Sanbornton, NH 1830 census index  
1830 Census Index
Town of Sanbornton
Strafford County, NH

These  names are not completely in alphabetical order. They are copied in the order they were written on the census microfilm.

page 183
Abbot, John
Abbot, William
Abram, John
Atkinson, Daniel C.
Atkinson, Silas
Arlin, John B.
Abrams, John Jr.
Burleigh, Nathaniel C.
Burleigh, James
Batchedor, Abraham
Batchelder, Henry
Batchelder, John
Bean, Scribner H.
Buckman, Israel
Bodwell, Abraham
Brown, Abel
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, David
Brown, Ebenezer
Brown, Richard
Burleigh, Daniel
Burleigh, David
Burleigh, Joseph Jr.
Burleigh, Nathaniel
Burleigh, Peter
Burleigh, William

page 184
Bruce, John
Buckman, Reuben E.
Bean, Asa
Burleigh, Joseph
Burleigh, Joseph 3d
Bickford, Isaac
Boynton, Ebenezer
Batchelder, Nathan
Batchelder, Nathaniel
Batchelder, William
Burleigh, John
Calfe, James
Calfe, Jeremiah
Calfe, Samuel
Call, Stephen
Calley, Benjamin
Calley, Jonathon
Calley, Jonathon Jr.
Calley, Nathaniel S.
Calley, Richard
Calley, Thomas
Calley, Thomas Jr.
Carr, John
Carr, Moses
Cass, Simeon
Cate, Jonathon
Caverly, Joseph C.

page 185
Caverly, Samuel
Chapman, Elisha
Chapman, Elisha Jr.
Chapman, Joseph
Chase, Ebenezer
Chase, Ebenezer Jr.
Clark, David
Clark, David H.
Clark, Dudley
Clark, John
Clark, John H.
Clark, Mayhew
Clark, Moses
Clark, Moses Jr.
Clark, Nathaniel H.
Clark, Satchel
Clark, Taylor
Clark, Taylor D.
Clay, James
Clay, Stephen
Clement, Daniel H.
Clement, Joseph W.
Colby, Benjamin
Colby, Barnard H.
Colby, Ebenezer
Colby, Ebenezer Jr.
Colby, Ensign

page 186
Colby, Levi
Comerford, John
Conner, Joseph L.
Conner, Levi
Copp, Solomon
Copp, Jacob
Cram, James
Cram, John
Cram, Joseph
Cram, Wadleigh
Crocket, John
Crocket, John Jr.
Crocket, Joseph
Crocket, Beniah
Cross, Stephen
Curry, John
Currier, Asa
Currier, Asa Jr.
Cough, John
Clay, Lovejoy
Calfe, Samuel Jr.
Calfe, Betsey
Calfe, Oliver
Colby, Hannah
Chapman, James
Caverly, Nathaniel
Caverly, Richard

page 187
Cate, Ebenezer
Colby, Chase
Call, Sally
Calley, Samuel
Clark, John Jr.
Clark, John 3d
Dalton, Joseph
Darling, Ebenezer
Davis, Samuel
Dearbon, John
Dearbon, Josiah
Dearbon, Phinehas
Dearbon, Winthrop
Dodge, Isaac
Doe, John
Dolloff, John
Dow, Joseph
Drake, Nathaniel
Dudley, Samuel C.
Dunavan, James
Durgin, Alvah
Durgin, Haren
Durgin, John
Durgin, Richard
Durgin, William Jr.
Durgin, Willoughby
Dustin, Samuel

page 188
Durgin, Elijah
Dyer, David
Danford, Noah
Dow, Aaron
Durgin, John Jr.
Durgin, Francis
Eastman, Ezra
Eastman, Noah
Eastman, Thomas
Eastman, Thomas Jr.
Eaton, Jonathon
Eaton, Thomas
Edgerly, Jonathon
Edgerly, Jonathon Jr.
Edgerly, Moses G.
Elliot, Ira
Elliot, J. B.
Ellsworth, Aaron
Ellsworth, Jeremiah
Ellsworth, John
Emery, Micheal
Emery, Mosses
Emery, Woodman
Eastman, Benjamin C.
Ealy, Betsey
Eaton, William

