Robert Caskey Bartley

Robert Caskey Bartley
Morris Co. Up

Source: History Morris County New Jersey, Volume II, Lewis Publishing Co., 1914

The BARTLEY family is one of the oldest in New Jersey. Indeed, with the exception of an insignificant break, which the great mass of evidence shows to be purely incidental, they may trace their decent directly to John BARKLEY(sic), one of the "Proprietors" of East Jersey. Robert and David BARKLEY(sic) were two of the twenty-four proprietors to whom the Duke of York originally gave the grant of sale of East Jersey. On March 14, 1683, Robert BARKLEY(sic) was appointed governor of the colony of East Jersey, but did not live to enjoy his honors long. His death occurred October 3, 1690, and that of David BARKLEY(sic) even earlier, probably about August 15, 1675, during the passage from Aberdeen to his new possessions in America, in charge of a cargo of supplies for the proprietors. His brother John, the ancestor of the present BARTLEY's, inherited his rights in East Jersey and removed to the colony in 1683, with a company of six persons, living for many years, and finally dying there. In 1692 he was appointed receiver general and surveyor general of the colony of East Jersey, and his name appears in 1699 as a clerk in Perth Amboy, and in 1702 in a signature as one of the proprietors. From him, it appears, the BARTLEY's of Bedminster, Somerset county, New Jersey, are descended, as was also Colonel Hugh BARTLEY, the grandfather of Robert C. BARTLEY, and the first of the name to settle in Mount Olive township, Morris county.

Colonel Hugh BARTLEY served in the War of 1812, with the rank of captain, and owned a farm and one of the first saw mills in the Mount Olive region. He was actively engaged in the saw mill business. At the time of his death he left a family of six children, of whom the oldest was Jonathan Potter BARTLEY, father of Robert C. BARTLEY.

Jonathan Potter BARTLEY was born on one of the farms of the BARTLEY estate, the one adjoining that owned at present by Robert C. BARTLEY. He was a prominent man in the community, playing an active part in its affairs and doing considerable building there. Among other things he constructed the BARTLEY Mill for grain at BARLEY in 1840, which since his time has been rebuilt several times, and which at recent years has been owned and operated by James. M. CONOVER. Besides the mill, Mr. BARTLEY also built the first foundry and blacksmith shop in the neighborhood, and these were conducted by William BARTLEY, an uncle of Robert C. BARTLEY. Mr. BARTLEY Sr. married Dorothy CASKEY, daughter of Captain Robert and Betsey (SALMON) CASKEY, of Morris county, New Jersey, of which region both the CASKEY and SALMON families were among the early settlers. Captain Robert CASKEY was a prominent man in his day, owning and operating a highly successful farm in the neighborhood of Flanders, Morris county, where he lived and died. To Jonathan Potter and Dorothy (CASKEY) BARTLEY were born five children as follows: Robert CASKEY, of whom further; Caroline, who became the wife of George L. SALMON, a prominent citizen of Mount Olive township, both deceased; Hannah, now Mrs. Peter SALMON of Boonton, New Jersey; Alma, who became the wife of Henry SALMON, and is now deceased; Dorothy, deceased, wife of Stratton SALMON.

Robert Caskey BARTLEY was born August 24, 1835, at Bartley, Morris county, New Jersey. He obtained his education in the local schools. He was brought up to work in a forge, foundry and blacksmith shop. At the death of his father he came into the possession of the flour and feed mill erected by the elder man at Bartley and these he owned and operated most successfully for seventeen years, and added to them a number of times during that period. He was engaged in the manufacture of steam and hot-water heaters, and for a number of years owned and operated the BARTLEY store. He is the owner of a valuable farm in the neighborhood. Mr. BARTLEY has been very active in the affairs of the community, and has filled nearly all the offices in the gift of the township. For twenty-seven years he has been overseer of the roads and has served for some years as freeholder of Mount Olive township. He is a member of the Democratic party.

Mr. BARTLEY married (first) in 1858, Elsie SWACKHAMMER, by whom he had two children, both of whom died young. She was a daughter of David SWACKHAMMER, a resident of Morris county. Mr. BARTLEY married (second) Hannie STEPHENS, daughter of William and Hannah (GRANDON) STEPHENS, of Mount Olive township. Mr. STEPHENS was the owner of several mills and a forge in the Mount Olive region and the father of two sons, Amos and Charles STEPHENS, who were members of the Twenty-seventh New Jersey Regiment of Volunteers and lost their lives during the Civil War, drowned in the Cumberland river disaster. To Mr. and Mrs. BARTLEY were born two children as follows: Anna, deceased; Abbie F., who was educated in the local public schools and in a private school at Dover, New Jersey; she was later married to William K. HOPLER, who engaged in the manufacture of steam heaters with his father-in-law and was very successful therein; he sustained a severe injury in his shops, which, after confining him for a number of months to his house, eventually caused his death; Mr. and Mrs. HOPLER were the parents of three children, Bernice D., DeWitt B., Elliott S. HOPLER; Mrs. HOPLER makes her home with her parents. Mr. BARTLEYís personal character and attainments, as well as his wealth and family, give him a prominent place among his fellow citizens, and his courtesy and hospitality are proverbial in the neighborhood. He and his family are members of the Presbyterian church.

Transcribed by John Cresseveur

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