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Civil War Veterans


1.    'GAR' in the Notes column signifies that the headstone is marked with Grand Army of the Republic flag holder.
2.    Removed
3.    VFW report & my initial headstone survey show a James C. Watson in both Fairview & Canterbury Road Cemeteries.  Everlastings finds him in Canterbury Road.
4.    Removed.
5.   Eben R. Richardson, while at home on furlough, just prior to the regiment's departure for the front, lost 1 or 2 of his toes by some "means not explained" on account of which injury he was discharged in Concord, March 27, 1863, not having left the state.
6.    15th NHVI, Co. D. note: "After six or eight days at the barracks (enlisting, drawing uniforms, electing leaders) all were furloughed home for a week. On the Sunday of 12 October, when at home, the Northwood boys buried, with military honors, Lieut. Charles W. Bean of the 5th N.H. Volunteers, who a few days before had returned from the front to die of wounds received at Antietam on the 17th of September previous." Lt. Bean's rise through the ranks in the 5th N.H. Volunteers is mentioned in My Brave Boys (Source 15).

2nd Lt Second Lieutenant
Cav. Cavalry
Cpl, Corporal
Disab. Disabled; disability
Des. Deserted
Disch. Discharged
Enl. Enlisted
GAR Grand Army of the Republic, the Civil War Union veterans fraternal organization. Many cemetery plots are decorated with the star-shaped GAR flag holder.
Gd. from mis Gained from Missing. Returned to his regiment after being reported missing
I.C. Invalid Corps (became Veteran Reserve Corps (VRC) 3/18/64)
Must. Muster. Must. in; Report for duty. Must. out; Discharge. 
Mis. Reported missing.
NHVI New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry
Par. Paroled (from 'captured' status) 
P.O. Post Office. Last known address.
Res. Resident of:
Serg, Sgt. Sargent
Sev. Severely (wounded)
Trans. Transferred
VRC Veteran Reserve Corps (wounded, ill, or re-enlisted, able to perform light duty) (Formerly Invalid Corps)

Cemetery codes

Private cemeteries are coded numerically using the numbers assigned by Sherman Elliott in Everlastings. Of the 63 such cemeteries few contain the bodies of Civil War veterans.

C     Canterbury Road
F     Fairview
H     Harvey Lake
R     Northwood Ridge
E     East Northwood
P     Pine Grove
11     Richardson Cemetery (Private, Northwood Narrows)


1.    Headstone survey, RDR, 11 & 12/2000

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4.    VFW Report.

5.    The History of the 18th New Hampshire Volunteers, 1864-1865;Thomas L. Livermore, Colonel of the Regiment,; Fort Hill Press, Boston,MA; 1904

6.    The History of the 15th Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers, 1862-1863; Charles McGregor; 15th Regiment Association. 1900. Ages listed for members of the 15th NHVI are as of the mustering-out date of 11/12/1863.  I've tried to use enlistment dates from Source 10.

7.    History of the 11th New Hampshire Volunteers, 1861-1865; Leander W. Cogswell (Company D); Republican Press Association, Concord, 1891

8.    History of the 16th Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers; Luther Tracy Townsend & H.L. Johnson, Publishers

9.    Register of Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire 1861-65 (1895): transcribed by Fred Kunchick (See 10)

10.   Revised Register of Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire 1861-65. Augustus D. Ayling, Adjutant General.

11.    The Letters and Diary of Captain Jonathan Huntington Johnson. Collected and compiled by his grandson Alden Chase Brett. No date.

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14.    Everlastings. The cemeteries and burying grounds of Northwood, New Hampshire. Compiled by L. Sherman Elliott, Jr.; © Northwood Historical Society, 1998

15.    My Brave Boys. To war with Colonel Cross and the Fighting Fifth; Mike Pride, Mark Travis; University Press of New England, 2001

16.    Record of the Massachusetts Volunteers, 1861 - 1865; Published by the Adjutant General, Boston, 1868

17.    Concord (NH) Daily Monitor, 4/30/1934 LAST VET DIES IN NORTHWOOD.  John F. Goodwin, 89, Was Drummer and Orderly in Civil War. 

    "John F. Goodwin, 89, last of the town's Civil War veterans, died here last night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James M. Davis.  He enlisted Aug. 21, 1864 in Company E, First New Hampshire Regiment, Heavy Artillery Volunteers, as a drummer, and was honorably discharged June 15, 1865.  During part of his service he was a mounted orderly.

    "His father, Philip Goodwin, was one of the Forty Niners going from Concord to California at the time of the great gold rush and died in the West of "inflammation of the bowels" after he had written a letter to his wife in the East that he had amassed enough gold to come home.  Mrs Goodwin, however, never received any of the gold.  It was Philip Goodwin's practice to send his wife gold nuggets from California in place of money, and with these Mrs. Goodwin bought for herself and family the necessities of life.

    "John Goodwin was an ardent fisherman and hunter until advancing years forced him to abandon these hobbies.

    "Until his death five generations of the family were living.  Survivors besides Mrs. Davis include another daughter, Mrs. J. W. Newell also of Northwood, eight grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and two great- great- grandchildren.  Funeral services will be held at the home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Friends invited."


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