1860 Mortality Schedule

1860 Mortality Schedule
Morris Co. Up


Based on what was provided in the columns on the mortality schedule, the following information is included: name, age, color other than white, slave or free, marital status, birthplace if other than New Jersey, month of death, and occupation. Sex has been omitted unless the given name leaves some doubt.

The persons listed are supposed to have died during the year ending 1 June 1860 putting the months June through December in 1859 and January through May in 1860.

Information that was questionable has been noted.

Chatham Township

(Linn?), Clifford, 4, d. May
Baker, Frederick, 3/12, d. Nov.
Baldwin, Daniel M., 3, d. Mar.
Baldwin, John N., 15, d. Mar., labor(er)
Carr, Ida E., 3, d. Mar.
Cornwell, Sarah (E), 17, b. NY, d. Mar., house work
Day, Israel, 10/12, b. Ohio, d. Apr.
Day, Mary, 37, wid., d. Aug., house work
Day, Samuel, 6/12, d. Mar.
Dunn, John, 6/12, d. Apr.
Griffith, William, 1/12, d. July
Hedges, Frank E., 1, d. May
Jackson, [blank], 30, b. Germany d. Sep., lumber
Kenedy, Patrick, 24, b. Ireland, d. Dec., labor(er)
Lawrence, Jane, 60, free, mulatto, wid., d. March, house work
Loapman, Stephen E., 3/12, b. NY, d. Sep.
McDermit, Mary, 3, d. July
Osborn, Isabella, 24, m., d. Mar.
Parsons, Eliza, 54, m., d, May, house work
Phipps, Frances, 1, d. Dec.
Sturges, William, 3/12, d. Aug.
Tucker, Sharlene M., 35, m., b. NY, d. May, house work
Tuttle, Amelia C., 47, m., b. NY, d. Dec., lady
Walton, James C., 15, d. Apr

Chester Township

Amit, Phebe W., 32, m., d. Apr.
Case, James, 66, m., d. Jan., Day labour(er)
Chamberlin, Theo., 9/12, d. May
Chamberlin. Sarah E., 3, d. Sep.
Crater, Anna, 3, d. Apr.
Crater, Maryett, 38, m., d. Feb.
Emmans, Hatty A. (Hetty Ann), 41, m., d. Jan.
Kelsey, William C., 23, d. Sep., M.D.
Lindaberry, Theodore, 4/12, d. May
Maninus, Frederick, m., 44, d. Sep., farmer
Pickle, William, 6/12, d. Mar.
Seal, Obadia L., 3, d. July
Skellinger, Mary, 54, m., d. Apr.
Swaysee, George, 2, d. Apr.
Wortman, Jacob M., m., 44, d. Nov., farmer
Yauger, Emily, 9/12, d. Sep.

Hanover Township

Allen, Elizabeth, 60, d. Aug.
Baker, Louis, 66, wid., d. May, painter
Ball, Ann L., 1, d. Mar.
Bedell, Sarah, 70, d. Dec.
Benjamin, Caroline, 3/12, d. Aug.
Beshler, James J., 55, wid., d. Feb.
Burnett, Elizabeth, 24, d. July
Cline, Jacob, 61, d. Sep.
Conklin, John, 22, b. England, d. Mar., painter
Conklin, Mary, 60, wid., b. England, d. Jan.
Conklin, Michael, 2, d. May
Coughlin, John, 25, b. Ireland, d. Oct.
Farrand, John W., 2, d. Mar.
Ferry, Peter, 60, wid., d. June
Fling, Michael, 70, wid., b. Ireland, d. Sep.
Furgason, Mary, 50, b. Ireland, d. Jan.
Gray, Jonathan, 55, d. Nov. 
Green, Ann M., 17, d. Sep.
Griffith, Andrew J., 25, d. Mar.
Jacobus, Jane, 65, wid., d. Nov.
Johnson, Jane, 70, wid., d. Feb.
Kitchel, Marcus H., 12, black, d. Feb.
Larison, Jacob, 78, wid., d. October
McCarn, Elizabeth, 70, b. Ireland, d. Jan.
McCullock, Joseph, 2, d. Oct.
McGrath, Morris, 1, d. Sep.
McIntire, William, 75, wid., b. Rhode Island, d. January
Miller, Mary A., 23, d. Feb., mantua maker
Mills, Daniel, 1, d. Oct.
Minton, Emly E., 51, female, wid., d. Oct.
Minton, Joseph J., 55, m., b. Vermont, d. Apr., farmer
Morisey, Stephen, 1, d. Mar.
Murphy, James, 71, m., b, Ireland, d. Feb.
Oliver, Amos, 85, black, wid., d. Apr., day laborer
Oliver, George, 7, d. Sep.
Osborn, Rachel, 75, wid., d. May
Reed, James, 2, d. Feb.
Romine, Mariah, 73, wid., b. New York City, d. Oct.
Syms, Harry M., 27, d. Aug.
Tensh, Frances A., 9/12, d. Oct.
Terry, Mary E, 2, d. Apr.
Tharp, David B., 30, d. Nov.
Tuttle, Sarah T., 3, d. Mar.
VanBlarcom, Sarah, 80. d. Dec.
Wingas, Frances M., 3/12, d. Aug.
Witmore, Hannah, 35, m., d. Jan.
Wright, Chileon, 27, black, d. June, laborer

