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The Historical Society of Winslow Township
A Tour To The
African American
Heritage Museum
of Southern NJ

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Join us on February 5, 2005 for a tour of the African American heritage Museum of Southern NJ.

The bus will leave pronptly at 8:45 PM from the Bud Duble Senior Center at 33 Cooper Folly Rd and return around noon. (Map). 


The cost is $5.00 per person.  There are many exhibits related to the African-American Community and there is a large number of quilts to view which are on loan to the museum for the month of February 2005.

For resdervations:  Call Carol Duble at 609-561-8589.

The museaum was founded by Ralph E. Hunter, Sr. and has more then 3,000 historical and cultural artifacts.  The museum's permanent home is in southern New Jersey and provides a history of the success of African Americans from Aunt Jemima to Tiger Woods.



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