Timeline, Northwood, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Northwood Historical Society

A chronology of events in the history of Northwood, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
Submitted by Joann Weeks Bailey

Royal Charter for Nottingham granted by King George

Surveying and laying-out of previously undivided lands of Nottingham. What was later to be Northwood includes the 7th - 11th ranges. First drawing of these lots began in 1732-33.

Final drawings, begun in 1732, are completed. Benjamin Bickford drew lot 19, 8thrange, and lot 28, 9th range.

First permanent settlers arrive to begin clearing land.

First families arrive to begin living in Northwood. Moses Godfrey, with John & Increase Batchelder build the first frame house.

Solomon Bickford, son of Solomon and Susan (Fox) Bickford, is the first child born in Northwood, June 25.

Samuel Johnson slept first night in Northwood, in a crevice in ledges in the Narrows.

Northwood separated from Nottingham and incorporated as a separate town. February 6.
First town meeting. First officers elected. March 23.

Benjamin Hill elected delegate to congress in Exeter. March 21.
Eight Minutemen chosen to represent Northwood, April 22.

Petition pledging to defend with arms the United Colonies. Sixty-two men 21 years and older signed. Lunatics, idiots, negroes and women were excluded. This paper is known now as the Association Test. One man, a Quaker, refused.
First census finds 313 persons in Northwood.

More to come...

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Created 3/20/2002