Jefferson Township

Allen, John, 2, d. Jan.
Beny, Lot, 75, m., d. Aug., farmer
Brach, William, 50, wid., d. Mar., forgeman
Callahan, Jas. C., 3/12, d. Feb.
Connelly, James, 14, d. May, mining
Davenport, Elizabeth, 80, m., d. Jan, domestic
Davenport, John 0., 63, m., d. Oct., farmer
Davenport, Solomon, 70, m., d. Mar., farmer
Dickeson, Marian, 16, d. May, student
Estill, Jas. C., 35, m., d. June, clerk
Henderson, Sarah A., (30?), m., d. May, domestic
Jennings, Hily, 86, female, d. Nov., domestic
Kimball, Jacob, 60, m., d. Mar., farmer
Lawrence, Rebecca, 52, m., d. Apr., domestic
Martin, James, 35, wid., b. England, d. Sep. miner
Moore, Jacob, 27, d. Sep., laborer
Moore, William, 36, m., b. Ireland, d. Jan., mining
Patterson, Jane, 25, m., d, Aug., domestic
Strait, Catharine, 77, wid., d. Nov., domestic
Talmadge, Nancy, 2/12 d. Mar.
VanOver, Sarah, 68, wid., d. Sep., domestic

Mendham Township

Baird, William, 37, m., d. Apr., farmer
Blackford, Emma T., 5, d. Apr.
Blackford, Mary M., 39, m., d. June
Burnet, Mary L., 1, d. Mar.
Day, Eugene E, 6, d. Mar.
Dixon, John, 83, m., b. Ireland, d. May, farmer
Guerin, Richard, 80, m., d. Oct., farmer
Losey, Harriet, 48, m., b. NY, d. June
McMurtry, John, 72, d., June, farmer
Norris, Minnie C., 2, d. Sep.
Perry, Charlotte, 19, black, d. Mar., servant
Pierson, Elias H., 44, m., d. Apr., farmer
Rutan, Emma E, 22, d. May, milliner
Savage, Charles W., 4/12, d. Dec.
Smith, Richard S., 85, m., b. NY, d. Nov., farmer
Sutton, Anna, 1, d. Mar.
Sutton, Martha, 68, wid., b. Conn., h. Aug.
Tompkins, Josephine, 8/12, d. May
VanDyke, Abraham, 30, d. Apr.
Woodruff, Theo. E, 15, d. Apr.

