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Early History:
The land around present day Gilsum was first granted to ___Boyle in 1752, as part of the Newton-Alstead land grant.  On 1 May, 1761, he sold 59 rights to Samuel Gilbert, Esq., Samuel Gilbert, Jr. and Josiah Kilbern Tanner Thomas Sumner, gentlemen from Hebron in the County of Hartford, Conn.  There was a dispute over whether to call the town Gilbert or Sumner.  Josiah Sumner's son, the Rev. Clement Sumner, of Keene, married Samuel Gilbert's daughter, Elizabeth, thus a compromise was reached and the town was called "GILSUM."
The Gilberts and the Sumners were probably not bona fide settlers but were land speculators.  Gilbert apparently hired 15 men at a small sum to use their names for getting a charter, then transfer their rights to him.  Captain Gilbert may have never visited Gilsum, yet he took the management of the town's affairs into his own hands.  The people of Gilsum were unhappy, feeling he had taken too much for himself and his son-in-law.  The town settled with him 4 Dec. 1764.
The Gilsum Post Office is the site of the first building, a log cabin built in 1791. 

Dilly Dolph, a Gilsum "character" !

“A Visit To Gilsum”

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