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1793 Militia Census


Note from the Publications Committee of MCGS:

The militia listings were created due to the reorganization of the State Militia of New Jersey in 1793. These records list almost every free, white able-bodied male between the ages of 18 & 45 in the state at that time. This is very important because the 1790 census for the state of New Jersey was destroyed.

These lists have been prepared from the original manuscript, not from the version that was previously published. This manuscript is questionable as it is in the handwriting of one person throughout. It seems likely that the writer may have misread some of the material he used to prepare the manuscript. We tried to indicate cases where this factor may be operating. We also, of course, had the usual problems with distinguishing between letters "a" and "o" and e.

 Original Manuscript: Militia Census, 1793; Department of Defense, Adjutant General's Office (SDEA0004); New Jersey State Archives, Trenton, New Jersey.


Return of the Militia, May 14th 1793

State of New Jersey Monmouth County

 A Return of the Militia in the County of Monmouth, As Enrolled by the Several Deputies Appointed in the Respective Townships thereof, pursuant to an Act for Organizing and Training the Militia of this State, passed at Trenton, November 30th 1792 . . .Viz. . .

                Middletown Township (Districts 1 through 4)

                Middletown Township (Districts 5 and 6) 

                Freehold Township

                Shrewsbury Township

                Upper Freehold Township

                Dover Township

                Stafford Township

                Appointed Deputies 0f Monmouth Co.

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