MHS Class of 1951 The following transcription was provided by Anne West and is taken from the 'Treasure Chest', the Manasquan High School yearbook.

Treasure Chest

1951 Manasquan High School
Manasquan, Monmouth County, NJ


Allen, William E. Picture
Andre Jr., Peter Charles Picture
Antonides, William Picture
Archer, Louis D. Picture
Ashmore, Nadine Mae Picture
Ayers Jr., John R. Picture
Bailey, Kenneth Picture
Bassel, Paul James Picture
Bates, June Elizabeth Picture
Becker, Carole Erma Picture
Bedle, William Frank Picture
Bell, Sally Picture
Benton, Thomas Picture
Bishop, John F. Picture
Blakeman, Natalie Helen Picture
Blakeney, Lois Ann Picture
Blalock, Clara Louise Picture
Block, Lawrence Allan Picture
Bloy, Beatrice E. Picture
Bobbe, Franklin C. Picture
Bowers, Patricia Anne Picture
Brewer, Jean V. Picture
Briggs, Gary George Picture
Brower, Thomas Picture
Brown, Kenneth Jack Picture
Brundage, Mary Gene Picture
Brunkhorst, Barbara Ilene Picture
Cadigan, James Picture
Cameron, Lois Ann Picture
Carlson, Frank Picture
Carr, Alan Philip Picture
Carty, Shirley Jean Picture
Chamberlain, Paula B. Picture
Chambers, William Picture
Clawson, Richard Picture
Clayton, Kenneth Preston Picture
Clayton, Marilyn June Picture
Comstock, Jane H. Picture
Cook, John Philip Picture
Cook, Saundra Lee Picture
Cooley, Ray Picture
Crawford, Raymond Picture
David, Marjorie Tangier Picture
Dempsey, Alyce K. Picture
Dirrigl, Frieda J. Picture
Dobson, Richard Picture
Doe, Robert Howard Picture
Duggan Jr., Frederick L. Picture
Dumont, Doreen Louise Picture
Eckert, Joan Elizabeth Picture
Edgar, Doris Roberta Picture
Edick, Robert Leroy Picture
Edwards, Lois May Picture
Enders, Richard V. P. Picture
Eustace, Violet Jane Picture
Farry, Kenneth Picture
Firman, Sally Lou Picture
Forgerson, Beverly Picture
Fox, Mary Ann Picture
Freeman, Richard Lawrence Picture
Gage, Joan Kathryn Picture
Gaines, John L. Picture
Gaiser, Ann Catherine Picture
Geissler, Robert Lee Picture
Gifford, Barbara Marie Picture
Gifford, James A. Picture
Gifford, Phyllis L. Picture
Gillikin, Dorothy Lee Picture
Goodrich, Donald H. Picture
Gregor, William Taylor Picture
Hansen Jr., John M. Picture
Hayes, Joyce F. Picture
Herbert, Charles Raymond Picture Obituary
Herbert, Priscilla Emma Picture
Heulitt, Joyce E. Picture
Howard, Bruce C. Picture
Hurden, Russell Picture
Hurley, Robert Picture
Jackson, Edith Picture
Jackson, Jean H. Picture
Jacobson, Sandra Kristinia Picture
Johnsen, Jack Picture
Johnson, June Meredith Picture
Judge, Charles F. Picture
Jung, Edmund Picture
Keer, Nancy L. Picture
Keer, Patricia A. Picture
Kenny, Mary M. Picture
Kenney, William H. Picture
Kessler, Alice Reginia Picture
King, Veverely Janis Picture
Kleest, Robert Picture
Kleinkauf, Allan Picture
Kleinkauf, Carolyn E. Picture
Lacht, Constance Picture
Lahr, George R. Picture
Laursen, Shirley Picture
Law, Erma Louise Picture
Leathem, Caroline Picture
Lechner, Harold Picture
L'Hommedieu, Eleanor M. Picture
Lincks, Betty Lou Picture
Luepke, Christine DeBoer Picture
McCann, Betty Jean Picture
Maas, Marilyn Jean Picture
Marasovich, Joyce Picture
Matthews, Mary Louise Picture
Mattson, Marilyn Diane Picture
Miller, Donald J. Picture
Miller, Maravene Vilet Picture
Miller, Phyllis M. Picture
Mills, Albert Picture
Moore, Richard F. Picture
Morgan, Leonard O. Picture
Mort, Richard L. Picture
Morton, Alice C. Picture
Morton, Jane Picture
Neary, Jay C. S. Picture
Neu, Donald Harry Picture Obituary
Nolan, Edward Picture
Norcross, Merle J. Picture
Osborn, Ruth Lorraine Picture
Osborne, Doris Jane Picture
Paige, John J. Picture
Patton, William E. Picture
Patzig, Mary Lou Picture
Paulsen, Robert Picture
Pembleton, Vera Marie Picture
Plumkitt, Joan Picture
Poland, Adrienne Picture
Randolph, John Stewart Picture
Rasmussen, Nils L. Picture
Rice, Nancy Lee Picture
Rogers, Ellen Louise Picture
Ruppel, Lorraine Alyce Picture
Saner, Sally Anne Picture
Savonis, Joyce M. Picture
Schenker, Betty E. Picture
Scheurer, Patricia Picture
Schuck, Anthony Picture
Scott, Arthur Picture
Shafto, Marjorie Vivian Picture Obituary
Shamu, Gertrude Ann Picture
Sherman, Donald Lee Picture
Simmill, Joan G. Picture Obituary
Simpson, Robert Picture
Skliris, Anna Maria Picture
Smith, Kenneth Picture
Smith, Joseph W. Picture
Smith, Rosemary J. Picture
Sofield, Norma Jean Picture
Somerville, William G. Picture
Stanford Richard Picture
Stemmerman, Bettyanne Picture
Stokes, Donald Maurice Picture
Stokes, Phyllis Mae Picture
Sullivan Ruth Joan Picture
Tassey, Claire Elaine Picture
Tilley, Barbara Lee Picture
Traill, Barbara Jewell Picture
Traill, Jacquelyn Jewell Picture
Trengrove, Elizabeth J. Picture
Vanlew, Frederick Picture
Van Note, Ronald Picture
Walker, Betty Ellen Picture
Weeden, Raymond W. Picture
Weisenbach, Gail Karen Picture
Wells, Ruth Pauline Picture
Welsh, Jack Picture
White, Audrey Mae Picture
White, Carol Ann Picture
Whritenour, Robert Picture
Wildrick, Reine F. Picture
Woolley, Marilyn J. Picture
Wortley, Robert James Picture
Yard, Henry H. Picture
Zarra, Arnold Howard Picture
Zeller, Nora Jean Picture
Zimmer, Barbara Carol Picture
Morgan, Norman Picture
Wallace, Melvia Picture
Zurich, Marie Picture