Errors and Omissions

Errors and Omissions
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As with any set of compiled information you will find errors and omissions scattered throughout the pages. It is never the intent of the compiler for this to occur, but human nature being what it is, it does occur. As researchers we must be ever vigilant in proving all information that we find. This page will list those errors and omissions that researchers may find in The Combined Register of the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown.

Please contact me with any errors or omissions that you may find and I will add them to this page and place a link to the appropriate section of The Combined Register that is on-line.

Errors & Omissions

Submitter: Charlotte V. Groff, Ph.D.
Date added: 22 October 2004

There is an error in the Conger material that appears in the Appendix to the Combined Register of the Presbyterian Church. Page 87 of the Register says. "Gobil, Simeon [d. 8 Aug. 1777, aet. 51]

Abigail Conger [dg. Benj., see Appendix]; m. 23 Feb. 1749; C. 6 Jan. 1765; m. 4 May 1778, Ebenezer Stiles, q.v.; [in her father's will are named two grand dg's; Sarah and Martha Goble.]" NO Abigail Conger appears in Benjamin Conger's family in the Appendix p. 293. Instead it says "Simeon m. Abigail Goble, and had: Sarah and Martha." Apparently, the Appendix switched Abigail Conger Goble's name AFTER her husband Simeon Goble since Sarah and Martha were their daughters. Naming Simeon before Abigail makes it appear that a Simeon Conger existed, but a Simeon Conger has never been found in any primary record, such as: his father's will, tax (ratables), earmarks, census, military, death, marriage, etc. The only Simeon Conger source for later genealogists has been this Appendix entry that was purported to prove Abigail as Benjamin Conger's daughter and instead has caused confusion, for Simeon Goble had a sister Abigail Goble as well as a wife Abigail Conger Goble.!

If indeed, Benjamin Conger had both a daughter Abigail Conger who married Simeon Goble and a son Simeon Conger who married Abigail Goble both couples should have been listed. Since only one Abigail and one Simeon appear, obviously a mistake has been made.

Yours truly,
Charlotte V. Groff, Ph.D.

Submitter: Suzanne Sauter
Date added: 28 October 2004

There is an error on page 143 of the Combined Registers relating to the LOREE family. Variant spellings of the family name in 18th and 19th century Morris County include: Lorain, Lorie, Loring, Lorey, Lory, as well as the now standard two variants of the surname Loree and Lore.

There were three men named "Samuel Loree" (or one of the alternate spellings) in Morris County at about the same time.

1. The Bill of Mortality published in 1807 reports a Samuel Loree died on October 30, 1772 at age 23 from "bleeding from the lungs" (born 1749). He married Mary Reeve at First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, on January 25, 1770. He is the son of Job Loree and Sarah Stanborough Loree. Samuel and Mary Reeve Loree had one daughter, Elizabeth, born July 30, 1771. Elizabeth married (1) Col. Silas Axtell on January 9, 1791 and (2) Nathaniel Clark.

2. There is a Samuel Loree (born 1758) who died on December 1, 1794 without a will. His wife Nancy becomes administrix. The Combined Registers gives the death date of this Samuel living in Morristown for the Samuel living in Mendham. Also, this death date is given in error in Barbara Hoskins' Men from Morris Co., N.J. who served in the American Revolution for the Samuel Loree from Mendham. Samuel Loree from Morristown was listed in the 1780 tax rateables for Morris Township. He is the son of John and Hannah Brown Loree. His wife was Nancy _______. Sylvanus, his older brother, served as bondsman. Sylvanus Loree lived in Orange County, NY. Sylvanus married Hannah, the daughter of Job Loree. Bill of Mortality gives Samuel Loree's age as 36 at death.

3. Samuel Loree (born 1758) from Mendham was the son of Samuel Lorain and his wife Sibilla [Newton], Samuel and Sibilla Loree or Lorain were half-way members of the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown. This is the Samuel Loree who was born in 1758 and baptized on 25 Nov. 1759 according to the Combined Register. Samuel Lorie served as a private from Morris County in the Revolutionary War. He appears in the Mendham township rateables of June, 1780 (Samuel Loring), 1781, 1782, 1785, 1787, 1788 and 1790 He was taxed on 150 acres, 1 horse, and 1 cow, in 1780. By 1790, he owned 1/8 saw mill. He was assessed again in 1791, 1792, 1793 and 1797. Although he died in 1803, in 1805, his name was listed for 150 acres, 3 horses, 3 cows and 1/6 saw mill. In 1793, he is listed as a Freeholder in Morris County. Samuel Loree, Jr. died without a will in 1803, not 1794 that is recorded in the Combined Register. His wife Sarah became administrix. The eight children are named in the proceedings of the Orphans Court. The Combined Register states that Samuel Loree had five children. An inventory done on September 6, 1803, valued his property as $444.47. 1803, Sept. 12. LOREE, Samuel, of Morris Co. Int. Adm'x—Sarah Loree. Fellowbondsmen—Robert Rolfe and Ebenezer Condit, of said Co. Lib. 40, p. 506.

1803, Sept. 6. Inventory, $444.47; made by Henry Axtell and Robert Rolfe. File 1145N.

Thank you for noting this error in the Combined Registers.
Suzanne Sauter
Chapel Hill, NC

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