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MHS Attendees
Manasquan High School
Manasquan, Monmouth County, NJ

The following name are of former students that attended Manasquan High School but there is no year associated with them. The women are listed by their maiden name. If you know the year[s] they attended, please let me know.

Arzola, Louis Jr.   Obituary
Bagheri, Arjhan Matthew   Obituary
Baril, Kenneth L   Obituary
Bekier, Tyler Michael   Obituary
Brown, David Evans   Obituary
Eagan, James Earl   Obituary
Eckert, Stanley R.   Obituary
Harvey, William Philip   Obituary
Herbert George   Obiturary
Johnson, Gilbert R.   Obiturary
Kelsey, John V.   Obiturary
King, Deborah Ann   Obiturary
Krawchuk, Sharon   Obiturary
LaSala, Vernon   Obiturary
Lentz, John R   Obiturary
Mansfield, Kathryn   Obituary
Martyn, James Valentine   Obituary
Matthews, J.   Obituary
McTague, Margaret Grace   Obituary
Monaghan, Karen Patricia   Obituary
Moore, Michael Patrick   Obituary
Naden, Edward A. Jr.   Obituary
Nagle, Michael   Obituary
O'Day, Conor Clark   Obituary
Pazienza, Barbara   Obituary
Read, Doris (Perkins)   Obituary
Richardson, Paul Lawrence, Sr.   Obituary
Rockwell, Claire   Obituary
Rogers, James   Obituary
Ruck, William Sr   Obituary
Ryan, Mary Alyce   Obituary
Schaefer, Herman   Obituary
Schellenger, John   Obituary
Stillwell, Clair   Obituary
Wittich, Benjamin H   Obituary Sophomore, 2013