Cemeteries in Sandwich

                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire

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Cemeteries in Sandwich,NH




John Beede Esq. d. Nov 15, 1841 age 83 yrs 8 mos. Rev Soldier (unmarked)
   wife Sarah        d. Dec 04, 1839 age 79 yrs, 1 mo, 14 days
   son  Josiah       d. Nov 16 1879 age 76 yrs
       wife Elmira Paine Beede  d. Nov 11, 1874  age 75 yrs
       son J. Edwin   1838-1915
             wife Augusta A. (Sullivan) Beede  1839-1915

John Beede  d. Apr 27, 1858  age 61 yrs.
   wife Mary  d. Mar 28, 1859  age 57 yrs.
   dau. Mary Ann  d. Jan 30, 1842  age 4 yrs 2 mos 26 days

Thomas Beede  b. Sandwich, NH d. Mar 6, 1806  age 68 yrs. 8 mos
   wife Elizabeth  b. Gilmanton, NH  d. Nov 20, 1824 age 92 yrs, 4 mos

Jonathan Clark  d. Sept 23, 1839  age 23 yrs, 10 mos, 9 days
   wife Polly Beede  b. Apr 4 1791, d. Oct 20, 1875

Ebenezer Dale  b. Mar 1788  d. Sept 1, 1862
   wife Mehitable (Beede) Dale  b. Apr 12, 1800 d, Aug 14, 1861

Isaac  H. Harris d. Nov 15, 1876  age 52 yrs.
   wife Mary E.  d. Nov 15, 1887 55 yrs

Benjamin Hodge  d. Feb 13, 1898 age 78 yrs.
  wife Mary A.  b. May 26, 1829  d. Oct 26, 1899
  dau. Nellie F.  d. Dec 4, 1864 age 11 yrs 10 mos.

John Norris  d. July 8, 1849  age 74 5 mos, 26 days
  wife Elizabeth  d. Dec 1, 1841  age 59 yrs 10 mos, 25 days

John Sullivan  b. Nov 5, 1837  d. Jan 13, 1909

Bradbury Prescott  d. Apr 7, 1859  age 83 yrs.
   wife Betsy  d. July 4, 1860  age 95 yrs.
   son Bradbury Jr.  G.F b. 18 1847 36 yrs 7 mos 16 days

Weymouth Wallace  Field stone unmarked.
Rev. Soldier active service G.A.R. flag.  Great or great
great grandson is Charles Wallace. Principal of Dover, NH
High School.




Bickford Family Plot  North Sandwich, NH

  The Bickford family plot is located on the abandoned Trask farm.  It was impossibly to reach it as the road leading to it is unpassable with fallen trees and growing shrubs.

    Please check out this Bickford Information.



Chicks Corners Cemetery-  West Sandwich, NH

Jacob Beede   d. Oct.  2, 1824  58 yrs
   wife Susanna  d. Dec 7, 1854  91 yrs.

Isaac Bunker
   wife Mary E. (Cook)  d. July 25, 1853  26 yrs.
    infant son Willie S.     d. Oct 15, 1854  17 mos.

Samuel Buswell  d. Dec 17, 1862  age 76 yrs.
   wife Susanna     d. Oct 16, 1865 age 74 yrs.

Rev. M. Chase?
   wife Susan G. d.July 26, 1842 age 32 yrs. 4 mos. 22 d.
   dau. Eliz. J. d. Aug 4, 1861 age 21 yrs, 10 mos
   son Henry M. d. Mar 11, 1862 age 28 yrs.

