johannah Garthwaite, daughter of Jeremiah, of Elizabethtown, and had one son, and five daughters.

4. John married [15 July 1792; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Abigail Stites, daughter of Richard. (See page 407.)

5. Timothy married, first, Susan Cory, daughter of Abner, second, Mary Denton; lived in South Brunswick.

6. Abner married Bethiah Tryon, of Orange Co. New York, had one son and one daughter.

7. Sarah married [Sally m. 31 Aug 1800; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] James Tharp, of Rahway Neck.

8. Andrew married three times, had children by each; he lived in Woodbridge.

9. Susan was [m. 24 Mar 1811; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] second wife of John Scudder, cabinet maker; they removed to Ohio. She died leaving three daughters.

JOHN MILLER, JUN. (son of John 1st,) and his wife Martha had children:

1. Moses, who married Esther Maxwell.

2. Maline.

3. John 3d, who married [3 Dec 1759; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Phebe Valentine, daughter of Richard, and had but one son:

Abner 1st, who married Betsey Keyt, daughter of James Keyt and Betsey Jessup, and had children:

1. Phebe, who married Ichabod Ross, son of Ichabod.-- (See page 360.)

2. Abner 2d, who married Hannah Searing, daughter of Jacob, of Union.

3. Anna married [22 Oct 1811; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Israel R. Coriell, son of David, of New Market.

4. John O. Miller married Sarah Ludlow, daughter of Benjamin and Keziah Ludlow; he lives on the old Miller homestead.

ABNER MILLER 2d, (son of Abner 1st, son of John, Jun.) and Hannah Searing, had children:

1. Phebe.

2. Charles, who married the widow of Stephen Marsh, and daughter of Joseph Morss, son of Doctor Isaac Morss, and lives at Trembly's Point, in Rahway.

3. Elizabeth, who married [15 May 1836; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] William T. Baker, son of Henry, (see page 22,) and removed to Chicago.

4. Hannah married William H. Pierson, merchant at Westfield, (as his 2d wife,) son of Sylvanus.

5. Abner 3d married [Mary P. Clark 27 Nov 1849 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Mary Clark, daughter of David W. Clark, and had a son Irvin.

ANNA MILLER, (3d child of Abner Miller and Betsey Keyt,) and Israel R. Coriell lives at New-Market, and had children:

1. Elizabeth M. Coriell, who married William H. Pierson, merchant, (as his 1st wife,) son of Sylvanus. She died leaving 4 children: Elizabeth, William, Israel and Sarah Pierson.

2. David Coriell, who married [01 Mar 1843 Ellen Silvers, Both of Rahway; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Miss Silvers, daughter of Noah, of Rahway, and had children:

1. Ellen Coriell. 2. Theodore Coriell. 3. Israel Coriell. 4. Abner Coriell.

JOHN O. MILLER, (4th child of Abner Miller and Betsey Keyt), and Sarah Ludlow had children:

1. Abigal Miller, who married [Abby Brittin Miller m. 18 Dec 1838; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] John Grant Crane, son of Josiah, (see page 104) and has a daughter, Elizabeth Crane, who married Daniel Carle Williams, son of Ebenezer S. Williams, of Baskingridge. (See page 480.)

2. Louisa married Elias M. Crane, son of Elias, of Union. (See page 104.)

3. James married Sarah Jane Marsh, daughter of Eli, son of Charles.

4. John Alfred Miller, who went to Red River, Louisiana.

ROBERT MILLER, (son of Aaron, son of John 1st.) married Sarah Kennedy, daughter of Rev. Mr. Kennedy, of Baskingridge, and had children:

1. William Kennedy Miller, a clock maker, of Elizabethtown, married Miss Williams, of Union.

2. Aaron Miller, who married Rhoda Morris, daughter of John, and lived in Rahway.

3. Sarah Miller, who married William Dawes.

4. Phebe Miller married John Hoagland, near Elizabethtown.

BETSEY MILLER, (daughter of Aaron,) and Isaac Brokaw, the clock maker, 3d son of John, had children:

1. John Brokaw, who married Rebecca Miller, daughter of Andrew Miller and Sarah Ross. (See page 285.)

2. Aaron Brokaw, who married Betsey Tucker, daughter of the 3d wife of Capt. Enos Baldwin. (See page 26.)

3. Nancy Brokaw married, first, Solomon Marsh, son of John, of Woodbridge; second, Daniel Moore.

4. Cornelius, born 27th Sept. 1772, married 1st, Elizabeth Anne Tucker, daughter of Daniel; 2d Mary Miller, a widow and daughter of Jonathan Terry, son of William.

JOHN BROKAW, (son of Isaac.) and Rebecca Miller had children:

1. Isaac Brokaw married Susan Lambert, daughter of James. (See page 208.)

2. Betsey Brokaw married William P. Baldwin, of Orange, and had a daughter, Betsey Baldwin.

3. John Brokaw, who married Miss Brokaw, near Somerville.

4. Andrew Brokaw married Betsey Meeker.

5. Cornelius Brokaw married Miss Tichenor, of Canoe Brook.

6. Enoch Brokaw married _____ , who died at about 30 yrs.

AARON BROKAW, (2d child of Isaac,) and Betsey Tucker, had children:

1. Cornelius Brokaw; 2. Isaac Augustus Brokaw.

3. Charles Brokaw, who married Susan Tharp, daughter of James Tharp and Susan Miller.

4. Phebe Eliza Brokaw married William Baker, who lives in Rahway.

CORNELIUS BROKAW, (4th child of Isaac,) and Elizabeth Anne Tucker had children:

1. Nancy Brokaw, who married Edmund M. Brown, son of William, of Rahway.

2. Daniel, who died in infancy; 3. Cornelius, who also died in infancy.

And by his 2d wife, Mary, had a son William Terry Brokaw, who married Sarah Manning, daughter of Squire. (See Bailey, page 17.)

NOTE.--JOHN BROKAW lived near Somerville, and had children:

1. John, who was killed by the enemy in the Revolutionary war.

2. Benjamin, who married _____ .

3. Isaac, the clock maker, who married Betsey Miller.

4. Richard, who married _____ .

5. Phebe, who married John Fied, of Millstone.

6. Polly, who married Cornelius Van Dyke.

7. Bergun Brokaw.

8. _____ , a daughter, who married Mr. Van Arsdale.

9. _____ , a daughter, who married Capt. Cornelius Lott.


This genealogy of John Miller was first published in Feltville, N. J., in 1851 as an appendix to Family Records: or Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley by J. Littell. It is here reprinted photographically in an edition of sixty copies.

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