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Dockum, Newmarket, N12-009 Dore, Ossipee, O04-057 Downes, Madison, M02-010
Dodge, New Boston, N03-001 Dore, Ossipee, O04-063 Downes, Rye
Dodge, Ossipee, O04-118 Dore, Ossipee, O04-096 Downing, Barrington
Dodge Pond Cemetery, Lempster Dorr, Milton, M14-011 Downing, Ellsworth
Doe, Durham, D14-019 Dorr, Milton, M14-012 Downing, Milton, M14-049
Doe, Epsom, E08-040 Dorr, Portsmouth Downing, Milton
Doe, Laconia, L01-002 Dorr, Wakefield, W01-011 Downing, Milton, M14-051
Doe, Milton, M14-006 Dow, Barnstead, B01-006 Downing, New Durham, N06-031A
Doe, Newmarket, N12-010 Dow, Barnstead, B01-007 Downing, Newington, N09-003
Doe, Newmarket, N12-011 Dow, Belmont, B08-022 Downing, Rye
Doe, Newmarket, N12-051 Dow, Deerfield, D04-E15 Downs, Farmington, F01-6F1
Doe, Rollinsford, R06-002 Dow, Epping, E07-503 Downs, Milton, M14-062
Doe, Tuftonboro Dow, Epping, E07-504 Downs, Milton, M14-067
Dolby, New Durham Dow, Exeter, E11-006 Downs, Milton
Dolliver, Lyndeborough Dow, Kensington, K02-003 Downs, Milton, M14-085
Dolloff, Eaton, E03-030 Dow, Laconia, L01-003 Downs, Somersworth
Dolloff, Exeter, E11-005 Dow, Meredith, M08-048 Dowst, Allenstown
Dolloff, Madison, M02-009 Dow, Meredith, M08-049 Dowst-Allen, Allenstown, A04-005
Dolloff, Meredith, M08-050 Dow, Moultonborough Drake, Effingham
Dolloff, Meredith, M08-051 Dow, Moultonborough, M17-040 Drake, Epping, E07-308
Dolloff, Meredith, M08-053 Dow, New Hampton, N08-012 Drake, Epping, E07-309
Dolloff, Meredith, M08-054 Dow, New Hampton, N08-019 Drake, Meredith, M08-007
Dolloff, Meredith Dow, New Hampton, N08-047 Drake, New Hampton, N08-016
Dolloff, New Hampton, N08-041 Dow, Newington, N09-002 Drake, New Hampton
Donavan, Effingham, E04-059 Dow, Rye, R09-010 Draper, Chesterfield, C12-024
Dooley, Laconia, L01-019 Dow, Rye, R09-011 Drew, Alton, A06-013
Dorchester Cemetery, Dorchester, D09-005 Dow, Somersworth Drew, Alton, A06-028
Dore, Alton, A06-029 Dow, Wakefield, W01-077 Drew, Alton, A06-042
Dore, Alton Dow, Weare, W07-021 Drew, Barnstead
Dore, Ossipee, O04-050 Dow, Weare, W07-023 Drew, Barnstead, B01-016


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