Henry G. Chick d. June 26, 1894 age 74 yrs. 8 mo.
   wife Sally L. d. Feb. 13, 1877 age 55 yrs
   son Samuel Osgood Cook d. Sept 6, 1842 age 1
   dau. Emily S. (Chick) George d. Mar. 21, 1870 age 25yr

Wife of Daniel W. George

John Cook
   wife Sarah
   infant son William Marshall Cook d. Jan 28, 1842
   dau. Lydia Cook d. 1831 age 19

Deacon Levi Gilman of Alton, NH
    wife Merci (Cook) d. Sept 22, 1852 age 32yrs



Stephen Fellows Cemetery  North Sandwich, NH

     Please note many corrections for this cemetery and additions all thanks to Debbie Wilson. Thank you Debbie for sending us this information. Additions and changes will be in red.

Mr Stephen Fellows d. Oct. 15, 1830 age 82 yrs
    widow Hannah 
(Sargent)   b. Aug. 17, 1749 Hampton, NH  dau. of Edward & Sarah (Sanborn) Sargent   
    d. Oct.  20,  1832

Jonathan  b. Sept. 3, 1775 Kingston, NH d. Mar. 20, 1855 (he lived on the farm tot he west on property given to
     him by his Father.
     wife Miriam 
(Jewell) dau. of Joseph & Miriam (Currier) Jewell d. Aug 11, 1852 cemetery trustees have
     reparied her stone beautifully

John  b. 11 Nov 1791 Poplin, NH d. 3 July 1869 -was Captian in the Militia
   wife Mary
(Johnson Quimby) b. 11 Dec. 1796 d. 1857 dau. of Enoch & Sarah (Libby) Quimby
   infant son  d. Sept 1818

The Gilman's were the next residents of the farm. There was no relation to the Fellows. The Gilman family is noted on a large monument stone incised with multiple names and dates on all sides.

James Gilman b. before 1769 probably in Brentwood, NH to Daniel & Alice (Leavitt) Gilman d.?
   wife Martha 
dau. of Theophilis & Deborah (Webster) Gilman b. 6 Aug. 1761 Exeter, NH  m. 1789 Exeter, NH
   was a cousin)
d. July 9, 1851

Theophilus b. circa 1791- d. Nov. 12, 1853, age 62, was the actual owner of the farm. He fell into a vat of boiling water while skinning a pig in the barnyard and died three days later.

   wife Hannah
( was Hannah Hurd b. Rochester, NH circa 1813 dau. of Reuben & Mary (Varney) After her
husband Theophilus died she remarried Albert F. Irving "from over on Sandwich Notch". He was not a good farmer/businessman, and they ended up having to sell the place after selling off one of the barns to a
neighbor. Hannah is not buried with Theophilus although her name is on the monument. She and her second
husband Albert Irving are buried in the nearby Quaker Cemetery on Stevenson Hill Road in North Sandwich. d.?

   infant son d. Feb. 15, 1851
   son Amos H. d. June 9, 1857

The elderly mother of Theophilus (born 1791)  was Martha and she lived with them. Her husband James probably is buried in Meredith, but his name is on the stone because Martha is called "wife of James Gilman".

Two graves with uninscribed  field stones.

There are various depressions in the eastern section of the neat cemetery. Obviously there are more buried there than there are stones.

The cemetery book maintains that the Fellows Cemetery is "in the field on the beautiful property "Homewood" owned by Frank A. Neff." This is definitely wrong. "Homewood" was the farm to the east and whose field was a good 800 feet from the cemetery.  In 1930 when the cemetery book was compiled, the Fellows Cemetery was on property that was a summer place owned by writer Cornelius Weygandt of Pennsylvania.  His family owned the property from 1914 to 1999. it is now owned by Frank and Deborah Wilson.


