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Dr. Morris Hampton Leaver, M. D., D. D. S

Dr. Morris Hampton Leaver, M. D., D. D. S.
1872 - 1954

Dr. Leaver experienced his first birth in actual practice at Quakertown [Franklin Township] on August 10, 1903. The birth was of his own daughter, who unfortunately died three months later. The records of the 269 births that followed in his career are recorded through 1935. All of these deliveries probably occured in the home. Subsequently, as the automobile became more common and dependable, births were delivered at the Dr. Betts Hospital in Easton, Pennsylvania, or at the Warren or Somerset Hospitals.

No births are recorded from July 1917 until March 1921 while the Doctor was serving in the military. There were 22 births recorded during 1925, the most numerous in any year of his career. It is also interesting to note that the birth records include two sets of twins and numerous children who were apparently named in honor of the delivering Doctor.

Aug 10 1903 to Nov 19 1914 Nov 24 1914 to Mar 16 1925
Apr 04 1925 to May 22 1930 Aug 20 1930 to Jan 17 1935

Jul 11 1902 to Jan 08 1923 Mar 12 1923 to Mar 17 1932
Mar 21 1933 to Feb 01 1943 Apr 01 1943 to May 17 1948