Gloucester County, NJ
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Old Gloucester County was formed from Burlington County,NJ
on May 26, 1686.  Named for the city of Gloucester,England.
Woodbury is the county seat. 
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..*..OldGloucester County was formed on 266 May 1686 from the third
and fourth tenths of the province of West Jersey. The original
townships at that time were Gloucester,  Deptford,Greenwich, Waterford, Newton and Egg Harbor.  It included present-dayAtlantic County and Camden County. 

The county has a total area of337 square miles; 325 square miles of
it is land &12 square milesiswater.

The county was named for Gloucester(or Gloucestershire), England
Gloucester County is one of21 counties in New Jersey.

Gloucester dates back to 26 May 1686, when courtswere 
established separate from those of Burlington. Itwas officially formed and its boundaries defined as part of West Jerseyon 17 May 1694. Portions of Gloucester County were set off on 07 February1837 to create Atlantic County, and on 13 March 1844 to create Camden County,NJ.

Woodbury, founded in 1683 by Henry Wood (no relationto this CC), is the oldest town in the county.  National Park, anothertown in the county, was the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of RedBank (now included in a county park) where Fort Mercer once stood. Herecan be seen the remains of the British ship Augusta (stored in a shed inthe park), which sank during the battle. During the colonial era, GloucesterCounty's main economic activity was agriculture. In Woodbury (even thenthe main town) was located the county courthouse, the county jail, a Quakermeeting house (still in existence), and an inn (on the current locationof Woodbury Crossings). Because of the county's many creeks leading tothe Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean, smuggling was very common. 
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