Northwood's Notorious and Notables
Northwood Historical Society

Northwood's Notorious and Notables
From the Early Years to Today

In Northwood, our soil doesn't run deep, and our "mountains" don't run high. But over the years since Northwood was founded, many who have called Northwood "home" have gone on to earn a footnote in our history. For some, the footnotes will contain gruesome details of murder and mayhem; for others their achievements have contributed positively far beyond the boundaries of our town.

During the summer of 2001, the Northwood Historical Society's museum exhibition focused on these people who have called Northwood "home" at one time or another. From the only slave known to have lived in our town to an economist whose work has been felt around the world, a handful were chosen to represent all residents, past and present.

One surprising result of our research was the great number of authors, artists and craftsmen who have settled in Northwood at one time or another. We had no idea that this group of "Notorious and Notables" (you decide who belongs to which category) would be so large. Is it the town's rural peace and quiet that lends itself to creativity? Is it our central location and reasonable access to larger population centers? Do they find Northwood after attending our state's colleges and universities? For whatever reason, Northwood should be noted for attracting such a notable (and/or notorious) group of talented, recognized, creative individuals.

In the names that follow, you will find authors and artists, soldiers and adventurers, social activists and society's scoundrels. More names will be added here over time, so return in the future and visit with Northwood's Notorious and Notables.

Ellen Ahlgren, ABC Quilts
Jabel Barhue
Samuel Bennett
William Jenkins
Ella Knowles
Georgianna Lovering
George Rogers

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