Revolutionary War Soldiers
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Veterans of the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Soldiers fought in the Revolutionary War unless stated otherwise in the Notes column.

The following paragraph and most of the data in the table, is quoted from The Granite Monthly, A New Hampshire Magazine (Source 1). The author's references to the "first two" and the "last eight" were lost when the list was alphabetized; table notes 1, 2 & 3. will correct for this. That there are now many more than 72 names on the list is due to the on-going research by members of the Joseph J. Jeffery Memorial Post 7217 VFW of the U.S., and Mr. Sherman Elliott.

Northwood furnished more than her share of Revolutionary soldiers, as is proved by the following entry in the town records, in the annual statement of March, 1793: "Received on account of hiring soldiers in the late war more than was our proportion, 16 pounds, 12 shillings, 7 pence." This is greatly to our credit, considering how small and poor our town then was.

The following seventy-two men, and probably others, went into the war from or for Northwood. The first two were minute men, perhaps not otherwise in service. The last eight may not have lived in Northwood; but we have no tax lists or other lists of people preserved for nine years after the Association Test.

Adams, Andrew 1 Note 2
Batchelder, Abraham 1, 3 E.Northwood Cemetery
Batchelder, Simon 1,3 Harvey Lake Cemetery
Bennett, Ebenezer 3 Harvey Lake Cemetery. (Place unknown)
Bickford,John 1,3 Old Canterbury Cemetery
Blake, John 1
Blake, Nicholas 1
Blake, Phineas 1
Blake, William 1 Note 1
Butler, Henry 1
Buzzell, Solomon 1, 3 (Buzel) Drakes Hill Farm, Lounsbury, Private cemetery
Caswell,Joseph 1
Chandler, John 1
Chandler, Nathaniel 1
Chesley, John 3 Lucas Pond Road (Wilson pasture, private cemetery)
Clark, Jonathan 3 George Carr (Ridge, private cemetery)
Clough, Caleb 1, 3 Clough-Cilley Cem (Jenness, private cemetery)
Cook, Charles 1 Note 2
Crawford, John 3 War of 1812. Northwood Ridge Cemetery
Davis, Jacob 1 Note 2
Dearborn, Nathaniel 1
Dearborn, Sherburne 1
Demeritt, Joseph 1
Dow, Benjamin 1
Durgin, Ebenezer 1
Durgin, Joseph 1
Emerson, Richard 3 War of 1812. Fairview Cemetery
Fernald, Thomas 1 Note 2
Fowler, Philip 1
Furber, Joshua, Captain 2 E. Northwood Cemetery
Giles, Solomon 1
Glidden, William 1
Godfrey, James 1
Grant, Joseph 1
Harvey, John 1
Hill, Benjamin 1 Died at Fort Ticonderoga
Hill, Nicholas D. 1, 3 Lockhardt (Ridge, Hill Farm, private cemetery)
Hill, Robert 1
Hoitt, Daniel, Lt 1,3 Arthur Marston (Boss Pinkham, private cemetery)
Hoitt, Richard 1
Hoitt, Stephen 1
(Hutchinson, Levi?) 1 Notes 1, 3
Johnson, Benjamin 1, 3 Henry Masten (Rt 4, E. Northwood, private cemetery)
Johnson, John 1, 3 Henry Masten (Rt 4, E. Northwood, private cemetery)
Johnson, Samuel 1, 3 Narrows, Big Rock, Main Street (private cemetery)
Keniston, Valentine 1
Knight, John 1
Knowles, David 1, 3 Poling (Ridge, Mudge Farm, private cemetery)
Knowles, Simeon 1
Knowlton, Ebenezer 1
Knowlton, Thomas 3 Lucas Pond Mt. Road
(Libby, Joseph ?) 1 Notes 1, 3
Morgan, Reuben 1
Morrill, Benjamin 3 Boucher Blacksmith (Edna Davis place, private cemetery)
Morrill, Hibbard 1
Morrill, Nathaniel 1, 3 War of 1812. Narrows, Morrill Farm cemetery (private)
Morrison, Robert 3 E. Northwood Cemetery
Murray, James 1 Note 2
Murray, John 1
Nealley, John, Maj 3 Northwood Ridge Cemetery
Norris, David 1
Norris, James 1
Norris, Moses 1
Norris, Zebulon 1
Pickering, Anthony 3 Cooper Hill Rd Cemetery (private)
Prescott, Marston 3 Old Canterbury Cemetery. (name order?)
Prescott, William 1
Rollins, Stephen 1
Sanborn, Benjamin 1
Sanborn, Jonathan 1
Shaw, Joseph 3 Northwood Ridge Cemetery
Sherburne, Samuel 1 Northwood Ridge Cemetery
Sherburne, Samuel, Lt 3 War of 1812. D 3/17/1835, age 48y, 23d. Harvey Lake Cemetery
Small, Samuel 3 War of 1812. E. Northwood Cemetery
Stevenson, Joseph 1
Swain, Phineas 1 E. Northwood Cemetery
Taylor, Simon 1 Note 2
Trickey, Samuel 1
Twombly, Nathaniel 1
Tylor, Eliphalet 1, 3 Note 1. Old Deerfield Road, Strachan, private cemetery)
Wadleigh, Elijah 1
Wadleigh, Simon 1
Wallace, William 1, 3 Lieut. (Burial place unknown. Mountain District?)
Watson, William 1
Weeks, Jedediah 3 E. Northwood Cemetery
Wiggen, John 2, 3 Leffell Cemetery (private)
Willey, Andrew 1
Willey, Charles 1
Willey, John 1
Willey, William 2
Willey, William B 3 War of 1812. Harvey Lake Cemetery

Table Notes:

  1. Listed in Source 1 as Minutemen.
  2. May not have lived in Northwood
  3. Parentheses and question mark appear in the original.


Robert Morrison, died 11/11/1823 Age 71. His stone, marked with a Sons of the American Revolution flag holder, reads: "He was an early actor in the struggle which gained for this country her independence, having entered the American service April 23 1775. He was in the Battle of Bunker Hill 17th June following, and at the capture of Burgoyne in 1777. As a citizen he was respected, as a husband and father much beloved."

Phineas Swain, died 4/21/1840, 77y, 10m, 19d. "At the age of 15 he entered the Army of the Revolution, was at West Point at the time of Arnold's Treachery."


1. The Granite Monthly, A New Hampshire Magazine, Volume XLIX, Granite State Monthly Corp, Concord, NH, 1917.

2. Cogswell, C. E. History of Nottingham, Deerfield and Northwood. Printed by John B. Clarke, 1878

3. VFW report. I am indebted to the members of the Joseph J. Jeffery Post 7217 for the work they have done toward creating a complete list of veterans buried in the six public and 63 private cemeteries in the Town of Northwood.

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