Nathaniel Fry Family Plot  East Sandwich, NH

Nathaniel Fry d.?
   wife Eliza A. d.?
   dau. Lydia Frances Fry d.?
   son Frederick Fry d. Feb 27, 1860


George Cemetery West Sandwich, NH

Capt. Rufus F. Clark b. Mar 23, 1830 d. Oct 19, 1892

G.A.R. Dahlgren d.?
   wife Harriet A. Clark b. Aug 20, 1831 d. Mar 18, 1902

Osman B. Felch b. Holderness, NH Nov 19, 1836
                         d. Sandwich, NH Oct 25, 1901
   wife Mary J. d. Mar 20 1873  age 36 yrs

Frank H. Felch b. Apr 29, 1887  d. Feb 28, 1908

Charles P. George b. Nov 23, 1832  d. Feb 11, 1910
   wife E.M. (Smith) d.?
   son Daniel E. d. July 5, 1882  age 18

Daniel George d. Mar 1, 1860  age 57yrs 5mos
   wife Mary G. d, Mar 28, 1884 age 80 yrs 9mos
   son Henry d. Sept 26, 1849 age2
   son Emerson d. July 8, 1869 age32
   dau. Mary J. d. May 3, 1837  age 5mos
   son William M. d. Aug 25, 1847 age 4yrs 3mos

James  d. Jan 3, 1833 age 57
   wife Betsy  d. June 16, 1856  age80

Simeon D.  d.Jan 13, 1891
   wife Nancy P. d. Mar. 21, 1885

Levi G. Smith d. May 22, 1898  age 68yrs
   wife Almira  d. May 11, 1880  age 53yrs

Russell Smith  d, Feb 6, 1900 age 73 yrs 9mos
   wife Eliza M. (George) d. Mar 28, 1904  age 74yrs


Gilman-Hall Cemetery  Sandwich Notch, NH

Thomas R. Bryant  d. June 23, 1857

Joseph Flanders d. Oct 12, 1842 age 63yrs
   wife Sarah  d. Jan 27, 1846 age 72yrs

Jonathan Gilman 1789-1876  GAR marker
   wife Sally  1789-1880

Charles H. Gilman 1846-1873

Ada A. Hall d. Feb 21, 1868
Almon M. Hall d. July 10, 1867
Frank M. Hall d. Feb 21, 1871
George H. Hall  d. Sept 23, 1878
John B. Hall d. Nov. 25, 1893
Lizzie E. Hall d. Dec 25, 1874
Willie J. Hall  d. Jan 30, 1869

Nine field stones will no inscriptions mark various graves. 
The Hall family have beautifully polished granite monuments.

Mason Cemetery (Old Horn Farm) North Sandwich, NH

One of the monuments is the McCauley-Wallace family.  On the McCauley side of the plot are the
head stones marked as follows:

L.J.M.  1822-1900
J.O.      1827-1910
M.W.   1846-1923
J.M.S.  1878-1919
C.A.D. 1854-1928

Wallace side:

A.W.     1828-1889   G.A.R. marker
A.P.W.  1828-1890
Alida      1861-1879
E.F.W.   1856-1917

Alfred Wallace d.?
   wife Ann P.  d.?
   dau. Alida E. d. Sept 22, 1879  age 17yrs 10 mos 25 days

Mason monument with head stones reading:

Octavius C. Mason   1831-1913
   wife Martha Quimby   d.?
   dau. Maudie  b. Jan 14, 1872  d. Jan 24, 1874

Claude O. Mason  d.?

B. Frank Fellows  b. Nov. 11, 1834  d. Apr. 9, 1897
   Nancy M.  b. May 26, 1834
   son Frankie H.  d. Aug 5, 1862  age 1 yrs 4mos

Albert Mason  d.?
   wife Sally  d. Sept 23 1854

Andrew Mason  d.?
   wife Joanna   d. July 20, 1869
   son Lemuel P. Mason  d. Aug 21, 1853

Andrew B. Mason  d. Feb 8, 1862
   wife Sarah T.   d. Jan 25, 1864

Nathan Mason  b. May 17, 1797  d. Mar 26, 1864
   wife Charlotte P.  b. Aug 21, 1803   d. Mar 16, 1900
   dau. Nancy M.  d. Dec. 21, 1830 1yr
   dau. Louisa Q. Johnson    (see Johnson)

  To Be Continued.....................
















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