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DANE - Danish Archives North East
Research Policy

We are happy to help with genealogical research on Danish families in both the northeastern US and Denmark.  We do not charge for our research.

We have a large amount of information. We have a database of over 30,000 Danish people from both the US and Denmark.  This information is not online.  We also have church records and state records that we have indexed and these are not online.  We are familiar with the Danish vital records and census websites.

If you want our help, then please email us at [email protected] with an outline of the information that you know.   Any names, dates, or locations that you know will help us in locating the right information.  A lot of Danish names are very common, so additional information is key.  We have 86 Jens Jensens in our database!

We will respond with the information we can find.  Sometimes we find a lot, sometimes we do not find much.

Absolutely required:  A response to what we send you.  An email saying you got the information and a thank you.  About half the people we help - we never hear from again.  We want to know that all the research we did arrived OK.  If you do not hear from us within a few weeks, then please email again. Most genealogy requests are responsed to within a week.

What we would like: We would love to get information on Danish families that came to the northeastern US.  Any additional dates or locations would be a big help in our research.  Sometimes families moved West or went to live with another family member in another part of the country or back in Denmark - this information is key to us.

Something nice: A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.  Donations help with our office supplies, mailings, and some of our events.

Donations can be sent to:
855 New Durham Road
Edison, New Jersey 08817

Any questions - email us at [email protected]

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