MHS Class of 1950 The following transcription was provided by Anne West and is taken from the 'Treasure Chest', the Manasquan High School yearbook.

Treasure Chest

1950 Manasquan High School
Manasquan, Monmouth County, NJ


Abadrabo, Gloria B. Picture
Allen, Richard Picture
Anderson, Ann Marie Picture
Anderson, Arne Picture
Anderson, Joyce Picture
Andrews, Alice Ann Picture
Applegate Jr., Alvin Fredrick Picture
Appleton, Edith Louise Picture
Armes, Adelaide Picture
Ashmore, Dorothy Picture
Bailey, Kenneth Picture
Ball, Charles Edward Picture
Barkelew, Joan Elizabeth Picture
Bauer, Ralph H. Picture
Beaudoin, Robert Rosario Picture
Bedle, Robert Picture
Bennett, Letty Picture
Bohrman, Beverly M. Picture
Bovenzi, Andrew Picture
Bradley, Bertha Picture
Bramhall, Gertrude Marion Picture
Brander Jr., Raymond L. Picture
Brindley Melvin Picture Obituary
Brown, Emily A. Picture
Brown, Frances Picture
Bruen, George Picture
Brunkhorst, Joyce A. Picture
Buehler Jr., Carl J. Picture
Buell Jr., Lloyd C. Picture
Bush, Betty Picture
Cameron, Florence Picture
Camp. Betty Claire Picture
Campbell, Mary Janet Picture
Chamberlain, William Picture
Chrabasz, Dolores Joan Picture
Chrysler, Betty Alma Picture
Clabes, Patricia M. Picture
Clark, Lucille R. Picture
Clayton, Nancy Picture
Collins, Robert Picture
Cooke, Glenn Picture
Cortiaus, Robert Picture
Coulter, Floyd Picture
DeNike, Barbara J. Picture
Devlin, Joyce Picture
Diehl, Eleanor Ann Picture
Erickson, Marion L. Picture
Farr, Dorothy Picture
Feakes, Carolyn Picture
Feakes, Charlotte R. Picture
Feimster, Mary Lou Picture
Fischer, Claire P. Picture
Fischer, Mignonne A. Picture
Fleming, Vivian Picture
Fowler, Nancy Ann Picture
Frank, David Picture
Fraser, Dawn Picture
Frazee, Gerald Picture
Frigerio, Diana Picture
Ganong, Howard Picture
Gottsch, Dolores Janet Picture
Guarino, Anita Helen Picture
Hammett, Albert Clifford Picture
Hancock, John Picture
Hauck, Dolores V. Picture
Hayes, Carole Picture
Herbert, Harry D. Picture
Heulitt, Robert H. Picture
Holloway, Evelyn June Picture
Holmes, Ruth A. Picture
Howard, Robert M. Picture
Huber, James C. Picture
Hughes, Barbara J. Picture
Huhn, Patricia H. Picture
Hurley, Dorlores F. Picture
Hurley, Gloria H. Picture
Hurley, Orval Picture
Hyde, Mary Ann Picture
Jackson, Dianne Picture
Jackson, Lillian Picture
Jackson, Ruth Ann Picture
Johnson, Edna Mae Picture
Jorgensen, Robert Stafford Picture
Keith, Walter Picture
Kenyon, Edith Picture
King, Howard R. Picture
King, Richard M. Picture
Kling, Laura Ann Picture
Krepper, Richard Arthur Picture
Kreuzberger, Donald M. Picture
Krott, Helen C. Picture
Laehder, Alice Picture
La Fetra, Shirley Ann Picture
Larrison, Marjorie Jean Picture
La Vance, Peter T. Picture
Layton, Margaret Picture
Loftus, Geraldine Catherine Picture
Longo, Lawrence Picture
Laughran, Joan T. Picture
Lussier, Marie Colette Picture
Maclearie, Peter Picture
Madden, William Picture
Main, Kathryn Picture
Main, Richard Picture
Marasovich, Madeline Ann Picture
Marceau, Ronald Picture
Markle, John Phyllis Picture
Martin, Bruce Picture
McGunnell, Jane M. Picture
McKeown Jr., Thomas J. Picture
McLain, Alfred Picture
Measure, Jean Ann Picture
Mooshie, Ann Elizabeth Picture
Morris, Janet Picture
Morton, Mary Jane Picture
Morton, Richard D. Picture
Mueller, Frieda Picture
Naden, Barbara Jean Picture
Nesbitt, Robert M. Picture
Newman, Alice Louise Picture
Newman, Ken Picture
Newman, Marion J. Picture
Nolan, Lois Picture
Norris, Charles V. Picture    Contact Charles
Norris, Janet Picture
Osborne Jr., Wallace E. Picture
Paternoster, Rocco Picture
Pearce, Owen B. Picture
Pembleton, Doris Elizabeth Picture
Peters, Frances M. Picture
Peterson, Lewis Picture
Pierce, Robert Picture
Pollak, Paul Picture
Prentice, Bernie Picture
Pyle, Betty Picture
Quackenbush, Charles W. Picture
Rasmussen, Harold Picture
Rauth, Edwin W. Picture
Reuter, Harold Richard Picture
Richardson, Gloria Hope Picture
Robbins, Alice S. Picture
Robinson, Mary Jane Picture
Ryder, Malcolm A. Picture
Sandford, Virginia Picture
Saur, Robert Picture
Sayrs, Arline A. Picture
Schroeder, Gwen Picture
Sherman, Mary A. Picture
Shibla, Ruth Picture
Skokos, Christine Picture
Smeaton Jr., Alexander Picture
Smith, Arthur  Picture
Smith, Phyllis Picture
Spayd, William Picture
Stanford, Joan E. Picture
Stephenson, Dotty Picture
Stokes, Joan Carol Picture
Struble, Elaine Picture
Sturrock, Bette Jane Picture
Sukowski, Frank Picture
Sylvester, Helen Picture
Thompson, Virginia Ann Picture
Tinney, Joan Picture
Van Duzer, Reeves Picture
Venerable, Cora Lee Picture
Vogel, Janet Marie Picture
Wallace, Hattie Virginia Picture
Walp, Ann Marie Picture
Walters, Earlene Picture
Walters, Robert Picture
Wardell, Fay Marie Picture
Weir, June Irene Picture
Wells, Ann Marie Picture
West, Virginia Picture
White, Lorraines H. Picture Obituary
Woolley, Joan Alvah Picture
Zeller, Edward Picture