Vital Records
    Northwood Vital Records
    We tried to faithfully reproduce the data from the annual Northwood, New Hampshire Town Reports, down to the unusual abbreviations and punctuation.  In order to make the tables more user (transcriber) friendly we rearranged some of the columns.  We also took the liberty of removing the "color" column as it appeared on the original; any racial designation other than 'white' will be displayed in the transcribers notes column to the right.
    Rather than attempt to fix the many obvious or suspected errors in the original text, and thereby possibly introduce new errors, I've left them as they are.  Where characters are unreadable I've inserted question marks.

    My thanks to my son Mark, who graciously agreed to be my proofreader for some of this.  The spelling in the original reports is atrocious; I tried to type what I saw, and Mark proofed what I typed.

Births:    A-B   C-G      H-L     M-S    T-Z

Deaths:   A-B   C-G      H-L    M-S    T-Z

Marriages:    1892 - 1895     1896 - 1899    1900 - 1903
                   1904 - 1905     1906 - 1907    1908 - 1910

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Here's a helpful site for deciphering the medical terminology used in the "Cause of Death" column:

If you find a relative, or have any comments, please let us know.

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