Morris Township

(Donelon?), Timothy, 3, d. June
(Engsmith?), Frederick, 10, b. Prussia, d. Jan.
(Vanguisin?), Henry H., 4, d. Jan
(Westhampen?), Lewis A., 3, d. Nov.
Aber, George H., 4, d. Jan.
Acker, George, 39, b. NY, d. Mar., laborer
Arnold, Nathan, 76, d. July, farmer
Babbit, Joseph S., 2 1/2, d. Jan.
Bailey, Francis G., 1, d. Aug.
Bailey, John, 6, d. Apr.
Baxter, Alice, 80, b. Ireland, d. Nov.
Bcntly, William N., 2/12, d. Jan.
Bedell, Phebe E., 26, d. Feb.
Bedford, Augusta, 1, d. Aug.
Berry, John A., 73, wid., d. Aug., machinist
Bidell, Catharine A., 27, d. Feb.
Bird, Joseph, 9, d. Sep.
Bomar, Walter, 8, d. Mar.
Bomar, William E, 13, d. Mar.
Burns, Sarah L., 8/12, d. Apr.
Burt, John, 54, m., d. Feb., cordwainer
Canfield, Isaac W., 67, d. Jan., M.D.
Coe, Emma E, 9, d. Mar.
Cook, Charles, 7, d. Oct.
Cook, Rhoda, 25, d. Aug.
Cook, Susan, 20, d. Aug.
Cooper, Walter A., 2, d. Sep.
Cordy, Catharine, 1, d. Nov.
Crane, Agnes, 2/12, d. Feb.
Crane, Jane E, 4, d. Jan.
Crane, Sarah E., 3, d. Jan.
Crane, Silas D., 7, d. Jan.
Crater, Lizzie A., 2, d. Apr.
Dalrumple, Chas. W., 2/12, d. July
Dempsey, Catharine, 33, b. Ireland, d. May, servant
Doyle, Anne S., 1, d. Feb.
Drake, Lucretia, 31, m., d. Mar.
Dunn, George, 9, d. Mar.
Ensly, David S., 40, m., b. NY, d. Sep., farmer
Fairchild, John C., 2, d. Feb.
Freeman, John R., 75, m., d. Nov., farmer
Gillard, James, 84, b. Ireland, d. Mar.
Goble, Hannah, 80, d. Mar.
Goble, Harriet A., 28, d. Feb.
Gregory, Chas. H., 6/12, d. Feb.
Halliday, Chas. H., 7, d. Dec.
Halliday, George 0., 5, d. Dec.
Halsey, Mary A., 60, d. May
Heath, Mary C., 11/12, d. Jan.
Kinney, Ellen, 2, d. June
Lanagan, Mary A., 1, d. Nov.
Lange, Augusta, 1, d. Sep.
Lee, Sylvaneus, 3, d. May
Lewis, Susan A., 6, d. Apr.
Lindsly, Hettie H., 60, d. Nov.
Lounsberry, Sarah, 7/12, b. Canada, d. Apr.
Ludlow, Malinda, 7/12, black, d. Oct.
Ludlow, Matilda, 7/12, black, d. Sep.
Marvin, Henrietta, 74, m., d. Jan.
Mattox, Isaac P., 19, d. Aug., carpenter
Mattox, Mary, 3, d. Feb.
McDonald, Ananias, 2/12, b. NY, d. Feb.
McGouen, John, 73, m., b. Ireland, d. May, cooper
Messler, Benjamin, 61, d. Dec., mason
Miller, Catharine, 3, d. Nov.
Moody, Mary A., 1, d. Jan.
Murphy, John, 2, d. Oct.
Nevius, Anna, 2, b. NY, d. Mar.
Nevius, Augustus, 10/12, b. NY, d. Mar.
Noe, Ellis, (36), d. May
Orton, Elizabeth, 8/12, d. Jan.
Peacock, George W., 18/12, d. Dec.
Peacock, Nancy A., 8, d. Dec.
Potts, Fanny G., 3, d. Sep.
Pruden, Leman, 24, male, d. Aug., wagon maker
Revere, Frances J., 11, b. NY, d. Sep.
Roberts, Jeremiah, 12, d. Feb.
Robinson, Elisha, 46, b. NY, d. Mar., stock broker
Robinson, Julia G., 39, b. NY, d. Apr.
Roy, John C., 75, wid., d. Jan., farmer
Scott, Isaiah S., 37, d. Apr., farmer
Skellenger, David B., 5/12, d. Feb.
Smith, Frank R., 1, d. Jan.
Tappan, Abraham, 62, d. Dec, farmer
Taylor, Willie H., 1 1/2,d. Apr.
Totten, Sarah W., 27, d. Dec.
Trowbridge, Chileon, 64, d. Mar., laborer
Tuttle, Cora E., 1/12, d. Mar.
Vail, Mary C., 55, d. Mar.
Ward, William B., 30, m., d. Feb., millwright
Welsh, Thomas, 35, m., b. Ireland, d. July, laborer
Whitehead, Flora, 1/12, d. Nov.
Williams, Mary, 60, d. May
Wright, Henry S., 26, d. Aug., merchant

