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1945 Telephone Directory - New Jersey Telephone Company

1945 Hunterdon County Telephone Directory
Selected Areas: Clinton, Frenchtown and Milford


The percentage of American households with telephone service reached 50% in 1945, 70% in 1955 and 90% in 1969. Telephone usage was probably lower in rural areas, such as Hunterdon County. The following images come from an actual 1945 Telephone Directory of the New Jersey Telephone Company.

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Clinton (Ader - Apgar) Frenchtown (Able - Frenchtown)
Clinton (Apgar - Farley) Frenchtown (Frenchtown - Treiber)
Clinton (Farley - McIntire) Frenchtown (Union - Zub)
Clinton (McPherson - Westcott) Milford (Agnew - Mex)
Clinton (Western - Zabriskie) Milford (Meyers - Ziegler)