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Paul Guenther
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Source: History Morris County New Jersey, Volume II, Lewis Publishing Co., 1914

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Education and financial assistance are very important factors in achieving success in the business world today, where every faculty must be brought into play, they are not the main elements. Persistency and determination figure much more prominently, and a man possessed of these qualities is bound to win a fair amount of success. Paul GUENTHER, whose name forms the caption of this article, was but meagerly educated in his youth, but during the latter years of his life has climbed to a high place on the ladder of achievement. He is one of Dover's most prominent citizens and, since 1897, has conducted the Paul Guenther Company, incorporated since 1908, manufacturers of silk hosiery, one of the most progressive industries of this city.

A native of Germany, Paul GUENTHER was born in the province of Saxony, that country, May 13, 1860. He is a son of Bruno and Therese (WUNSCH) GUENTHER, who passed their entire lives in the fatherland. Mr. GUENTHER was a farmer by occupation and ha and his wife had only one child, namely:

  • Paul, of this notice.

Paul grew up on his father’s farm, in the work and management of which he early became an important factor, and he was educated in the neighboring public schools. As a young man he became interested in the manufacturing of hosiery and he worked at that line of enterprise until he had reached his thirtieth year, when he immigrated to America. After his arrival in the United States, he spent seven years as an employee in different knitting mills, and then, having thoroughly familiarized himself with American methods of manufacture, he located at Dover in Morris county, and here opened a factory for the output of silk hosiery. This was in the year 1897 and his first place of business was of very small proportions. Since 1902 his business has grown to such an extent that he has been obliged to erect more spacious and modern quarters , and at the present time, 1913, he employs a force of eight hundred workers. Mr. GUENTHER’s plant is the largest of its kind in the world and he has been the prime mover in bringing his class of goods down to a scale of prices which places them in the reach of all. His splendid success in the business has been due to his wonderful foresight and well directed efforts. He is a stockholder in the National Union Bank of Dover and one of the directors of that institution.

Paul GUENTHER has been and is an important factor in the growth and development of Dover in more ways than one. His great plant with the tremendous increase of business it has brought the city stands foremost among his achievements, but his progressive spirit has not stopped here. He is of a generous disposition and desires to share with his employees the fruits of his success, and accordingly has built them dwellings constructed along modern lines with a view to comfort and convenience. These he offers to them for purchase at terms suited to their incomes, and has thus aided many to secure homes which would otherwise have been out of their reach. In the words of one who has known him since he first came to this country; "He is big, generous, progressive, and industrious, unaffected, ready at all times to lay off his coat, roll up his sleeves and repair some piece of machinery that requires skill and immediate attention. A wonderful man who has achieved a wonderful success." His goods are sold throughout the entire civilized world and there is no quarter of the globe where they cannot be found. Sixteen years ago he was practically unknown, and today he stands in the front rank of the great captains of industry. His home, recently completed, stands on a considerable eminence overlooking the Rockaway Valley, and is one of the most attractive in Morris county. It is situated just outside the corporate limits of Dover, to the east of the city, and is a fitting place for him to spend his hours of freedom from office and factory that he has so well earned.

Mr. GUENTHER is not a politician in any sense of the word, and he does not desire to hold public office of any kind. He is, nevertheless, influential in public affairs and casts his vote for Republican men and measures. He is a valued and appreciative member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and is likewise affiliated with the Hamilton Club of Paterson, New Jersey.

Mr. GUENTHER married in 1896, Olga MECHEL, a native of Germany and a daughter of Charles and Louisa (HOMAGH) MECHEL.

  • Mrs. GUENTHER has two brothers and one sister as follows:
  • Charles, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin;
  • Richard, who lives in the city of Berlin, Germany;
  • Emma, wife of Fritz EWEST, of Berlin.

Mr. and Mrs. GUENTHER have one daughter,

  • Margaret,

a student in the National Park Seminary, at Forest Glen, near Washington, D. C. The family are zealous members of the Presbyterian church, to whose good works they are most liberal contributors.


This biography was transcribed by John Cresseveur.

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