Pequannock Township

Barklow, Peter, 30, b. NY, d. Oct., farm laborer
Carpenter, Joseph, 3/12, d. Aug.
Carpenter, Michael, 3/12, d. Aug.
Cook, Charles S., 12, d. Aug.
Cook, John H., 85, wid., d. Oct., farmer
Cook, Silas E, 28, d. Jan., farmer
Cooper, Harriet, 5/12, d. Apr.
Couland, Sarah M., 4, d. Aug.
Cusick, Mary, 30, m., b. Ireland, d. Aug.
Decker, Elvina, 23, m., d. Aug.
Decker, Sarah, 59, m., d. Jan.
Demsey, Mary, 24, b, Ireland, d. Apr.
Dods, Sarah L, 2, d. Apr.
Dougheny, Sarah E., 1, d. Aug.
Dunlap, William, 33, b. Ireland, d. May, boatman
Gladson, William, 73, d. May, carpenter
Griffin, Thomas, 3/12, d. Dec.
Hammond, Rachel B., 30, d. Apr., mantua maker
Hopler, Catharine E., 1/12, d. Feb.
Howard, William E., 46, b. NY, d. Aug., farmer
Hunt, William, 1, d. Dec.
Jackson, Samuel, 50, black, d. Mar.
Kingsland, Nancy, 89, wid., d. Jan
Mead, Ann, 43, m., b. Ireland, d. Feb.
Mead, Cyrus M., 2, d. Mar.
Miller, Jane, 25, d. June
Miller, William, 14, black, d. July
Nelson, Ida L.C, 6/12, d. Sep.
Peer, Daniel T., 83, wid., d. Nov., farmer
Peer, Nelly, 93, wid., d. Oct.
Righter, Catharine, 3, d. Feb.
Rine, Daniel, 2, d. Aug.
Rine, Issabella C., 1, d. Aug.
Slingerling, Hester, 66, m., d. Mar.
Smith, Mahettible F, 22, d. Feb., mantua maker
Tompkins, Catharine A., 47, m., d. Jan.
V:Ness, Mary E., 2/12. d. Sep.
VanDuyne, Sophrona, 26, female, d. Sep.
VanHouten, Charity, 69, wid., d. July
Vanness, Emmens, 1, d. Sep.
VanNess, john L., 2, d. May
Willson, Emma M., 1/2, d. Mar.
Willson, George H., 5, b. NY City, d. Aug.
Willson, George W., 2, d. Sep.

Randolph Township

Alexander, Jane, 21, d. June
Allen, Samuel, 17, d. Feb.
Berry, Nancy, 75, m., d, Feb.
Blake, Joseph H., 6/12, d. June
Coleman, Catharine, 54, wid., b. Ireland, d. Nov.
Corwin, John, 76, m., d. Dec., farmer
Dalrymple, Daniel, 77, wid., d. Jan., farmer
Dalrymple, Silas, 24, d. June, laborer
Hopler, Catherine, 1, d. Sep.
Kemp, Eliza, 9/12, d. Apr.
King, Barney, 42, m., b. Ireland, d. Oct., farmer
McMurray, Martha, 3/12, d. Dec.
McNelson, Rosanna, 34, m., d. Dec.
Nolan, Catharine J., 11/12, d. Oct.
Quigley, Lawrence, 50, m., b. Ireland, d. Dec., laborer
Quigley, Patrick, 46, m., b. Ireland, d. Apr., laborer
Ramsom, Mary, 16, m., d Mar.
Richards, John H., 2/365, d. Nov.
Tuttle, Mary, 62, m., d. Mar.
Young, Thomas J., 37, d. July, laborer

Rockaway Township

Beach, Margaret E., 33, m., d. Oct.
Dempsey, Catharine, 60, m., b. Ireland, d. Dec.
Doland, Owen, 35, m., b. Ireland, d. July, miner
Drayton, Esau, 81, m., b. England, d. Jan., farmer
Drayton, Lulu, 1, d. Sep.
Earles, John, 77, m., d. Mar., farmer
Earles, William, 2, d. Sep.
Finley, Catharine, 1, d. Sep.
Golden, Catharine, 12, d. May
Hall, Cornelia, 22, m., d. Nov.
Hinchman, Stella, 6/12, d. June
Jackson, Dr. John D, 65, m., d. Nov., physician
McDonald, Esther, 2, d. Oct.
McDonald, Mary Ellen, 9/12, d. Feb.
Meager, Amelia 1., 17, b. England, d. Jan.
Palmer, Hannah, 19, m., d. July
Palmer, Harriet A., 14, d. Aug.
Palmer, Nancy, 46, m., d. May
Robbins, George, 4, black, d. Aug.
Rogers, Alida, 1/12, d. Apr.
Ryan, Roger, 33, m., b. Ireland, d. May, miner
Scribner, Mahlon, 4, d. Nov.
Shawyers, Leopold, 77, m., d. Jan., laborer
Stanter, Lewis, 63, b., Germany, d. Dec.
Sullivan, Ellen, 36, m., b Ireland, d. Mar.
Thompson, Caroline, 4, d. Apr.
Thompson, Catharine, 1, d. Apr., "twins"
Thompson, John, 1, d. May, "twins"
Ward, Phineas, 75, m., d. July, laborer
Wilkins, Carman, 3, d. Dec.
Will, Alexander, 73, wid., d. Mar., farmer

