Burials in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey

Burials in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey


Names of the [Persons] who have died and were buried within the jurisdiction of Bergen and around New York by me R. Van Giesen, in my capacity of Undertaker (Aanspreker).

Note: The pall was owned by the Church, and those able to pay for its use could have their relatives or friends carried to the grave with it on the coffin.



March 4 Bur. Michiel Teunisen at Bergen
May 14 Bur. at Bergen the wife of Jan J---, living at Pemmerepoch
Sept 20 Bur. the ch. of Beltel Lot, at Bergen
Dec 26 Bur. the ch. of Douwe Hermensen, at Bergen


Oct 30 Bur. the ch. of Christiaen Pieters at Bergen


Jan 16 Bur Lourus Duyts at Bergen
Feb 27 Bur. the ch. of Jan Evertse Kerseboom, at Bergen
May 1 Bur. the ch. of Jan Maurits at Bergen
May 5 Bur. Willem Spenser at Bergen
July 29 Bur. the ch. of Hendrick Reycke at Bergen
Sept 20 Bur. the ch. of Elyas Magiels Vreeland
Oct 4 Bur. Lysbet Dircks, wi of Herman Smeeman, at Bergen
Oct 12 Bur. Cristiaen Claesen
Oct 18 Bur. ch. of Arien Van Laer
Dec 23 Bur. Echtje Jacobs, wi. of Dirck Clasesn Braeck, living at ---


Apr 10 Bur. Merritje ---, wi. of Jan Maurits, at Bergen
Sept 16 Bur. ch. of Jan evers ---
Oct 18 Bur. ch. of Jan Mic ----
Nov 6 Bur. ch. of Mr. ----


Jan 12 Bur. Jannetje ----, wi. of Casper Steynmets, at Bergen
Mar 7 Bur. Is ----- Yse----
Apr 24 Bur, ch. of ---ich Corne---
May 11 Bur. Getruty----, wi. of Jacob Lub, Bergen
May 14 Bur. ch. of ------
June 28 Bur. ----iffe----eyments
Oct 17 -----Anna D.
Oct Bur. da. of  Tomas Teckh at Bergen


Mar 24 Bur. ch. of English woman, living with Willem dogelis at Pemmerepoch, at Bergen
Jun 16 Bur. Roelof Cornelisse at Bergen


May 6 Bur. ch. of R. Van Giesen at Bergen
Sept 14 Bur. ch. of Jan Lubberts at Bergen
Oct 16 Bur. ch. of Mr. Sa. Edsall at Bergen
Oct 29 Bur. ch. of Hertman Magiels at Bergen
Dec 19 Bur. ch. of Lourus Arents Toers at Bergen
Dec 19 Bur. ch. of Poulus Pietersz at Bergen


Jan 8 Bur. Arent Louersen Toers At Toers at Bergen
Aug 23 Bur. at Bergen Jan Lubberts, son of Lubbert Lubberts, of Hackensack
Oct 16 Bur. son of Douwen Hermesen Talma, at Bergen


Apr 7 Bur. ch. of Elias Magiels Breelant at Bergen


Jan 3 Bur. Cornelis Abrahams, living at Pemmerepoch, at Bergen
Feb 18 Bur. Cap. Adriaen Post at Bergen
Mar 18 Bur. ch. of Matys Mulder at Bergen
May 12 Bur. Treynje Jacobs, wi. of Casper Steynmets, at New York
Oct 13 Cur. ch. of Hartman Magiels at Bergen


Jan 16 Bur. Englebert Steenhuys, living at Bergen, and bur. there, the first with the pall.
July 20 Bur. da. Hendrick Tonise, the second with the pall. at Bergen
Dec 9 Bur. newly born infant of Jan Straetmaker, at Bergen


Jan 5 Bur. Jannetje Hendricks, wi of Hermen Edawaerts, at Bergen, the third with the pall.
May 8 Bur. Gerrit Fransen, son of Greetruyt Gerrits, of Pemmerpoch, the fourth with the pall, at Bergen
May 12 Bur. son of Maddaleentje Hansen, wid. of Hendrick Jansen Spier, at Pemmerpoch
June 10 Bur. ch. of Matys Mulder


Jan 24 Bur. son of Matheus Cornelisz, the sixth with the pall.
Aug 1 Bur. ---, wi. of Pieter Merselisz, seventh with the pall.
Oct 11 Bur. Greetruy Gerrtis ---- Cornelis Abrahams, having lived at Pemmerepoch, eighth with pall.
Oct 21 Bur. da. Arien Pietersz Bu-----, ninth with pall.


Mar 1 Bur. ch. of Sjarel Mackleeyn
Mar 30 Bur. Feytje Roelofs, wid. of Joost Van der Linden, has lived at Pemmerepoch, tenth with the pall.
Apr 30 Bur. Hermen Eduwaertsz, eleventh with pall.


June 28 Bur. da. of Lourens Arense Toers, twelfth with pall.
Aug 1 Bur. da. of Enoch Magielsz Vreeland, the second in the church; thirteenth with pall.
Sept 4 Bur. da. of Hendrick Ban Reenen, fourteenth with pall.
Sept 4 Bur. Pieter Mercelisze, third in the church at Bergen, fifteenth with pall.
Sept 8 bur. son of Claes Janse, the fourth in the church, sixteenth with the pall.
Oct 9 Bur. Anna Claes, wid. of Arent Louersen Toers, seventeenth with pall.
Oct 16 Bur. newly born infant of Jurijaan Thomasen, the fifth in the church


Mar 8 Bur. newly born infant of Johannes Magielsz Vreeland
June 21 Bur. Maeckje Baltusen, da. of Baltus Barentsen, the sixth in church; eighteenth with pall; first with bell ringing
Aug 6 Bur. wi. of Mr. Willem Dougels, ninteenthe with pall.
Oct 1 Bur. son of Gerrit Van Reenen, twentieth with pall.
Oct 17 Bur. son of Jan Adansen, twenty-first with pall.
Dec 28 Bur. Ide Cornelisz Van de Voorst, at New York, with Pall, of Bergen; twenty-second with pall.

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