All Extant copies of the Hunterdon Gazette newspaper have been computerized.
The data is contained on 4 CDs or 1 DVD.

The Hunterdon Gazette was first published in 1825. Bill Hartman has extracted items from this newspaper, the first published in Hunterdon County. The items with names of people and topics of interest to Hunterdon have been typed to make it easier to read. Names of the people found in the articles and key words have been indexed. The project was completed through the able assistance of Richard R. Williamson and Marshall Lake. The Hunterdon County Historical Society is making an Index and the newspaper articles available to researchers. This is a great undertaking and the results of the work done so far are being published now.

Details of the project can be found here and the Index to the 1825 to 1866 Issues of the Gazette is available on this web site. 

The project was released on 4 CDs so that the information could be made available as the compilation was in progress. Now that the project is completed, all data is being offered on 1 DVD. These software packages are included on the CDs: MSWord -.doc files], MS Excel [.xls files] both of which are duplicated in the Portable Document Format [pdf] requiring the free ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader’ software to open; and photographic software capable of reading ‘.jpg’ files. The DVD contains the .jpg photo files of the actual newspaper and all data files are included in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

  1. ReadMe Files full of important information.

  2. Overall Name and Key Word Index for the years preceding the CD (all 42 years in CD #4) and the Index for the period of time covered by each CD. These Indexes include reference to the Year in which the name appears. The name format is the same as that used in the Index on this Web site.

  3. Typed and formatted text of the newspaper items containing people and events of Hunterdon County.   [See a sample of what is included]

  4. Digital photograph images of the Gazette Issues from which the typed text was obtained.  [jpg]

  5. Listing of each newspaper issue, its date and condition of the paper.

  6. Miscellaneous stuff:

·         Old Map of Hunterdon County

·         Picture of an old printing press

·         A list of all the Owners/editors of the Gazette

·         Statistics of the project including number of pages of text and number of index entries.

·         The book: “The Press in Hunterdon County 1825-1925” by Hubert G. Schmidt is included with permission of the Hunterdon County Democrat. This is  included with CDs #2, #3, & #4.

·         The book: “Hunterdon County Place Names” 2nd edition is included only on CD #4 and the DVD. This was originally compiled by Phyllis B. D’Autrechy and was updated by Mr. Hartman from material found in the Hunterdon Gazette. This is included with permission of the Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission.

To order a copy of any of the CDs or DVD, please complete the order form.  Note that checks drawn on Banks outside the USA must include an additional $5.00 processing fee charge by our Bank. CDs or the DVD sent to addresses outside the USA must include an additional fee of $2.00 to cover postage. Read feedback [Updated 11/08/04] for comments from persons who have received the CD.

Please note that all material on the CDs or DVD including - Indexes, Text documents (typed reproduction of newspaper items), Digital Images of the original newspaper, reproductions of ‘Wood Cuts’ and associated documents - are the sole property of the Hunterdon County Historical Society and are made available for individuals to use in their genealogical, historical and associated research. This material may be reproduced for private use only. Any other distribution or reproduction is prohibited without express written approval from the HCHS


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