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Robins Family Burial Ground

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Source:� "The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey";� Vol. 60, No. 1;� Whole No. 214; January 1985.

This small burying ground (only 5,227 square feet in area) is located on the south side of Hunterdon County Route 579 in Alexandria Township, approximately 1.5 miles from Tunnel Road in Bethlehem Township.� It is surrounded by a low stone wall in which an embedded plate reads "J. R. - 1871".� The plot is located about ten feet back from the road, on a farm which formerly belonged to Jonathan Robins.

The copy of the inscriptions which follow was made by Dorothy Agans Stratford in 1961, and field checked on March 8, 1962, by the copier and the late Floyd Agens.� An earlier copy, made by John Fleming in June 1918, appeared in Volume 6 of the Hunterdon Historical Newsletter.� One stone in this list was not found in 1962 and appears in brackets.� Any descrepancies between the two copies were checked against the remaining stones and resolved.� The inscriptions have been consolidated into family groups, an asterisk after a name indicates that the person and the relationship were given in an inscription, but no gravestone was found for that person.

[Note:� Details of this particular branch of the Robins family can be found in "The History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, New Jersey" by J. P. Snell (1881).� See the biographical sketch of� Moses and Susan Kels Robins.]