page 189
Farnham, Joseph
Flanders, Eliphalet
Fifield, Samuel
Fifield, Jacob
Folsom, John
Folsom, John Jr.
Ford, William
Forrest, James
Fuller, James
Gage, Moses
Gale, Stephen
George, Josiah
Gibson, Caleb H.
Gile, Samuel
Giles, Nicholas
Giles, Nicholas Jr.
Gilman, Charles
Gilman, Jeremiah
Gilman, Moses
Gilman, Moses Jr.
Gilman, Samuel
Godfrey, Joseph
Gove, Jonathon
Green, Ephraim
Gilman, Joshua
Gilman, Mary

page 190
Goodwin, James
Gilman, Alvah
Harpen, Samuel
Harvey, Isaac
Hayes, John
Hayes, William
Hayes, William Jr.
Head, Nathaniel
Hemphill, Joseph
Hersey, Jacob
Hersey, Josiah
Hersey, Mark
Hersey, Peter
Hersey, Samuel
Hill, Thomas P.
Hilliard, Daniel
Hobbs, James
Hodgsdon, Chase
Hoit, Andrew W.
Hoit, Barnard Jr.
Hoit, Stuart
Holmes, Nathaniel
Hunkins, David
Hunkins, George
Hunkins, Jacob
Hunkins, James

page 191
Hunkins, John
Hunkins, John Jr.
Hunkins, Joseph W.
Hunkins, Robert
Hunkins, Robert Jr.
Hunkins, Stephen
Hunt, Abraham P.?
Hunt, John W.
Huse, John
Huse, Joseph
Hunt, Mary
Hersey, Polly
Hancock, Susannah
Hoit, Betsey
Hanniford, Alfred
Ingalls, Jesse
Ingalls, Walter
Jaques, Charles
Jaques, Chase
Jaques, Jeremiah
Jaques, Simon
Jewell, John
Jewell, Simon
Johnson, John
Johnson, Simon
Jones, William

Judkins, Aaron S.
Judkins, Jonathon
Jones, John
Jaques, Eunice
Kimball, Caleb
Kimball, Joseph
Kimball, Moses
Kimball, Rufus
Kennison, William
Kennison, Ebenezer
Knowlton, Oliver
Lakeman, Moses
Lakin, John
Lane, Charles
Lane, Ebenezer
Lane, Jeremiah
Lane, John
Lane, John Jr.
Lane, Joseph H.
Lane, J. Huse
Lane, Joshua
Lane, Richard
Lane, Simon
Lancaster, Thomas
Lang, Lowel

page 193
Leavit, Jeremiah
Leavit, John S.
Leavit, Joseph
Leavit, Josiah S.
Leavit, Nathaniel
Locke, Joseph
Lord, Eliphalet
Lougee, Elisha
Lougee, Elisha Jr.
Lord, Abigail
Luse, Christopher S.
Long, Beniah
Mace, John
March, Joseph G.
March, Joshua
March, Samuel
March, Hannah
Mason, Benjamin
Mason, Edward
McClary, William
McAllister, Hugh
Merrill, Stephen
Moody, Bradstreet
Moore, Mark
Moore, Jonathon

page 194
Morrill, Edward
Morrill, Folsom
Morrill, Nathaniel
Morrison, A. L.
Morrison, Bradbury
Morrison, Daniel T.?
Morrison, Henry S.
Morrison, John
Morrison, John P.
Morrison, Jonathon
Morrison, Jonathon Jr.
Morrison, Nathaniel _?
Morrison, Theophilus R.?
Morrison, Thomas
Morrison, Thomas Jr.
Moulton, Christopher
Moulton, David
Moulton, David Jr.
Mowe?, Daniel
Morrison, Hannah
Mavelin?, Jonathon
Morrison, Josiah E.
Morrison, Ebenezer _?
Noyes, Nathaniel
Ordway, Eliphalet Jr.
Odell, Jacob

page 195
Osgood, Chase
Osgood, James
Piper, Elizabeth
Plumer, Nicholas F.
Person, Jonathon
Page, James
Page, John
Pearson, Benjamin W.
Pearson, Henry M.?
Perkins, Chase
Perkins, John B.
Perkins, Jonathon
Perley, Joseph
Perley, Nat.
Philbrook, Abel
Philbrook, Benjamin
Philbrook, Benjamin Jr.
Philbrook, David
Philbrook, John
Philbrook, Joseph
Philbrook, Josiah Jr.
Philbrook, Josiah C.
Philbrook, Reuben
Philbrook, Simon
Philbrook, True W.
Piper, Christopher S.
Piper, David M.

