Monmouth County Grave Registrations

  Monmouth County Registration of Graves  

The Grave Registration sheets originally were not sorted alphabetically. I took the liberty of rearranging the names so as to present the names in a searchable list.

A surname list of Grave Registrations:  A thru C  D thru J  K thru Q  R thru Z

A. M. E. Cemetery, Freehold, NJ
Adelphia Cemetery, Adelphia, NJ
Allentown Colored M.E. Cemetery, Allentown, NJ
Allentown Methodist E. Cemetery, Allentown, NJ
Allentown Presbyterian Cemetery, Allentown, NJ
Allenwood M. P. Cemetery, Allenwood, NJ
Atlantic View Cemetery, Manasquan, NJ
Baptist Cemetery, Middletown, NJ
Bay View Cemetery, Leonardo, NJ
Belford Cemetery, Belford, NJ
Browne Dock Cemetery
Capt. Charles R. Mathis Farm, West Farms, NJ
Catholic Cemetery, West Long Branch, NJ
Cedarwood Cemetery, Keyport, NJ
Clarksburg Methodist Cemetery, Clarksburg, NJ
Cobble Hill Cemetery
Colts Neck Cemetery, Colts Neck, NJ
Como M. P. Cemetery, Como, NJ
Cream Ridge Cemetery, Cream Ridge, NJ
Crystal Stream Cemetery, Navesink, NJ
Dutch Reform Cemetery, Middletown, NJ
East Branch Quaker Cemetery, Wrightsville, NJ
Eastman Burying Grounds, Port Monmouth, NJ
Evergreen Cemetery, Farmingdale, NJ
Fairfield Baptist Cemetery, Ardenia, NJ
Fairview Cemetery, Red Bank, NJ
First Church Cemetery, West Long Branch, NJ
Freehold Baptist Cemetery, Freehold, NJ
Freehold Catholic Cemetery, Freehold, NJ
Glendola Cemetery, Glendola, NJ
Glenwood Cemetery, West Long Branch, NJ
Grant's Cemetery, Red Bank, NJ
Greengrove Cemetery, Keyport, NJ
Greenwood Cemetery, Manasquan, nJ
Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, NJ
Harmony M. E. Cemetery
Holmdel Baptist Cemetery, Holmdel, NJ
Holmdel Cemetery, Holmdel, NJ
Imlayshill Cemetry, Imlaystown, NJ
Jamison's Farm Cemetery, Holmdel, NJ
Keansburg Cemetery, Keansburg, NJ
Manalpan Cemetery, Manalpan, NJ
Maplewood Cemetery, Freehold, NJ
Maxon Cemetery, Locust Corner, NJ
Middletown Cemetery, Middletown, NJ
Middletown Episcopal Cemetery, Middletown, NJ
Millstone Presbyterian Cemetery, Perrinesville, NJ
Monmouth Field Cemetery, Long Branch, NJ
Monmouth Memorial Park Cemetery, Hwy 33 near Asbury Park
Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Heddons Corner, NJ
Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Asbury Park, NJ
Navesink M. E. Cemetery, Navesink NJ
Old Brick Church Cemetery, Marlboro, NJ
Old First Cemetery, West Long Branch, NJ
Old Quaker Burying Ground, Squankum, NJ
Old Scotch Burying Ground, Marlboro, NJ
Old Tennent Cemetery, Tennent, NJ
Perrineville Catholic Cemetery, Perrineville, NJ
Presbyterian Cemetery, Freneau, NJ
Red Hill Cemetery, near Middletown, NJ
Rose Hill Cemetery, Cliffwood, NJ
Shrewsbury Christ Episcopal Cemetery, Shrewsbury, NJ
Shrewsbury Presbyterian Cemetery, Shresbury, NJ
Shrewsbury Quaker Cemetery, Shrewsbury, NJ
St. Catherine Cemetery, Sea Girt, NJ
St. Gabriel's Church Cemetery, Bradevelt, NJ
So. Eatontown Cemetery, Eatontown, NJ
Southard Cemetery, Southard, NJ
St. John's Cemetery, Allentown, NJ
St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Keyport, NJ
Stone Church Cemetery, Atlantic Heights, NJ
Wall M. E. Cemetery, Wall, NJ
Wayside M. E. Cemetery, Wayside, NJ
Wm. Bearmore Burying Ground, Wall, NJ
Wm. Brewer Burying Grounds, Squankum, NJ
Wm. Newman Burying Ground, Wall, NJ
Woodbine Cemetery, West Long Branch, NJ
Woodville M. E. Cemetery, Woodville, NJ
Yellow Meeting House Cemetery, Cream Ridge, NJ

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