Roxbury Township

Alued, Caleb, 20, b. Germany, d. Dec., laborer
Bartley, Anna, 5/12, d. Feb.
Clancey, Elizabeth, 47, m., b. PA, d, Nov., domestic
Clouse, Mahala, 10/12. d. Aug.
Collier, Chas. E, 4, b. NY, d. July
Corwin, Betsy F, 70, m., d. June, domestic
Doering, Theodore, 1, d. Dec.
Force, Lavalette, 1, male, d. Nov.
Grandon, Gasper W., 22, d. June, merchant
Grandon, William, 49, m., d. Apr., carpenter
Honnell, Susan G., 73, m., d. Mar., domestic
Jackson, Henrietta, 5/12, d. Aug.
Keeler, Nancy, 67, m., b. Conn., d. June
Kelly, Patrick, 2/12, b. Ireland, d. Jan.
King, Phebe A., 51, m., d. May, domestic
Kinnan, Anna, 83, wid., d. Feb.
Lanterman, Mary, 66, wid., d. Sep., domestic
Linaberry, Mary, 16, d. Dec., domestic
Linaberry, Susan, 32, m., d. Mar., domestic
McDougal, Abigail, 50, m., d. Mar., domestic
McNeely, Elizabeth, 37, m., d. Sep.
McNeely, Julia E., 1/12, d. Sep.
Millets, Thomas, 1, d. Mar.
Rhinehart, Infant, 1 day, d. Apr.
Rush, Lauretta, 10/12, d. July
Smith, Saml. C., 55, d. Sep., farmer
Sniderbox, Abraham, 60, m., d. Feb., tanner and currier
Spencer, Irwin B., 3/12, d. Aug.
Spencer, William Z., 3/12, d. Aug.
Tuttle, Laura Frances, 1, d. Aug.
Umpstead, Aaron L., 11, d. July
Vanfleet, Daniel Y., 11, d. Mar.
Willets, John, 32, d. Aug., boatman
Williams, Jane, 52, m., d. May, domestic
Williamson, William R., 5, d. Apr.
Woodruff, Saml., 70, m., d. Feb., carpenter
Young, Harriet N., 10, d. June

Washington Township

(Weller?), Barbara, 45, m., d. Sep.
(Weller?), Margaret, 64, d. May
Apgar, Beula, 1/12, d. Jan.
Beam, Jane, 1, d. Sep.
Bell, Simon D., 59, wid., d. Oct., blacksmith
Castner, Catharine, 88, wid., d. June
Clark, Mary C., 8, d. Jan.
Curl, Sarah, 64, wid., d. Nov.
Drake, James, 63, m., d. Apr., blacksmith
Dufford, Elizabeth, 39, m., d. Jan.
Forrester, Effy, 65, d. Jan.
Gulick, Mary, 7, d. Nov.
Hann, Mary; 80, wid., d. Feb.
Harris, Sarah E., 31, m., d. Mar.
Heath, Hezekiah, 20, d. Mar., day laborer
Lake, Charity, 24, m., d. July
Lake, Elizabeth, 2, d. Oct.
Lake, Margaret, 94, wid., d. Jan.
Lance, Biddy, 20, m., b. Ireland, d. May
Miller, Jacob, 1, d. Feb.
Pool, David, 4, d. Dec.
Searles, Moses, 78, m., d. Feb., farmer
Stephens, Malinda, 1, d. Apr.
Stephens, Robert C., 55, m., d. Aug., farmer
Stires, Joseph H., 1/12, d. June
Swackhamer, Aaron H., 27, d. July, farmer
Welsh, Ann, 2, d. Jan.
Youmans, Alexander, 44, m., b. NY, d. Apr.
Young, Alice C., 9, d. Aug.   

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