page 196
Piper, Josiah D.
Piper, Nathaniel
Plumer, Amos
Plumer, Moses
Plumer, Richard
Plumer, Stephen
Prescott, Asa
Prescott, Daniel
Prescott, James
Prescott, Joseph
Prescott, Levi
Prescott, Mark
Prescott, Richard
Prescott, Stephen
Prescott, Warren
Prescot, William Jr.
Page, Calvin
Palmer, Anna
Patten, John
Philbrook, Josiah
Philbrook, Benjamin 3d
Philbrook, Sarah
Philbrook, Merriam
Prescott, William
Prescott, Mehitable

page 197
Robinson, Asa
Robinson, Benjamin
Robinson, Daniel
Robinson, David
Robinson, John
Rollins, Aaron
Rollins, Jotham
Rollins, Levi
Rollins, Noah
Rowe, Simon
Rundlett, Edmund
Rundlett, Jacob
Russel, Elias
Runnels, John
Rollins, Eleanor
Sanborn, Abijah
Sanborn, Beniah
Sanborn, Benjamin
Sanborn, Benjamin _?
Sanborn, Chase T.
Sanborn, Christopher
Sanborn, Daniel
Sanborn, Daniel Jr.
Sanborn, David
Sanborn, Dearbon
Sanborn, Ebenezer
Sanborn, James

page 198
Sanborn, James G.
Sanborn, Jeremiah
Sanborn, Jeremiah Jr.
Sanborn, John
Sanborn, Jonathon
Sanborn, Jonathon Jr.
Sanborn, Jonathon C.?
Sanborn, Jonathon R.?
Sanborn, Joseph
Sanborn, Josiah
Sanborn, Josiah Jr.
Sanborn, Josiah H.
Sanborn, Phinehas
Sanborn, Simon
Sanborn, Simeon
Sanborn, Walden
Sanborn, Rachel
Sanborn, Abigail
Sanders, John
Sanders, William H.
Sargent, Challis
Shaw, David
Shaw, John
Shirley, John
Shute, Thomas

page 199
Silver, John
Silver, Moses
Smart, Jonathon
Smith, Benjmin N.
Smith, Cephas
Smith, Daniel S.
Smith, Elisha
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Jonathon C.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph Jr.
Smith, Mark
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Shadrach C.
Smith, Lebulon
Smith, Lebulon Jr.
Steel, John
Steel, Nathaniel
Steel, Robert
Swan, Jonathon
Swain, Jeremiah
Swain, Josiah
Swain, Thomas C.
Swain, Asa
Swasey, John

page 200
Smith, John
Shute, Noah
Smith, Elisha 3d
Smith, John Jr.
Suttivan, Timothy
Smith, Elisha Jr.
Sanborn, John D.
Smith, Joshua M.
Smith, Sally
Smith, Solomon
Sanborn, Jonathon P.?
Sanborn, James F.
Sanborn, James R.
Swain, Dudley
Thompson, Daniel F.
Thompson, Sarah
Taylor, Jonathon 5th
Tilton, Daniel
Taylor, Littlefield
Taylor, David
Taylor, Ede
Taylor, James
Taylor, John
Taylor, Jonathon
Taylor, Jonathon Jr.
Tenney, Sally
Thompson, Comfort

page 201
Taylor, Nathan
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Thomas Jr.
Taylor, William
Taylor, William Jr.
Taylor, Ira
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Jacob
Thompson, Daniel
Thompson, Matthew
Thompson, Moses
Thorn, Henry
Tilton, James P.
Tilton, John A.
Tilton, David
Tilton, Samuel
Tilton, William
Tilton, Levi
Tucker, Payson
Tuttle, Staten
Varney, Dudley
Wadleigh, Asa
Wadleigh, James
Wadleigh James D.?
Wadleigh, John
Wadleigh, Joseph

page 202
Wadleigh, Joseph Jr.
Wallis, John
Wallis, Samuel
Webster, Jonathon
Webster, Thomas
Weeks, Chase
Weeks, Cole
Weeks, Mark
Weeks, Moses W.
Weeks, William
W_ipple, Robert
Wya_, Chase
Wiggin, Jesse
Wiggin, John
Werdum?, John
Werdum?, Joseph
Werdum?, Joseph K.
Wallis, Stephen
Whitcher, Lydia
Week, Joseph Jr.
Wadleigh, Joseph 3rd
Wallis, George
Yeaton, Joseph

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